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D ribose Review 2018- Benefits & side effects (Updated July 2019)

What is D ribose?


There are a lot of energy supplements available on the market nowadays. But how do you know whether the particular product which you have selected is the one? Most people order/buy such products to improve their lifestyle and boost their energy. Technology and competition in the day to day life has taken a major role where the mere food, diet or the exercise is not enough for a person to function at the same pace.Hence what do we do? We turn to several health supplements and try to get the most favorable product in the market for us.

It should fuel us with energy and at the same time with minimum or without side effects. What if the product is easily available and even more easily consumable? Well, here comes the role for one such energy producing supplement available on the market currently.

D-ribose is basically a type of sugar often used for energy production. Several multi-level marketing companies and their organizations produce the same product i.e, d-ribose.

This type of sugar is used as a medicine too. Some people use it for diseases like cardiovascular problems, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome to improve the symptoms. D-ribose supplements are known to be used also by athletes to tighten their muscle energy level so that they could improve their performance during training.

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Role of d-ribose in the body:

  • All living being have DNA or RNA in their body which differentiate them from each other.
  • The DNA/RNA is made of purines and pyrimidines which are critical cellular compounds.
  • The d-ribose are sugars which are naturally produced in the body. They form a backbone for DNA/RNA binding purines and pyrimidines together.
  • Our body has a good amount of these purines and pyrimidines so that they can be synthesized the genetic material required for the body along with numerous cofactors, vitamins, and Adenosine triphosphate or ATP molecules.
  • The starting of all these syntheses is from the d – ribose which is attached along with the purines and pyrimidines.
  • Hence according to the amount of ribose in our body it is determined how much of our cells and tissues are made.
  • D-ribose is the structural compound which is found in DNA, RNA, ATP, GTP, FAD, Riboflavin and all other important nucleotides in the body.
  • Ribose is formed in the body through a metabolic pathway called Penrose phosphate pathway.
  • Pentose phosphate pathway is slow and only to an extent in cardiac and muscle cells since the enzymes – glucose-6-phosphate hydrogenase and 6- phosphogluconate dehydrogenase are low.
  • This pathway produces ribose-5-phosphate which is finally converted into 5- phshotibosyl1-pyrophosphate/PRPP which is the initial compound required for purine production.
  • No other compound can replace ribose here.
  • Purines which are lost during ischemia, hypoxia and genetic predisposition are regained through this process.
  • Hence ribose is important and when extra D-ribose is supplied to the body more PRPP is produced. Finally resulting in high level of purines and ATP.
  • High ATP = high energy
  • High energy in heart and skeletal muscles can increase the activity of the person. The different functions such as – contraction, cell wall maintenance, relaxation, the polarisation of cell membrane etc are escalated to providing a better performance.

How to use D-ribose?

There are several uses of d-ribose:

  1. One of the use would be the one which was mentioned in the above topic – to produce more energy
  2. People taking d-ribose supplements have reduced muscle cramps, soreness, and stiffness after extensive physical exercise.
  3. Effective in improving the health of skeletal muscles and their performance in people who have a deficiency.
  4. Ribose can also be used as a therapy to enhance exercise ability in some people who suffer from McArdle’s disease.
  5. D-ribose injection helps in identifying the coronary artery disease.

D-ribose has also opened possibilities for new uses as well like:

  • Enhance the heart’s ability to manage blood flow fluctuations in those with coronary artery disease (clogged arteries);
  • Improve the sleep cycles, energy levels and overall well-being of those with CFS;
  • Improve the functioning of the heart muscle and the quality of life for people with congestive heart failure;
  • Improve heart functioning during and after surgeries, including coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) procedures;
  • Improve sleep, energy, and well-being, as well as reduce pain, for those with fibromyalgia;
  • Improve the symptoms associated with restless leg syndrome;
  • Decrease incidences of seizures and improve behavioral patterns of epileptics.

Top 10 D ribose supplements

  1. Nutricost D Ribose

The gluten-free product is made in States in a high quality under a facility which is made according to the standard quality. This product with is able to push up your energy in just intake of 5 g. The energy production, its maintenance and helping good heart function along with the helping the athletes in their day to day activities.

  1. D-ribose powder- life extension

There is a process happening in all the cells to produce energy or ATP. Well, the D ribose from Life Extension will help you to carry out this particular process. Fast healing from vigorous exercise, good health of the heart, increasing the energy production, all this is possible with 5 grams of the Bioenergy D ribose every time you use it.

  1. D Ribose – Doctors best

This is again gluten free and they use some authorized ingredients in their products so that it could help them the individuals with ATP synthesis and maintain it. Just 5 g of the product is required to supply a good amount of energy to the heart which in turn helps in fast healing of muscle.

  1. Source Naturals

This particular product provides vegetarian tablets. It gives a great deal of energy and helps in muscle healing after a vigorous exercise. Three gram is all it is required in which fifty milligrams is Calcium and it is effective in energy production and to increase the strength of our skeletal system

  1. D-Ribose Powder-Now

This is another product again having a high amount of energy producing d ribose. It has a good quality and the product is lactose-free since no dairy products are used for this particular product. 5 grams of the product is all it takes.

  1. D-Ribose – Nova Nutrition

It is again a vegetarian product. It is mainly used in the sports world. It increases the energy and also helps the individual to recover the energy lost. Nova nutrition product act as an antioxidant helping in the process of energy production in the muscle along with reducing tiredness in the muscles. Cardiovascular health is another important criterion which this product works on.

  1. D Ribose – Jarrow’s formulation

It is one if the kind which uses patent ingredients and process. Microbial fermentation is the method used which gives out a very effective product. Ribose is required on the road to energy production. It is meant to be excellent if 2 grams of the product daily thrice can do a good job in energy production. Hence the Jarrows formulas have created this product.

  1. D Ribose – muscle feast pure

This product is found in the body already through the natural formation. Cells of a living body have processed this and help with fitness and reduce fatigue.

  1. D Ribose – Douglas Lab Corvalen

This product is easily dissolved and taken up by the body to give out a good amount of energy. 5 grams of D ribose product give heightened results in cardiovascular health and in fitness by more energy production and by decreasing the tiredness.

  1. D Ribose – Bulk supplements Pure powder

This product in each using give out carbohydrates and ribose sugar which is naturally produced by the body. Studies show that it can increase the energy production and help in post recovery of muscles after a workout it heavy exercise. If you need instant energy you could have this product and work longer. 5 g of this product is taken at the time and this dosage of bulk supplement help to help you from muscle fatigue.

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Mitochondrial Functioning

There are few diseases which cause reduced energy production in our body which in turn cause certain side effects. They are diseases like fatigue syndromes and fibromyalgia.

Few of the effects of such diseases are:

Sore muscles, pain, and stiffness, hormone imbalance, more prone to infections, improper detoxification of liver and kidneys, dysfunction, sleeplessness etc.

Usually, these symptoms are drawn back to mitochondrial dysfunction.

The mitochondrion is known as the power production unit in a cell. All the calories consumed are burned here to produce energy or ATP. So the cells in our body individually produce the energy required for different cell functions. Hence the energy production does not happen in a single place.

Mitochondrial function at its good state and help us to come over all the symptoms the deficiencies can cause to our body for our own well being.

For the body of any person to function properly according to the daily exercise we do, we need to maintain mitochondrial health as well. The D ribose help in filling in any gaps caused due to a deficiency in our body through mitochondrial dysfunction.

D-ribose Side Effects

There is definite evidence through scientific research to use D Ribose for following purposes:

  • Clogged heart arteries (coronary artery disease) – Taking ribose by mouth seems to be effective for improving the heart’s ability to manage low blood flow in people with coronary artery disease.
  • Myoadenylate deaminase deficiency

Consuming via mouth seems to be effective for symptoms such as cramping, pain, and stiffness after exercise in people with MAD

  • Athletic performance

It suggests that consuming ribose supplements through the mouth, alone or with any other supplements, do not increase power or improve muscle strength in trained or untrained individuals.

  • McArdle’s disease

Studies show that taking ribose orally does not improve exercise ability in McArdle’s disease suffering people.

Possibly can be used for following issues

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome

Earlier studies claim that taking a ribose supplement by mouth might improve energy, sleeping habits and sense of well-being in people with chronic fatigue syndrome.

  • Mental function

Several studies say that taking ribose by mouth for 8 days do not improve performance during works that cause mental fatigue.

  • Congestive heart failure
  • Coronary artery bypass graft surgery

Studies show that people who take a ribose supplement through mouth immediately before the surgery, have better heart function after surgery.

Earlier studies say that taking ribose by mouth may improve behavior and reduce seizure frequency caused by deficiencies in few people. There are no serious adverse events noted so far for d-ribose though.

D-ribose powder is a natural substance that is produced in the body, D-ribose is known to be likely safe for most individuals.

However, there are some cases of side effects including nausea, stomach upset, diarrhea, low blood sugar and/or a headache. No serious or long-term D-ribose side effects are known.


There are no specific results or clinically proven data to say that this product is safe for pregnant women to consume. Also taking D ribose for those who suffer from diabetes is risky. The glucose in the blood may shoot up.

People with low BP are not advised to take this product as it may lead to the lowering of BP even more which is dangerous. And the people to undergo a surgery should not consume D ribose for about 2 weeks before surgery.

D ribose should be taken while taking aspirin, it might cause hypoglycemia and do not have it while taking alcohol since it may again decrease the BP level.

D-ribose Dosing

The first and foremost thing to be noted is that this supplement should be consumed by doctor’s prescription. Few people coronary artery disease are recommended to take 15 grams (4 times daily) to decrease muscle pain and tension 3 grams are recommended. But it is always better to do a body check up and see everything is fine before taking the supplement. Consult your doctor and discuss the need if taking the supplement. Then check for all the factors which may cause side effects.

D-Ribose and Athletes

D-ribose is suggested for sports and people who work for fitness activities because it helps in reducing the loss of energy during stress and accelerate energy and tissue/muscle recovery. Mainly athletes and fitness training people benefit the most from d- ribose.

Until our hearts have an adequate supply of ribose, they simply cannot fulfill their astonishing energy demand. Usually, ribose is produced in our bodies naturally, but sometimes because of stress, the need is more than our supply to satisfy the loss of energy from our cells. Hence providing with d-ribose can support proper functions of the heart and helps to maintain healthy stroke volume during and after high-intensity exercise. One of the studies performed found that providing with D-ribose after cardiac ischemia resulted in a shorter duration of diastolic recovery time against the control group (2.8 days vs. 9.4 days). Another study showed positive effects on diastolic function and quality of life in compromised patients after only three weeks of consuming D-ribose. Although D-ribose is a five-carbon monosaccharide, it does not raise blood sugar.


Ribose is a sugar or energy supplement produced by our body from food. Few data show that ribose can be successfully processed outside and taken by individuals that require extra energy in their day to day life. The ribose if taken continuously it would increase the quality of life and the person achieves a lot.

The following doses have been studied in scientific research-

By Mouth:

For improving the ability of people with coronary artery disease to exercise: 15 grams four times daily. Starting from 1 hour before exercise until the end of the exercise, 3 grams every 10 minutes has to be used to reduce muscle stiffness and pain/cramps caused by exercising.

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