Cybergenics Review 2019- Does it work?

What is Cybergenics Iso-Test?

Cybergenics sounds like a hybrid creation of a human and a robot being. Pronouncing the name alone feels like you’re talking about something out of The Terminator film or one of those Hollywood AI sci-fi movies. It really sounds cool and would have been even cooler if you can walk around bragging to other bodybuilders that you are using a Cybergenics supplement! However, we don’t see you doing so because we don’t think the supplement is good enough for you. Fancy and sophisticated names can only get you far, but if the product is not doing what it is intended to do, then it is all rather useless and a waste of time. We are, however, not in the business of just trashing off supplements without giving you legit reasons for doing so. We are hence, going to provide you with a detailed review showing you why we don’t think the supplement is worth your time and investment.


Cybergenic Iso-Test is an all-natural supplement marketed as a Pro-testosterone Booster claiming to provide maximum testosterone results. According to the manufacturers, the supplement will increase your energy and stamina levels, muscle mass and your sex drive. If we were to believe in every marketing claims used in T-booster, then we will be spoiled with choices. Frankly, no manufacturer can say anything negative or downplay the effectiveness of their product. Cybergenic, therefore, weren’t going to be any different. Their claim, however, that this supplement provides maximum testosterone performance is simply absurd. A few people may have witnessed one or two positives after using this product, but the majority remain unsatisfied. A quick look at the ingredients used answers the question why Cybergenics Iso-Test is an ineffective supplement.

Cybergenics Iso-Test Ingredients

Cybergenic Iso-Test contains only four ingredients! This is brilliant and genius if the four ingredients are blended properly. You see, a lot of supplement manufacturers are used to adding lots of garbage in their products. They try to include each and every element that is linked with boosting T-levels regardless of whether they have positive clinical trials results or are just experimental compounds. Others merely add irrelevant compounds in an attempt to diversify the functions of the supplement and charge you more. Such products end up filling our bodies with a lot of irrelevant elements yet all we were looking for is increased T-levels. For a product to come up with a supplement that has only four ingredients is outstanding but only if the formula works. So are these components useful?

  • Eurycoma Longifolia – This is the foundation upon which Cybergenics Iso-Test operates on. It is a favorite herb that ancient Asian elders used to treat low sexual drive problems. Eurycoma Longifolia, also known as Longjack, has been very useful in dealing with libido issues. Perhaps this is why its extracts are typical in most other supplements in the market. It’s capability to boost libido is well backed up with several clinical trials done in Malaysia. When it comes to increasing Testosterone the story is however different. There aren’t enough studies showing how the plant can affect people with testosterone deficiency. The only individuals that this herb can impact are the ones with severe lack of testosterone, a condition referred to as Hypogonadism. If your T-levels are extremely low then Eurycoma Longifolia can be useful in slightly boosting them. This is nothing unique though because most other compounds can achieve the same. If your T-levels aren’t very needy or if you just want to build up your muscles then this ingredient won’t be helpful. There is 100mg of Longjack extracts in this supplement.
    • Nettle Root – The thorny herb has been very useful in increasing the amount of free testosterone in the body. Presence of Sex Hormone Binding Globulin affects how much Testosterone is available for anabolic use. This protein tends to attract testosterone which binds on it making them useless. If not controlled, SHBG can claim a lot of testosterone reducing the amount available for use in increasing your muscle, energy, stamina and also for sexual performance. Nettle Root helps to free testosterone from this protein making them available for use. Additionally, the herb inhibits the functioning of enzyme 5-alpha reductase. This enzyme converts Testosterone to DHT and estrogen. When your natural t-levels are low the last thing you want, is to lose the few still existing testosterone. Unfortunately, this is precisely what will happen if the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme is allowed to operate. Male bodies contain female sex hormones like estrogen and this enzyme assists in converting more of your testosterone into these hormones. Nettle Root is hence very useful and yet Cybergenics haven’t included enough of the extract in this supplement. There is only 30mg of Nettle Root Extracts which seems to be too low for it to have an impact.
    • ChrysinChrysin is usually extracted from Blue Passion Flower. It is used in quite a number of bodybuilding supplements claiming to be capable of reducing estrogen and boosting testosterone. Some studies have indeed shown that Chrysin can achieve this. Our problem, however, has nothing, to do with the effectiveness of the compound but is about how it is administered. Clinical trials have in more than one occasion determined that oral usage of Chrysin is useless. Scientists have established that you can never, at least not yet, get sufficient Chrysin to affect Estrogen and Testosterone levels through a capsule. Currently, the best and only way to enjoy the benefits of Chrysin is through a direct injection into the testicles! Hell, that sounds painful! It’s hard to understand why some of these companies including Cybergenics are still trying to add the compound to oral supplements. 30 mg of Chrysin in this supplement is nowhere close to enough.
    • Bioperine – Bioperine is an extract from Black Pepper which has been added to do nothing other than enhancing the potency of the rest of the compounds in this formula. It has no Testosterone boosting properties at all. It is useful in bolstering the absorption rate of the rest of the nutrients used in the supplement. Absorption is a very crucial property that every supplement should have. If the contents in a T-booster capsule are not absorbed fast enough then chances of being digested, destroyed and excreted from the body are high which will make them useless. As far as I can tell, Bioperine is much useful than Chrysin yet it isn’t even responsible for directly boosting T-levels. The Iso-Test formula has 2mg of Bioperine.
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Benefits of using Cybergenics Iso-Test

The following are the benefits you can hope, if you are lucky enough, to enjoy as purported by the manufacturers:

  • Regain sex drive and performance
  • Increased stamina and energy
  • Promotes vitality and positive mood

As you can see, the list is short and within the three benefits, two of them seem very unlikely. The only thing that we think you can gain from the supplement is mild sex drive.

Potential Side Effects of using Cybergenics

There aren’t any serious reported side effects linked with this supplement. This is partly due to the use of natural ingredients that interact well with the human body. It is also more probably due to the low dosages used. I mean, if something isn’t powerful enough to work then chances of it affecting you are also very minimal. So I guess what I’m saying is that taking Cybergenics Iso-Test is like filling your body with useless junk which doesn’t give you or take anything from you. It’s all very pointless.

Other cons associated with using this supplement include:

  • They have a strict refund policy. On their website getting a refund may seem easy but trust me, it’s not. The restrictions are so tight that you will probably give up midway and just throw the poor bottle in the bin. In fact, we think the refund option is a mere PR tactic to lure customers in.
  • The low dosages of Nettle and Eurycoma Longifolia also don’t feature well with the supplement. What’s the point of adding something useful if you’re not going to include enough quantity for it to work?! Smh.
  • Finally, it’s the inclusion of Chrysin. There is more than enough studies to show us that this compound due to its bioavailability is useless in oral supplement yet Cybergenics is still trying to convince us that it will have an impact on our T-levels.

Taking Cybergenics

  • Take one capsule per day for 3o days.

Where can I buy Cybergernis Iso-Test?

The supplement is available online and other T-booster retail stores. A one month supply of Cybergenics Iso-Test retails at $29.99. In other shops, it’s even more discounted where you can get a bottle for less than $20.

Cybrgenics Verdict

The idea of using a few ingredients to make the supplement was honestly brilliant. If the Cybergenics had actually pulled it off and made the product effective then, it would be unbeatable in the market. Unfortunately, they didn’t so we are not sure who exactly the supplement is made for. Maybe if you are feeling lucky and are willing to experiment with a product, you can go ahead and purchase it. If all you’re interested in is to see results and your T-levels off the chart, then Cybergenics Iso-Test is not the product for you.

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