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Eca Stack Review 2018- Benefits & side effects (Updated July 2019)

What is Eca stack?

ECA stack is a controversial premium quality product and is well known to promote weight loss. An ECA Stack is made up of Ephedrine, Caffeine, and Aspirin and all these ingredients are widely used for losing weight. Eca stack is an extremely popular weight loss supplement and is recommended for people who want to lose weight rapidly as it is having various effects that make losing weight quite an easier process.

The product was banned in 2004  because of irresponsible usage and unregulated dosages ( causing several deaths because of the ingredient ephedrine).

eca stack
Eca stack


Eca Stack helps in suppressing your appetite so that you are unable to intake more food and lose calories even when you are resting or not involved in any kind of physical activity. Additionally, it also provides more energy so that you are able to work out more.

The active ingredient that helps in losing weight, for the most part, is Ephedrine and caffeine increases its efficiency thus helps in speeding up the process. Ephedrine may lead to blood clotting thus Aspirin is added as it helps in preventing blood clotting.

There are many people who recommended the manufacturer to replace Aspirin present in the product to be replaced with Fish oil or White willow bark. Aspirin may lead to many organ side-effects whereas the other previously mentioned ingredients don’t have such side effects but they are anti-clogging in nature.

When taken together, Ephedrine and Caffeine help in losing weight more quickly compared to when they are taken individually. Ephedrine increases the heart rate and caffeine increases blood pressure, a combination of these two is also very addictive and not of the synergistic toxicological profile.

Eca Stack ingredients

As mentioned earlier, this product is made up of ephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin.

Ephedrine is one of the major ingredients in this product and helps in rapid weight loss. It is found in the herb ‘ephedra’ and affects the body in two ways. Firstly, it helps the body in burning fat to be used as fuel and energy. Secondly, it increases the temperature of our body which in turn leads to high metabolism rate.

Caffeine is a very popular stimulant and is found in drinks like coffee. It stimulates and increases the effect that ephedrine has on our body which leads to burning more amount of fat. When the two components, namely caffeine and ephedrine are combined together, the weight loss effect increases by 10%.

The benefits of the final component aspirin have been already mentioned above. Though there are many people who prefer the mix of only ephedrine and caffeine, adding aspirin can be fruitful.

The function of ECA stack:

With the increase in the bodybuilding industry, the demand for different supplements has increased over the years in the market. It is very necessary for someone who is willing to take a particular supplement to know its benefit. Below I have listed the benefits of ECA stack.

  • Increased metabolism level: Both caffeine and ephedrine stimulate the nervous system. When both of them are taken together, the work in a synchronized manner. Aspirin present in the supplement helps in retaining their effect for a longer period of time. When the nervous system is well stimulated, body metabolism increases and thus you lose more calories.
  • Energy and Alertness: Supplement that contains caffeine, ephedrine, and aspirin helps in removing any mental fatigue that may occur. It also helps in increasing the mental alertness as well. Caffeine helps in boosting the energy level of our body whereas ephedrine helps in fighting with fatigue and increase your energy level.
  • Fat metabolism: When caffeine is consumed on a regular basis, the oxidation of during exercise increases to a huge extent. When combined with ephedrine which is an energy-boosting component, the product becomes a potential fat burning remedy.

The function of ingredients in ECA stack:

Ephedrine: Ephedrine is commonly used for dilating bronchial tubes for people who suffer from asthma. It also helps in treating nasal congestion. It is very widely used in hospitals as an emergency medication for treating low blood pressure, severe asthma attacks and various other conditions. It also increases the amount of blood your heart pumps and blood pressure. But apart from these advantages, it also has some side effects which include irregular heart rhythm, high blood pressure, confusion, nervousness, and headache.

Caffeine: You already know that coffee and tea are used for a really long time for losing weight. Coffee or tea, when taken raw without any milk or sugar helps in promoting weight loss. Caffeine is present in coffee and tea thus it helps in reducing calories. Apart from reducing calories, it also helps in increasing the mental alertness and helps in keeping you awake for a longer period of time. Though consuming caffeine regularly for some time may develop some side effects which are very easy to tolerate and people get used to them easily. As the side effects of caffeine and ephedrine are quite similar, you may feel the side effects to be strong when they are taken together. Consuming a dose of 100 to 200 mg of caffeine after every two to three hours is needed to stay awake for adults. Now caffeine is also available in tablet form and easily available in counters.

Aspirin: Aspirin is having many medical properties and is widely used as medicine all around the world. It is used to treat a mild headache and may also help in preventing heart attack and stroke. Though there are many who can be allergic to aspirin and even develop some side effects. Usually, the dose of aspirin must be 325 to 650 mg per 3 hours. Maximum an individual should take 12 tablets of 325mg each in a day and not more than that.

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An effective way to consume ECA Stack

Though this method of losing weight is very popular, there is a particular method or steps that you must follow to make it effective. Below is the most effective way to consume ECA Stack so that you are able to lose more weight.

  1. Combine all the ingredients to make a dose. Ephedrine is available as ephedrine sulfate and ephedrine HCL over medical counters. Though ephedrine sulfate is a purest, the later can also be used when it is not available. You can get 200mg of caffeine tablets and baby aspirin tablets of 81mg each. Sometimes people say that aspirin is effective when consumed at a higher dose but regular consumption of aspirin at higher dose can lead to other side effects.
  2. The combination of all the three ingredients as a dose must not be taken more than 4 times a day. It is advisable to increase the dose as per your tolerance level and not at once. One must simply start taking the ECA Stack with 4 doses a day. Start with only one dose a day and gradually after few days of having only one dose a day increase the number of doses until you reach four doses a day. The first dose must be taken early in the morning right after you wake up. Continue to take each dose subsequently on an empty stomach but remember to keep at least a gap of four hours between two doses. Also, you must not take any dose before sleeping as it may infer your sleep.
  3. Continue the process for 8 weeks straight without taking any break as during this time your body will prepare and make it tolerable to ECA Stack. After 8 weeks you must take a break for some days as if no break is taken your body will become fully familiar with the process and therefore will not show any progress in weight loss.

How to prepare an ECA Stack dose?

For making a single dose of ECA Stack you will need 25mg of ephedrine, 200mg of caffeine and 80mg aspirin.

Side effects of ECA Stack

While caffeine and aspirin are ingredients that are safe to use on a regular basis by an individual the other ingredient i.e. ephedrine is not. Consuming ephedrine can lead to severe health problems and thus this process of losing weight is very controversial. The substance which helps in promoting weight loss can also be very dangerous for our health.

Though in a survey conducted in which the reviews of 52 clinical trials were recorded showed that ephedrine is not having any fatal side effects such as death, heart attacks, seizures or any kind of severe psychological effect such as depression.

However, there are some common side effects that ephedrine alone or when combined with caffeine can have and they are:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Anxiety
  • Mood swings
  • Hyperactivity
  • Heart palpitation

Is ECA Stack effective?

ECA Stack as we already know is a very popular method which is adopted by many for fast weight loss but even if we know it is, it is necessary for us to know whether it effective or not. The main ingredient as we already know is ephedrine helps in increasing the metabolism rate and when it is combined with caffeine the result intensifies. We lose weight only when our metabolism level is high so we visit gym or yoga classes as they are meant to increase our metabolism rate.

There are many who think that only consuming the pills on a regular basis will help them to shed those extra pounds which are not true. ECA stack will show positive result only when you do regular exercise and simultaneously consume the pills religiously. Being on a diet may also help but exercise is essential. You cannot expect pills to show results when you are not exercising daily plus consuming oily and deep fried food. If you are a busy person and hardly can make out any time for exercising, try to walk for 15-20 minutes daily as it might also help in speeding up the process.

After how many days does ECA Stack start to show results?

As mentioned earlier, when combined with diet and regular exercise ECA stack will show quick results as compared to taking the pills without any exercise or diet. Well, a person who takes the pill religiously 3 to 4 times a day for straight 8 weeks will start noticing visible results within just 4 weeks. The intensity of the result may increase as he or she continues to take the pills. The person must take a break after consuming the pills for 8 weeks straight to increase its effect even more.

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The bottom line

We all want to shed the extra pounds that we have accumulated in our body because of years of overeating, lazy lifestyle and many more reasons. When it comes to losing those extra pounds we try so many methods but eventually end up being faded up and quitting. Even spending hours at the gym or the yoga class sometimes leave us disappointed as usually, we don’t notice much difference. When all the traditional ways of losing weight leave us all disappointed and disheartened, we are left with trying out the supplementary products. Supplementary products are also available in great variety and from different brands. For us, choosing the right supplement which will be beneficial for us becomes a huge problem. Even though there are many supplements available not all of them show a positive result.

You yourself can decide if ECA Stack is useful for you or not, the decision lies in your hand. If the benefits look appealing to you then without any doubt go for it. The ingredients used for preparing a single dose are having their own advantages and disadvantages. If your motive is to lose weight, all the side effects can be taken care of using some other way. Though there are many who consider it not to be a safe method whereas the group of people take the pill regularly and have successfully lost weight over time.

Excess of anything is not good and we already know this. The same goes for ECA Stack also. The normal dose for ECA Stack is 4 times a day and not more than that. A person consuming more than 4 times a day may face severe side effects. If you are looking for something that will help you to increase the energy level then you must definitely go for this. As mentioned earlier, consuming the pills will not only help you to lose weight with it you must also do regular exercise and maintain a healthy diet.

Improve your sleeping habits and routine, increase the number of fruits and vegetable that you consume, if you are having iron or vitamin B deficiency, treating it is a good idea. If you are thinking to lose weight fast, consulting a doctor is a good idea as with this method you will lose weight very quickly and notice a quick fall in your weight.

ECA Stack in combination with a good diet, regular exercise, and healthy habits will help you to achieve your ideal weight real quick. The only tip is not to overdo it.

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