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The Best 3 Dip Bars To Buy in 2018 (Updated July 2019)

What is a Dip Bar?

Dip Bars are one of the most effective home gym equipment. They have been used to build up triceps, shoulders and back muscles and the best part is that you don’t need too much space and neither do you have to deal with heavy loads. This equipment uses your own weight as resistance and is designed to accommodate multiple body movements that utilize this resistance to work out various muscles within your body.

What makes Dip Bars even more popular is that they don’t just deliver results but they do so at a very affordable price. If therefore, your budget has been the barrier between you and a fit and healthier life then dip bars is the ultimate solution you’ve been waiting for.

Dip bar is a piece of equipment with two parallel dip bars that work as handles. It’s a very simple piece of equipment but don’t let its simplicity trick you into underestimating its performance. Advanced athletes and other fitness enthusiasts have successfully used this equipment to promote muscle development while improving overall body flexibility. That’s also why they have grown popular in the bodybuilding arena.

It’s due to this popularity that the fitness equipment market has also flooded with Dip Bars. Manufacturers understand that they are effective and affordable to more people (which is a recipe for boosting sales) but the problem is that not all of the products made are effective. Some are just made with profit-making as the main objective and this makes them both ineffective and dangerous. To save you from all these issues, we are going to give you a detailed review of some of the best Dip Bars in the market at the moment and we will also go ahead to tell you the special features that we looked for when selecting them. But first;

What are the Benefits of Dip Bars?

One of the leading benefits of dip bars is the convenience they bring. With this equipment, you can easily workout right from home following your own schedule. You won’t have to spend minutes or hours driving to and from the gym because the gym will be right within your house. Such convenience motivates you into working out more allowing you to utilize every free minute you get and in the end, results will come much faster getting you closer to your fitness goals.

Secondly, Dip Bars are much cheaper than some of the fees charged by commercial gyms out there. For less than $100 you can get a bar that will target various muscle groups delivering almost the same results as the gym equipment. These bars, therefore, help you to save significantly and have also enabled individuals on a tight budget to use their limited funds in getting visible results.

Finally, the compact nature of dip bars makes them home-friendly devices. They are really small in width and length which allows them to be used and stored almost anywhere within the house. You won’t have to move your furniture and other home appliance to use dip bars. You can also just tuck them away in the closet to avoid unnecessary obstructions when they are not being used. Some of the dip bars are designed in a collapsible manner and this not only enhances storage but also makes them highly portable. You can carry them to your vacation spot or other places and keep your fitness journey going without any distractions.

That said, here are our best picks:

  1. Ultimate Body Press Dip Stand

The Ultimate Body Press Dip Stand is designed in a U-shape that gets your torso in the right position where your triceps, chest, and shoulders get the most out of the exercises. This device is built with a thick 1.5” mandrel a heavy-duty steel tubing that offers maximum support and rigidity. From this steel, users weighing up to 350 pounds can use the device without crashing it. The additional stability will also help you to aggressively perform exercises from different positions without toppling over. You can, for instance, do L-sits, knee raises and inverted pull-ups and the asymmetric frame with angled handles will help to make sure that you remain comfortable. Its construction also allows you to use dip belts where you can add extra load. This increases resistance and hence you’ll never be short of challenges when using the dip bar.

This dip bar is collapsible and its different segments have been painted either black or white which makes it much easier for you to assemble it. It is also compact and lightweight and no wonder it’s arguably the best portable dip bar in the market.


  • Sturdy design
  • Enhanced body positioning thanks to the asymmetric frame and angled handles
  • Compact and lightweight enhancing portability
  • Color-coded designing for easy assembly
  • The angled handles have also reduced straining around the joints


  • Individuals taller than 6.5 feet complained of it not being accommodative enough


  1. Black Mountain heavy Duty Dip Station

Black Mountain heavy duty dip station is a phenomenal equipment which ensures that all your workouts are performed comfortably. Cases of coming off a dip bar with blisters are a thing of the past and this equipment confirms this by covering the handles with extra thick foam grips. This allows you to get a firm grip on the dip bar eliminating injuries and any other discomforts. If you have sweaty hands then you will find these handles really useful because they are efficient in wicking moisture and sweat away. You will hence get an opportunity to work out without worrying about your sweaty hands slipping.

This product from Black Mountain is built with heavy-duty materials that have somehow boosted its weight capacity without making it unnecessarily heavy. As a result, the station can accommodate 300 pounds and you will also be able to lift it around when transporting or storing it.

For extra stability, the base contains four pads that keep the station well anchored on any surface. These pads have also helped in keeping the station level for safer and more productive workouts.

The handles are placed 36 inches above the floor and this has been very useful in providing the much-needed clearance for tall people and individuals that want to add an extra weight for additional resistance.

You will also benefit hugely from the 20-inch width between the handles which will expand and exercise your pectoral muscles.

Something else that we loved about this dip station is its lifetime warranty. This goes a long way towards showing every user about its overall quality.


  • Angled frames
  • Stabilizer pads offer extra stability and rigidity
  • Thick foam handlebars for a comfortable and firm grip
  • Lifetime warranty


  • A few relatively heavy users complained of minor wobbling in the connection points


  1. Fuel Pureformance Deluxe Dip Station

This equipment goes beyond giving you the typical dip station experience. It will offer you with all the features of a standard dip bar and then goes a step further to provide additional benefits to other muscle groups.

The station features angled grips that provide a wide range of motions that can target different muscle groups in the body. The handles positions also help to make the motions feel extremely natural keeping you comfortable and your muscles challenged. On these handles, you will also notice some padding that is included to improve comfort.

The station has Olympic rings that can be fitted from the dip bars and this provides other exercising options which you won’t find in any other dip bars in the market.

In summary, this station is an excellent choice with an incredibly strong build and outstanding finishing.


  • Olympic rings
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy design
  • Angled and padded handles


  • It may be a bit shot for some users

Conclusion on dip bars

In coming up with the above dip bars, we took into consideration key factors that include:

  • Durability
  • Portability
  • Stability
  • Exercise options
  • Weight capacity
  • Ease of storage

The above dip bars have strictly adhered to the standards of the above factors and that is why you will also find out that they are the best sellers in different online stores.

You deserve the best bars that will push your fitness a step further and we are confident that the above options are your best shot at this. You can even take the initiative of checking the user reviews and we are confident that you’ll understand why they are highly recommended.

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