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Culturelle Probiotic Review -Pro’s & Con’s (updated July 2019)

What is Culturelle Probiotic?

Have you ever visited a party with a lavish food spread but simply had to turn your eyes for the fear of indigestion? Indigestion is amongst the most common stomach related issues faced by most adults. In fact 80% people after the age of 35 are bound to face problems of indigestion. Dietary habits that include consumption of extreme canned food products, processed vegetables and excess red meat can be the common causes of poor digestion. Constant heartburn, recurring burps, problem of farting, etc are the common indications of digestion related issues. Sometimes when these problems are not addressed and taken care of in time, it may lead to severe digestive disorder. The kind of food, lifestyle, medication, bodily issues etc are all responsible for causing this disorder. Digestive disorder can also lead to variety of other gastrointestinal issues and may also cause the formation of stomach and intestinal ulcer. It tends to obstruct the smooth functioning of bowel movement.

The digestive pills you normally take are meant to be taken after you’ve eaten your meal and only give temporary relief from heartburn and constant burping. The temporary relief you get from eating these digestive pills cannot cure the problem of indigestion completely. So what should you do for a more permanent solution? Instead of taking these pills that offer temporary relief sort for a more permanent solution, Culturelle Probiotic healthy formula. This is a digestive enzyme in form of supplement that breaks down complex fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, and aids proper digestion.


Culturelle Probiotic formula

Culturelle Probiotic has created this amazingly effective Probiotics formula that aids digestion and helps maintain a healthy stomach. Probiotics are live yeasts and bacteria that aid the digestive process and helps maintain a healthy gut. Our body is a store of good bacteria; however, it tends to lose these bacterias frequently. For example, when we follow an antibiotic course, our body loses a good amount of these good bacterias. Probiotics are also a kind of bacteria that helps replace these good bacteria’s in our body in times of deficiency. There are several Probiotics based formulas available in the market, however, Culturelle Probiotic offers an advanced formula that is different from all other supplements available. It is basically the only probiotics based supplement,   that has 100% Lactobacillus.

How does this formula work?

Indigestion is generally caused by an imbalance between bad and good bacteria. Basically, our system faces a deficiency of the good bacteria’s responsible for aiding smooth digestion. Culturelle probiotic digestive formula brings back the ratio into balance by adding a good amount of good bacteria into the body in the form of pure Probiotics. The 100% lactobacillus used in this digestive aid supplement, is also found in certain dietary products including some fermented foods like yogurt. Pure lactobacillus used in formulating this product makes the process of aiding indigestion 10 times faster and gives instant relief.

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Why rely on Culturelle Probiotic?

There’s nothing more important than the quality and purity of the product you’re using, especially when it serves medicinal purposes. Each and every product manufactured by Culturelle is of the highest standards and is packed after rigorous testing. 100% lactobacillus used in formulating this product is also found in yogurt, so why not simply eat yogurt instead of this supplement? This might be a possible question in the mind of skeptics, and the answer is simple because you have to consume approximately 10 cups of yogurt every day for meeting the requirement. One capsule of Culturelle Probiotic digestive formula contains lactobacillus that is found in equivalent 10 cups of yogurt. The proportion of probiotics used in the product is pure, and eating one to two pills every day will help you get rid of all general digestive issues. This digestive supplement not only prevents digestive issues but also strengthens your immune system. The product contains no soy, milk, wheat or gluten and therefore is safe for consumption by all.

Benefits of Culturelle Probiotic supplement

Firstly, Culturelle Probiotic formula is different than the ordinary pills and supplements available in the market. No other product uses pure probiotics in the form of 100% lactobacillus, and therefore the benefits endowed are superior.

  • Antibiotics, though effective is not always beneficial for the general functioning of our body. It causes increased sleepiness, fatigue and taking antibiotics for a prolonged period can also disrupt our immune system. Sticking to this probiotics based formula will reduce chances of developing diarrhea, and consequently reduce the chances of relying on antibiotics.
  • Culturelle Probiotic formula prevents infectious diarrhea caused by parasites, bacteria and other viruses.
  • It reduces the risk of developing inflammatory bowel disease or IBD by 80%.
  • One of the common reactions of constant indigestion and other gastrointestinal issues is irritable bowel syndrome. This Probiotics based formula can prevent it.
  • Probiotics, though used primarily to treat digestive issues can also encourage proper vaginal and urinary health.

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When should you start taking Culturelle Probiotic?

This Culturelle Probiotic supplement is formulated using all natural products and therefore can be consumed for promoting general digestive health. It is not mandatory that you develop a serious digestive problem, for starting the dosage of this supplement. After you’ve crossed the age of 35, it is likely that you may develop different stomach problems. If you feel uneasy after eating your meals, or face regular constipation, start your Culturelle Probiotic journey now. Diarrhea, constant bloating, gas, upset stomach are the few indications that you may have developed a stomach issue. These issues become all the more embarrassing while on trips, or in public. When you find these problems keep recurring time after time, you should know that your digestive system is not working properly. Don’t rely on cheap over the counter pills for treating your stomach conditions. Most of these pills are created using harmful chemicals that can affect your health in the long run, and only offer a temporary solution to the problem. Go natural, stick to a more permanent solution to your health issues, and rely on a 100% pure formula like Culturelle probiotic digestive formula.

Cons of Culturelle Probiotic  

Although the product is pure and natural and does not have any serious side effects, there are certain cons

  • If you face several digestive issues and feel that increasing your daily dose of Culturelle Probiotic supplement will help you, you’re wrong. The recommended dose is 1 capsule per day, and if you feel like increasing the dosage, consult your doctor. Consuming more than the prescribed rate may cause certain stomach discomforts and mild gas. The issue can also be addressed by those who do not take the recommended dose or even fail to take the capsules regularly.
  • Our body has already been exposed to improper diets, extreme pollution, and improper medication. This has already disrupted our immune system to some extent, and those with the compromised immune system may face certain side effects from a regular dose of probiotics. Therefore, if you have a history of complicated medical conditions, or have been on a heavy dose of antibiotics, it is recommended to consult a doctor before consuming Culturelle probiotic digestive solution.
  • Also, consult a doctor before consuming the supplement if you’re pregnant, suffering from a heart condition, or currently lactating.

Don’t let your stomach issues stop you from enjoying the freedom of traveling distances, trying new cuisines. Stick to a natural digestive supplement and witness its profound effects.

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