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Enzyte Reviews 2018 – Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)

What is Enzyte?

Sexual performance problems plague men for a wide variety of reasons. As sexual performance is considered a marker for masculinity, most men find themselves expecting way more out of themselves that is appropriate. Additionally, out of balance hormonal levels, disorders, effects of certain medicines all in some manner or the other with varying degree of intensity affect sexual health in men. And this can lead to an unsatisfied life on the grounds of poor performance.

It is at this point that Enzyte enters the fray. Made from completely herbal ingredients, Enzyte has been around for more than 15 years and has earned its share of loyal customers. It is said to help erectile function by enhancing size, girth, firmness, and overall erectile performance. They help you achieve full erectile potential. Enzyte consists of testosterone boosters, nitric oxide precursors, and natural aphrodisiacs, all of which, theoretically at least, help in remedying sexual problems.

What makes up Enzyte?

  • Korean Red Ginseng – Korean red ginseng is a herb that boosts the all-around well-being of the body. The benefits provided are reduced stress, energy boost, and lowering of blood sugar and cholesterol levels. It remedies erectile dysfunction. It also suppresses the production of prolactin, a hormone that causes impotence.
  • Grape seed extract – Grapes have a high amount of tannins also known as procyanidins. They are important for promoting healthy blood capillary function due to their antioxidant content. They also stimulate the production of nitric oxide, thus helping to overcome erectile dysfunction.
  • Horny goat weed – Epimedium or barrenwort is a flowering plant from China. It is a natural booster of nitric oxide and has been used for a long time to treat weakness of knees and sexual nature. It also helps sperm and hormone production and improves healthy testosterone function.
  • Zinc oxide – Zinc intake is directly proportional to the testosterone level and sperm production in men. Thus increasing zinc content in the body helps in boosting overall sexual health. At the same time, an overdose of zinc can lead to reduced immune function.
  • Muira puama – Ptychopetalum is a Brazilian flowering plant that is native to the Amazons. While it has multiple uses, it is particularly sought after for its properties of remedying erectile dysfunction. It is said to help in increasing libido, stamina, and fertility in men.
  • Ginkgo biloba – Ginkgo is a tree native to China, which has been widely used in traditional medicines.
  • Niacin – Niacin or vitamin B3 is a water-soluble vitamin found in fish, and eggs mostly, and also in yeast and green vegetables. It aids in cardiovascular function and promotes the dilation of blood vessels, thus helping in getting erections.
  • Copper – Enzyte provides a high dose of copper, almost 200 times that of the total daily requirement. Copper deficiency while uncommon causes a lack of nitric oxide in the body which further leads to erectile dysfunction and diminished sexual performance. However, it should be noted that copper overdose can cause serious problems in humans.

How to administer Enzyte?

Enzyte comes in a tablet form and is to be taken once a day for best possible effects. It works over a prolonged period and not in the short run. It is said to help you achieve maximum erection potential. Enzyte is advertised as helping you to achieve firmer, fuller erections. There are no documented effects with other prescription drugs, or to people with pre-existing conditions like cardiovascular problems, blood pressure issues, or diabetes.

Benefits of Enzyte

  • Perfect for zinc deficient men – Enzyte has a huge dose of zinc in it. As a result, men who face erectile dysfunction due to zinc deficiency see a marked improvement in their condition due to Enzyte.
  • Money back guarantees – Enzyte has one of the most hassle-free money back guarantee. They promptly refund any unopened packets, as long as you return them within sixty days of ordering them.
  • Free trial – Enzyte also has a free trial program that allows you to try a small sample pack before committing to it. However, it puts you on an auto-renewal program that sends you pills every month and charges your credit card at the same time, which is why if you choose to not go ahead with it, do remember to cancel your membership.

Drawbacks of Enzyte

  • Not backed by the FDA – Enzyte falls under the umbrella of herbal supplements. As a result, it is neither required nor has it been tested by the FDA. This is seen as a red flag by many.
  • No scientific studies – Enzyte is not backed by any scientific studies or experiments. It is safe to consume, but there is no hard proof of it working.
  • Prior court cases – There have been multiple court cases against Enzyte to prove it’s not –effectiveness. Also, customers have alleged that it takes a very long time and fairly difficult process to get refunds.

Enzyte Reviews

The final verdict is to avoid Enzyte. While it is completely made from herbal ingredients, doctors on multiple occasions have said that it won’t work. With boosters and supplements, often the issue is that they are not well suited for everyone and as the specialization of effects increases, the universality of effectiveness reduces. Therefore a product like Enzyte is quite specific in its abilities and may not work at all for some people. Also, the lack of testing from FDA and lack of scientific studies sounds too fishy. If it is not tested, the chances are that the formula is not just ineffective but borderline dangerous to health. Hence it is advisable to stay away from these. The claims made by Enzyte on their websites are too vague and what it is exactly supposed to help you with is unclear. The baseline of their claims is that it will help your virility, but that may be true with proteins too. How exactly would Enzyte help is a question that many experts have been asking the company for a bit now and has led to various lawsuits against the product. For the purpose of testosterone enhancement and performance anxiety reduction, there are better alternatives available in the market, and they would frankly be better suited.

But if the ingredients in Enzyte have worked for you previously and you would like to give it a try anyway, go ahead. After all, you know your body best. With the above information you can decide for yourself if a supplement like Enzyte is for you. Either way, some lifestyle changes will help you with longterm effects along with the supplements and will help the body accept the supplement better too.


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