Dermawand Review 2018- Pro’s & Con’s (updated July 2019)

What is Dermawand?

Beauty has always been a quality of the human body that has been placed on a high pedestal for as long as one can remember. The downside though is that old age catches up and threatens to strip away our youthful spirits. Not everyone has the confidence that their looks will remain good forever as the years pass by. For that reason alone, skincare products have become a popular thing in today’s world. And with the influx of beauty products boasting about results that last; the line between what works and what doesn’t have become blurred even more. Nevertheless, there are certain beauty products out there that offer significant results however temporary they may be. Dermawand is a non-surgical product that claims to reduce wrinkles, face lines and other signs of aging. It certainly is a product with promising results from the manufacturer. But, the real question is whether they are true and if yes, how long will they really last? The following review talks in detail about Dermawand and whether it is worth adding it to your expenses.

Dermawand overview

Dermawand is ideally classified as a beauty product due to the claims that it can easily reverse the signs of old age if used daily. What is good about this beauty product and what solely makes it a considerably effective beauty item, is the fact that it uses a similar technology as used by Radio Frequency machines that are used by medical specialists and in salons and spas. Using similar frequencies, but at reduced amplitudes, the Dermawand utilizes this technology to deliver a massage-like effect on the user’s skin. When this happens, the collagen in the skin gets stimulated while receiving thermal energy and oxygen. As a result, it slowly eliminates the wrinkles and makes the skin tone look a lot more even. However, this effect lasts only for a short period of time. This goes to say that the results are temporary, and if you in order to enhance those results, you would have to use an additional pharmaceutical grade serum.

Dermawand Components

The Dermawand beauty product comes in the form of a kit, which has a few components:

  • Dermawand
    It is the main device, which uses radio frequencies and thermal energy to stimulate the skin, thereby reducing the size of the pores, and all the while releasing collagen. In addition, it directs enriched oxygen towards the skin.
  • Beauty guide
    The beauty guide with the complete set of instructions explaining how to use the product to get the best results.
  • Preface treatment
    The pre-face treatment kit plays the role of a moisturizer and makes sure the skin is hydrated before applying the process

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Working of Dermawand

The way in which Dermawand works is pretty straight-forward. At its core, the product uses radio-frequencies at low amplitudes that are generated by microcurrents. The device actively stimulates the skin using these frequencies at 168,000 cycles per second, in the process releasing rejuvenating thermal energy and enriched oxygen directly to the skin. As a result, oxidized oxygen is produced which incites underlying cells and collagen and kills bacteria. This continuous stimulation, along with the addition of thermal energy and oxygen makes the skin appear younger and wrinkle-free. The manufacturer confirms that while thermal energy exclusively supports providing your skin with a smooth wrinkle-free texture, the oxygen revitalizes the tissues that do not receive sufficient oxygen as a consequence of aging skin. In addition, the continuous stimulation improves the blood circulation, bringing forth important nutrients that are required for a healthy skin.

Dermawand operates by passing an alternating high-frequency electrical current into the skin that generates thermal energy. This energy is provided when the device comes into contact with the skin.

Pros of Using Dermawand

  • Improves skin appearance, i.e. the skin appears evenly toned, tightened and lifted.
  • Reduces the size of pores in the skin.
  • Non-invasive, therefore, safe and painless.
  • Eliminates wrinkles, as well as laugh and lip lines.
  • Significantly reduces fine lines.
  • Helps reduce and improve the look of swollen and puffy eyes.

Cons of Using Dermawand

  • The results are temporary.
  • You will have to use pharmaceutical products, or DermaVital products to extend the results
  • Feels uncomfortable at higher intensities. Many users hesitate to increase the power.

Noticing any significant results requires patience. You cannot expect immediate changes after a single use. You would require at least 6 to 8 weeks of continuous use to experience any noticeable changes.

How to use Dermawand

The instructions of use for Dermawand are well presented on the DVD that comes along with the kit. It is advised to follow these instructions without any modifications for the best and quickest results.

Before commencing any treatments, make sure to thoroughly cleanse your skin.

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Pat your face completely dry.

Apply the Pre-Face moisturizer, an amount not more than the size of a nickel. This will make sure your skin is well hydrated. As a note of caution, the moisturizer is for external use only, so take care that it doesn’t go into the eyes, nose, or the mouth.

Remove the bulb cap. If you are using Dermawand for the first time, turn the dial to setting number 1. Test the intensity on your hand to make sure you would be comfortable applying it on your face.

Put the bulb gently on your face. If you are experiencing sensations, it means it has started doing its job. Always start on the lowest setting for the first few tries till you get comfortable.

Gradually, increase the intensity once you feel your skin can handle the device without any issues. Continue doing this till you reach the limit of your comfort zone. If your skin starts experiencing irritations, reduce the setting or stop using the device completely for a while.

Move the device on your entire face in a circular motion for 2-3 minutes.

Repeat this procedure once everyday.

Please Note, do not use Dermawand if you have a skin condition, especially one that is susceptible to broken capillaries.

Dermawand Reviews

With sales of over 2 million units across the world, Dermawand’s claims have undoubtedly lured customers into trying the revolutionary product. According to user reviews, Dermawand is an average beauty product whose results are visible only after a few months use. A quick and easy search of the product’s reviews will let you know that most customers noticed minimal to no change in the texture and tone of their skin until after using the device for a few months. Many have reported even being intimidated to use it in areas around the eyes. Others have responded by saying they have been reluctant to increase the power levels as the sensations aren’t really pleasant.

While most people say they wouldn’t buy this product ever again, some confirm that they go as far as even traveling with it, or carrying it around with them all the time they, as it has become a pivotal part of their beauty kit.

Where can I buy Dermawand?

You can easily find Dermawand on online stores like Amazing, eBay, and Walmart.
It is also available on Dermawand’s official website:
You should also be able to find it at a Target store near you.
It retails at $119.85 and comes with a 2-year warranty.

Verdict on Dermawand

DermaWand is a product that will not show results overnight. If you want it to be successful, you will require a lot of diligence and patience. You might even experience little to no change until after at least 2 months of regular use.

While radiofrequency treatments have the capability to tighten skin, reduce wrinkles, and improve fine lines, according to experts the assimilation of energy by Dermawand is a considerable week to deliver the results most people are expecting.

While Dermawand may work better for some than others, it certainly isn’t as effective as one would expect. The product stands out though when it comes to its price. It has a relatively attractive MSRP when compared to both, surgical as well as non-surgical facelifts. However, the changes are hardly noticeable and paying $120 for something that does almost nothing, may, in fact, be a waste of time and money. Maybe, a short journey to your cosmetic therapist’s office is a much better option.

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