Dermacol Review 2018 -Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)

 What is Dermacol?

Dermacol is a skin care company that deals with the manufacturing of sun care products, body lotions, face creams, and skin cleansers. It is a for-profit company, was founded in 1967 and later acquired by McBride plc. on 8th September 2010.

Types of Products 

These are the various types of products that the brand provides to customers;

  1. Make-up products
  2. Skin care products
  3. Body care products
  4. Sun care products
  5. Hair care products
  6. Fragrance
  7. Men’s care products


Make-Up Products

Dermacol provides makeup products for your eyes, nails, face, and lips.

Face Make-Up products

The brand face makeup products include;

  • Foundations – you can find foundation products such as toning cream, 24H control makeup, Dermacol make-up cover, caviar long long-stay make-up & corrector.
  • Make-up base – make-up base products provided by Dermacol include the Satin make-up base, Gold anti-wrinkle make-up base, and Pearl energy make-up base.
  • Correctors – Dermacol provides some great correctors such as Corrector palette which has a 4-color corrector and the Matt control make-up corrector which is a mattifying and concealing corrector.
  • Blush – Dermacol also provides blush make-up products such as the Duo blusher, which is a two-shade blusher that is quite convenient.
  • Fixing Powders – Dermacol provides the Invisible fixing powder which is a transparent fixing powder that has been designed to give one’s skin an appealing and velvet appearance.
  • Powder pearls – when it comes to powder pearls, Dermacol provides the best of these products. You can find illuminating, toning and bronzing beauty powder pearls.

Eyes Make-Up Products

Eyes make-up products provided by Dermacol include;

  • Eyeliners – you can find Dermacol eyeliners such as the Matic eyeliner, Matt black matte eye pencil, Micro black which is an automatic eye micro-pencil, among many others.
  • Mascara – eye make-up wouldn’t be as much better without the mascara. It provides mascara products such as the Waterproof volume mania mascara, Obsession mascara, Magnum maximum volume mascara, among more others.
  • Brows – Dermacol brows products include the Powder eyebrow shadow, gorgeous eyebrow, and the Soft eyebrow pencil.

Lip Products

  • Lip color – the lip color products include Metallic lips, a 16H color which is a 2-in-1lip color that is quite long-lasting, and the Matte mania.
  • Lipliner – you can find the wooden Lipliner pencil known as the True color Lipliner and the invisible Matic Lipliner has known as the Hyaluron lip shaper.
  • Lipstick – lipstick is quite common when it comes to lip makeup, therefore Dermacol has got you covered with two of its kind lipstick products which are Pretty matte lipstick and the lip seduction lipstick.

Nails Make-Up Products

There are two types of nail make-up products provided by Dermacol which include;

  • Nail polish – you can find the long-lasting nail polish which has 5 days stay gel effect.
  • Nail care – Dermacol provides nail care products such as the fast dry base coat which is a base coat that dries very fast and the Ultra gloss top coat.

Skin Care Products

It provides skin care products for mixed skin, dry skin, mature skin, young skin, problematic skin, normal skin, among others.

  • Dry skin products – for dry skin Dermacol provides some great creams such as the Lady, Queen night, and Princess creams, and also the Hyaluron therapy cleansing oil.
  • Normal skin products – for normal skin care products, Dermacol comes with excellent solutions with the perfect base cream, 3-in-1 perfect cleanser, and the cleansing face milk, among others.
  • Problematic skin care products – if you have an issue with your skin, Dermacol has the right solution for you. You can get the Acneclear moisturizing gel cream, Gommage cleanser, and Acneclear mask, among many others.
  • Young skin care products – for young skin care products, Dermacol provides some of the best in the industry such as the Love my face –brightening care for young skin, moisturizing care for young skin, and the 3-in-1 perfect cleanser.
  • Mature skin care products – mature skin care products from Dermacol really come in handy, especially for the aging people. You can products such as the Gold elixir mask, 3D intensive lifting mask, among others.
  • Mixed skin care products – if you happen to have mixed skin don’t fret because Dermacol also has a solution for you. You can find mixed skin care products such as the Vital balance cream, Cleansing face tonic, and the Cleansing face milk cream, among others.

Body Care Products

Dermacol provides some of the best body care products for the normal and mixed skin as well as dry skin.

  • Dry skin body care products – for dry skin body care products you can find the Dermacol almond oil body milk, Dermacol karite` body, and cream milk.
  • Mixed and normal skin body care products – for the normal and mixed body skin body care products you can find the Dermacol urea body milk which is a moisturizing body lotion with urea. This also helps in enhancing the elasticity of the skin.

Sun Care Products

Sun care products provided by the brand come in various types such as the;

  • Lip balm – one of the best lip balm sun care product provided by Dermacol include the Sun cream and lip balm SPF 30 which is resistant to water.
  • Body milk – body milk skin care products provided by Dermacol include the Solar intense, Self tan lotion, Beta-carotene body milk, among others.
  • Shower gel – the best shower gel provided by the brand is the After Sunshower gel which is very convenient and provides great support for your tanned skin.
  • Body gel – the Hydrating and cooling gel provided by Dermacol is a great body gel comes in handy after sunbathing because it helps to soothe and moisturize your skin.
  • Facial cream – facial cream sun care products provided by the brand include the Sun Water resistant tinted protection fluid SPF fluid, the Water-Resistant sun cream, and the Sun Cream and lip balm SPF 30.

You can find other types of skin care products that haven’t been mentioned here on the Dermacol site or even at the Amazon site.

Hair Care Products

Hair care products by Dermacol are in two various types which include;

Hair care – these are products that provide support for your hair. The product provides Conditioner, Mask, and Shampoo for colored hair.

Hair coloring products – hair coloring products by the brand include the Dermacol Mix Tone, Creamy Oxidant, Intensive Red, among many others.


Dermacol provides fragrances for both men and women.
Fragrances for Men – if you are looking for men’s fragrances Dermacol has got you covered with products such as Cashmere Wood & Lavandin ED, Sandalwood & Mandarine EDP, Marine Wood & Coriander EDP.

Fragrances for Women – it also provides the best women’s fragrances such as the Bitter Cacao & Vanilla EDP, Magnolia & Passion Fruit EDP, Pink Apple & American Rose EDP, among others.

Men’s Care Products

The product provides various men’s care products such as gel-cream, beard oil, antiperspirants, shower gel, after shave lotion, among others.

Gel cream – you can find Men Agent Anti-aging Gel-cream and Aftershave Balm, Men Agent Aftershave Lotion Poker Face, among many others.

Aftershave lotion – we all know how important it is to have a soothing feeling after a great shave. It provides you with the solution of a few aftershave lotions such as the Men Agent After Shave Lotion Original, among others.

How to Use the Products

Always make sure you follow every instruction provided on the label of each Dermacol product that you purchase.

Their products help in promoting a flawless and amazing skin

You can mix the mascaras together to come up with the best blend for those great and beautiful eyelashes.

You can also use a face serum as it makes your skin look young and fresh.

At the center of your naked lips, you can use the multiproduct that you had used for highlighting your skin.


Prices of the products vary from one product to the other due to their different functionalities and the purposes they serve to one’s body.  The price range starts from $15 and above on their specified products. It is recommended that you get to check out more information on the Amazon site or the Dermacol company website. There, you will get to see more products, compare prices and features, as well as choose the product that would suit you best.


Beauty, skin care, hair products as well as fragrances are very important in our daily lives. This is because they help in the promotion of better health, good-looking skin and make us smell nice and fresh for that great and appealing look. Dermacol clearly understands all these things and therefore strives to provide the right solution for people in order to make life at least worthwhile. With the wide variety of products in different categories, one is guaranteed to find the right product that will be suitable in providing a solution to an issue that may be at hand. Therefore, be sure to check out Dermacol products for that awesome look!


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