esp pre workout

ESP Pre Workout Review 2018- Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)

What is ESP Pre Workout?

Working out is hard work and on some days even dedicated fitness freaks need an extra push to perform at the gym. For many people, balancing work and then finding the energy to keep going and hit the gym for an intense work out session can be daunting, to say the least. This is where pre-workouts come in. Available in many different forms and for many different uses there’s definitely a pre-workout to suit every need.

Pre-workouts can also be a great way to give your regular gym sessions an extra boost to help you reach your goals a little bit faster. Here we talk about Esp Pre workout – this popular pre-workout may or may not be right for you, let’s take a closer look and find out.

esp pre workout
esp pre workout

ESP Pre Workout is a drinking mix that is available in various flavors. It functions as a pre-workout and primarily provides the body with a lot of energy to help make workouts as efficient as possible. The energy and focus ESP pre workout claim to provide help take your gym session to the next level. More focus and energy means more power in your workouts.

Available in four flavors – Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch, Watermelon and Green Apple, ESP Pre workout is a fairly straightforward product that doesn’t complicate things. It uses a proprietary blend that is mostly aimed at one thing – stimulation. High energy for high-intensity workouts.

So how does it work? Loaded with caffeine and some other ingredients designed to improve endurance and provide massive energy boosts, ESP pre workout is very straightforward in the way it works. You are provided with a double scoop and there are 3 levels you can take the product in. For beginners or those who are sensitive to caffeine or just not used to it, it is recommended that users take one small level scoop and mix it with 10 ounces of water. The website suggests that one small level scoop for a few days is a good way to build a tolerance to caffeine sensitivity.

For most others, it is recommended to take 2 level scoops and mix with water. Meant to be drunk before a workout, this is perhaps the most recommended dosage.

Finally, for those with high caffeine tolerance or those looking for a really intense boost, it is recommended that you take one large level scoop. The nutritional label on the back of the product is very helpful in illustrating the usage for the desired effect.

Who makes ESP Pre Workout?

Metabolic Nutrition, which is a company that is perhaps best known for its fat burner Synadrex has made and designed ESP Pre Workout. Metabolic Nutrition has been in the industry for about 25 years and this is their first pre-workout supplement. They have a lot of fitness products most of which are aimed at aiding workouts. They claim to have a strong commitment to customer service and products of premium quality. A quick glance at their website does seem to reinforce this idea – they are active on social media and their webpage is flooded with pictures of happy customers.

Ingredients in ESP Pre Workout

There are a number of complicated sounding ingredients on the label and that can be intimidating but we’re going to break down the active ingredients on the list and tell you about their role in ESP Pre workout.

  • Beta Alanine – this extremely popular ingredient is always in the pre-workouts used by veteran lifters and gym enthusiasts. There is a good reason or this – beta alanine helps reduce the effects of lactic acid on the muscle. Essentially this means that the body can endure longer and the soreness often associated with muscles after an intense workout is reduced greatly.
  • Caffeine – this ingredient appears on the list in its scary looking chemical name, but it’s just good old stimulating caffeine. In ESP pre workout, it works to boost metabolism, provide insane energy and mental alertness.
  • Tyrosine – This amino acid is great for assisting in fat loss and increasing performance as a result of increased strength and endurance.
  • Vitamin B complex – Vitamin B complexes which in this case include B3, B6 and B12 are all useful in increasing metabolism and promoting healthy mental acuity.
  • AMP Citrate – This ingredient is slightly controversial because it’s not well studied and because its effects are similar to DMAA it isn’t approved by the FDA. It has been touted to work really well in combination with caffeine to boost performance and increase metabolism. It’s also said to increase focus.
  • Theobromine – an appetite suppressant, and an active antioxidant most famously found in chocolate this ingredient is a mood elevator that also works as a mild stimulant.
  • Picamilon – This ingredient is actually a combination of a chemical naturally found in the brain as well as niacin. The niacin helps with absorption while the chemical known commonly as GABA helps fight stress and anxiety. It seems like an effective addition along with all that caffeine. This is an interesting ingredient because of how rare it is in Pre-Workouts.
  • Choline Bitartrate – This is a brain-boosting ingredient that provides a boost in cognitive function and improved memory.

Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, and Sodium are also all available in the product to help provide proper muscle hydration and prevent cramps. These are standard ingredients that are always good to have.

Additionally, there are artificial colors and flavors added to this mix as well as additives for longevity and mixability.

Benefits of ESP Pre Workout

There are some really great things about ESP pre workout, one thing, in particular, is that ESP pre workout is guaranteed to provide you with a good amount of energy and mental alertness. Even if all the other products are taken out of the equation, it’s hard to ignore the fact that one large scoop of ESP pre workout provides 500mg of caffeine. This is a high dosage by any standard. There is a flip side to this but we’ll discuss that in a bit.

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Caffeine with its many benefits is an ideal way to boost energy – effective and well proven, ESP pre workout is bound to leave you with plenty of energy to work off in your workouts.

There is a flavor for everyone. Even though there are only about 4 flavors, judging by the reviews on YouTube and online, it’s easy to see that the product also tastes good which is always a bonus.

ESP Pre workout is also a fairly pocket-friendly. On the website, the product is available at a discounted rate of $32. While the price efficiency of the product differs based on which level you consume ESP pre workout . Even at level 3 with one large scoop per day, you would be receiving a 1 month supply. Another thing we love is that they recommend different ways to take the product making it easy to understand and take for someone who is sensitive or a beginner to using caffeine as well as how much to take if you are a seasoned pre-workout user.

Things to Watch Out for

As always, we are wary of the words “proprietary blend”. Often used as a way to hide the true amounts of more effective ingredients this always seems to be a move associated with products that are scams. The website for Metabolic Nutrition does disclose the caffeine dosage in one large level scoop, but the amounts for other ingredients are all a mystery.

The caffeine dosage in a large level scoop comes in at 500mg, this is a high dosage and exceeding it is not recommended. In fact, if you are a beginner or not used to high doses of caffeine it is strongly recommended you build up a tolerance to avoid adverse side effects of caffeine. These can include:

  • Insomnia
  • Feeling jittery
  • Elevated heart rate
  • Nervousness
  • Severe headaches

For these above reasons it is also recommended that you avoid using the product 4 hours before bedtime. More importantly, be sure to dose properly so you don’t end up with too much energy.

ESP pre workout should definitely be cleared for use by a physician if you are on medication for any preexisting condition such as issues with blood pressure, heart, liver kidney or thyroid problems, diabetes, stimulant sensitivity, and allergies.

The product must be used as outlined on the label so as to avoid any adverse health risks.

Final Say on ESP Pre Workout

Whether or not ESP Pre workout has effective ingredients is and always will be a mystery because of its proprietary blend, but because they have disclosed the caffeine amount, we can confidently say it is a highly stimulating product. The price is reasonable and that means it’s worth a try if nothing else, but its good reviews to help make the product a little more credible.

Its potency as a stimulant alone – which is essentially what it is, makes it a worthwhile purchase for those looking for a stimulating pre-workout to help boost energy and performance at the gym.

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