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D Mannose Review 2018- Benefits & side effects (Updated July 2019)

What is D mannose?

Urinary tract infections are difficult to cure; once an infection develops it almost becomes impossible to wipe out all the residual bacteria. What happens when you ignore urinary tract care? Chances are that you might develop an infection and most of these infections are either excruciatingly painful or keeps constantly recurring. UTI’s make the process of urinating painful, giving you the urge to pee again and again. The process of battling such infection with over the counter medicines is common. However, most of these medicines can only temporarily clear out the accumulated bacteria in the bladder lining. It is the leftover residual bacteria that reaction time and again and causes the infection to recur.

What should you do for the good health of your urinary tract? Is there a possible way of avoiding such painful infections? Every good medicinal formula not only helps in curing a current disease but also prevents it from further happening. It’s a must-have trait of every good medicinal formula. Now D Mannose is a remarkable urinary health formula that uses glucose to prevent urinary tract infections. D mannose is a derivative of glucose and prevents infections by stopping bacteria from sticking to the walls of the track. Consider the urinary tract to be a ladder; if a person fails to latch onto the steps, there are minimum chances of causing any damage to the walls.

d mannose

What is Now D mannose?

D Mannose is a natural sugar that occurs in our body and helps cleanse the urinary tract by maintaining a resilient bladder lining. The excess is flushed through the urine, and is metabolized is small contents creating zero obstruction in healthy blood sugar regulations. According to studies conducted this substance helps promote healthy urinary tract functions and maintains a healthier bladder lining.

Bacterial infections are tough to cure, the foremost reason being once it sticks to the walls of the bladder the infection keeps recurring. This always increases the reliability of antibiotics which often cause various side effects. Other than disturbed appetite, consuming antibiotics for a prolonged period can also cause sleep disturbances. Although antibiotics are considered to be the most effective remedy for treating internal infections, it can cause a serious effect on the immune system of the body. Now D mannose improves the quality of life and health by preventing recurring bacterial infections and by reduced reliability on antibiotics.

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Why should you take D mannose?

A natural solution to bodily and health problems are always a better option than sticking to chemically treated solutions. D mannose is a type of glucose found in certain fruits including apples and cranberries. D mannose is found in all kinds of cranberry products including juice, however, it is separated from the harmful sugar contents and only the good glucose is extracted for formulating this urinary tract care formula. Why is it important to separate the sugar? It is a known fact that consuming sugar during a bladder infection will simply trigger the bacteria and cause more harmful effects. Now D mannose extracts the sugar compounds from cranberry residues, and only uses the good glucose content for treating bacterial bladder infections.

Ingredients used

The most important ingredient used to formulate Now D mannose is the substance derived from certain fruits called D mannose. This is a type of glucose found in certain fruits like apples and most abundantly in cranberries. Another beneficial component used in formulating this product is the extract from cranberries called proanthocyanidins. This is a type of antioxidant derived from cranberries, grape seeds and pine barks and is used in the product in a highly concentrated amount. Proanthocyanidins are the substance that reduces the bacteria’s adherence powers and prevents it from latching onto the urinary tract walls.

About the company

NOW has been dedicatedly working towards catering people by providing them with healthcare products formulated using natural substances. The company started in 1968 has gradually become a pioneer in the natural products industry. We have been dedicatedly working towards offering people natural supplements and healthier alternative to chemically treated products even before it became a mainstream concept. Our sole motto is to provide value in services and products that encourage people to opt for a healthier lifestyle and empower people by empowering their bodies.

Being one of the finest natural products manufacturers, we have set up several distribution facilities in both Canada and USA. We have two states of the art laboratories in Sparks and Bloomingdale where tests are conducted. Each and every finished formula is continually tested by our esteemed technicians using various analytical instruments. Approximately 16,000 tests are conducted on the finished products and ingredients before products are labeled and dispatched to reach the public. Most of our giant manufacturing facilities contain in-house sensory, microbiological, analytical, chromatography labs. These in-house labs are used to conduct tests on finished products, ingredient samples, and raw materials. The heart of distribution and manufacturing network lies in Bloomingdale, and it helps consistently check the quality and efficacy of the manufactured formulas.

When do you develop UTI?

UTI has become a common problem amongst adults; in fact, 70% of America has been a victim of bladder-related infections. The rate of UTI is constantly elevating, and women are more prone to develop this recurring infection than men. Some of the common symptoms of UTI include increased burning sensation, urgency and frequency. Men often face lesser reactions than women, sometimes men may even fail to realize that they have developed a bacterial infection. Although the reactions differ amongst men and women, the damage caused by UTI is the same for both. Women going through menopause are more likely to develop this infection due to the reduced estrogen causing thinning of urethra and balder. The thinning of bladder always makes it more prone to developing conditions such as UTI.

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Benefits of using D mannose

  • D Mannose is a natural glucose derived from cranberries and other fruits that builds a lining on the walls of the urinary tract.
  • The quantity of glucose used in the product is in a highly concentrated level, which does not cause any interference in blood sugar levels.
  • It is safe for use because of its unique metabolism that prevents breakage of the mannose contents before being flushed by the body.
  • The unbroken particles of the saturated glucose are easily flushed by urine, leaving no residual traces of it to be excreted later.
  • Doctors have recommended the consumption of D mannose especially to women from the mid-1980’s and is extremely beneficial for urinary tract health.
  • Now D mannose not only prevents unwanted bacteria from accumulating on the bladder lining but also encourages the growth of prebiotic.
  • D mannose supports urinary tract health, aids optimal digestion and maintains a healthy intestinal flora.

Are there any cons?

D Mannose is a natural fruit derivative making it safe for consumption by all. However, some may face certain side effects especially those prone to developing certain skin reactions. High dosage of NOW d-mannose may make the process of controlling blood sugar levels difficult. In cases of heavy bacterial formations, facing irritation in urethra and bladder might be common. For those with complicated medical history, it is recommended to consult your physician before starting your daily dose of NOW D mannose.

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