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ES3 Sci Fit Test Booster Review 2019- Pro’s & Con’s

What is ES3 Sci-Fit?

Testosterone is one of the most crucial hormones in a man’s life. It is considered one of the powerhouses that fuel men into doing most of their day to day activities. One of the critical functions of this hormone, for instance, is energizing men. It is this hormone that your body can withstand strenuous physical activities be it in your daily routines or in the gym. The hormone is also responsible for your sex drive. This is why men in the 20s are the most sexually active with relatively good performance because it is at this age that testosterone production is at its peak. Unfortunately, your body is never capable of maintaining excellent production of this useful hormone throughout your life. As you get into your 40s, testosterone levels start to reduce drastically. This is characterized by a decrease in energy levels, stamina, and libido.

es3 sci fit

The good news is, new and efficient testosterone boosters have been introduced in the market which is aimed at supplementing testosterone levels in your body. As such, they are supposed to help you reclaim your energy levels and sexual performance.

One of the testosterone supplements available on the market today is ES3 Sci Fit. Due to the high volume of T-boosters entering the market each day, it is essential that you learn of every supplement before you start using it. Cases of ineffective or even harmful testosterone supplements are not uncommon. Therefore, what is ES3, what is its components and does it work?

ES3 is a nutritional supplement produced by SciFit intended for bodybuilder and athletes. According to its manufacturers, ES3 sci fit has potent metabolic effects and is effective in the regulation of estrogen levels in the body helping to fuel athletes throughout their intensive workouts. High levels of testosterone in the body are highly useful, but at certain levels, if uncontrolled, your body can turn them into estrogen. Majority of the testosterone lost especially as one age is usually due to its conversion into estrogen. Estrogen is a barrier to all the energy and physical fitness that men desire. It is due to hormones such as estrogen and others that you experience belly fat and other problems. By controlling estrogen levels, therefore, you are making it possible for your body to achieve new fitness and energy levels.

ES3 is also associated with the reduction of fat facilitating for muscle growth. Fat deposits in the body are usually high when there’s more estrogen in the body. This fact makes it extremely difficult for an athlete to gain muscles and is also associated with reduced stamina. It should be every bodybuilder’s goal to reduce as much fat in the body as possible because this paves the way for the generation of muscle.

ES3 is not meant to be used independently. SciFit recommends that for optimal performance, you will need to incorporate rigorous training sessions together with es3 sci fit. This way they claim that your body’s definition and muscle growth will improve significantly within a very short time but is this reflected in the ingredients used?

ES3 Sci fit Ingredients

The type of ingredients used directly shows just how powerful and useful a supplement is. If a product is made of weak compounds, then it doesn’t matter how much it’s hyped because, in the end, you are likely not to experience any benefits at all.

ES3 is manufactured using natural chemicals and ingredients. Natural formulas are always ideal because they are safe and make products usable to a broader pool of athletes. The ingredients are formulated to be consumed before workouts and this, according to its producers, will cause increased gains in energy and muscle growths. The chemicals are meant to enhance your metabolism. Faster and better metabolism means that your body can break down and utilize food components faster which result in a good and reliable source of energy. ES3 sci fit is supposed to enhance your metabolism by preventing both testosterone conversion into estrogen and its production. As a result, your body ends up consuming fat and water retained in the body without harming the muscles.

Some of the chemicals used in the formula of es3 sci fit include:

  • Diindolylmethane

Diindolylmethane is the only useful compound added in es3 sci fit as far as we can tell. Diindolylmethane is naturally produced in the body when there is an increase in Brussels sprouts, broccoli and cabbage consumption. Studies have shown that this compound is exceptional in controlling estrogen levels in the body. Adequate dosages of the chemical ensure that estrogen levels are maintained at the needed levels where they do not interfere with your performance in the gym. They will also assist in reducing how much testosterone is converted into estrogen in the body.

Diindolylmethane is an excellent estrogen controller, but unless there is enough testosterone in the body, it cannot independently increase your energy levels or boost your muscle growth. To achieve any of these, you need a chemical that directly increases T-levels in the body and Diindolylmethane is not one of them.

  • Dihydroxyisoflavone

Dihydroxyisoflavone is a compound found in kudzu and soybeans. This natural ingredient is known to be effective in several things, but very few studies point out to its usefulness in either boosting testosterone or reducing estrogen levels in the body. Much of the trials done on the compound show it is incredible in preventing hyperpigmentation in humans and other similar studies. SciFit does claim it can also control the production of estrogen in the body, but there are very limited research pieces to prove this.

  • Bromo/Bromine

This is another strange chemical addition to the ES3 sci fit formula. If you were looking for a product that will boost the functionality of anti-parasitic enzymes in your body, then the presence of Bromo in the product will be crucial. If you are talking testosterone, however, Bromo is quite ineffective and unnecessary.  A few fitness experts claim that it can help to increase free testosterone by reducing the amount of this hormone trapped in SHBG. The only other positive effect that may be useful when trying to gain muscles is its ability to boost tissue growth. This is also mostly speculative because there is very little information to show how it can influence the growth of muscles.

  • White Button Mushroom Extracts

These mushrooms are mostly found in Europe and North America. White button mushrooms are very popular and widely consumed due to various health benefits. The United States Department of Agriculture has even published multiple reports showcasing its benefits one of which is the prevention of inflammation in body cells. With such capabilities, the mushrooms have been recommended to people that are susceptible to plaque build-up in artery walls or heart diseases like atherogenesis. It has also been linked to boosting the performance of the white cells which directly leads to an improved immune system. When we look for data on its impact on testosterone or estrogen production, there’s very little to find. Even online pieces have limited information showing exactly how white button mushroom extracts can influence the output of either estrogen or testosterone. This, therefore, makes us question its addition in the supplement. The only positive thing mentioned by the manufacturers is its anti-inflammatory property which they claim will help to reduce muscle soreness during heavy physical workouts. Yes, it might reduce muscle soreness, but if there isn’t enough energy or stamina due to insufficient testosterone in the body, then less pain in the muscles by itself won’t be useful.

  • Dihydroxybergamottin

Dihydroxybergamottin has been included to boost the absorption of the other nutrients used in this supplement. The chemicals will improve how fast the other ingredients are absorbed thus increasing their effectiveness in the body. This chemical also helps to prevent oxidization of other drugs in your system. This can hurt the body if you are to use the compound with other medications.

Benefits of ES3 Sci fit Testosterone Booster

According to the SciFit, consumption of ES3 together with an intensive workout regimen should deliver the following benefits:

  • Increased muscle growth
  • Reduced estrogen production
  • Improved stamina
  • The decrease in fat stored by the body
  • Increased energy

A reduction in estrogen production in the body is the only likely benefit that one can enjoy es3 sci fit. This is because of the presence of the research-based chemical, Diindolylmethane. We are not convinced that any of the other nutrients used in es3 sci fit can give you the other benefits.

ES3 Sci Fit Side Effects

ES3 is a relatively safe supplement associated with very few side effects. This is thanks to the use of natural nutrients and a short ingredients list. A few of the minor reported side effects include Headaches, stomachaches, and sometimes disrupted sleep patterns.

Taking ES3 sci fit

You are advised to take one capsule per day a few minutes before your workouts. Some people also take an extra pill just before bed to boost fat reduction and muscle growth.

Where can I buy ES3 Sci Fit?

ES3 is available in many online shops including the manufacturer’s website. Buying directly from the SciFit site has benefits such as money back guarantee so long as the product has not been opened and is returned within 30 days after delivery. SciFit also has international delivery options for overseas customers. The supplements retail at $59.99 on the SciFit site but can be cheaper in other online supplement shops.

Verdict on ES3 Sci Fit

There are very few positive things to say about es3 sci fit. The formula has ignored some of the best T-boosting nutrients and instead has used some less known ingredients with minimal testosterone benefits. For $60, there are other well-formulated Testosterone supplements which I believe will perform better off than the ES3 sci fit .

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