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Essentia Water Review-Healthy for your body (updated July 2019)

Essentia Water Overview

Can we imagine our life without water? Absolutely not. We do take a lot of care about choosing the right clothes for us, picking the best homes, eating nutrition-rich food but how much care do we take in drinking purified water? We hardly take interest in the processing of the packaged drinking water. However, it is time to choose the best and not compromise on the quality of bottled water that does form one of the most crucial parts of our life. While you are thinking there are a number of packaged bottled water brands, how to pick the one that is recommended by the top physicians and is a trusted brand among consumers. Essentia Water is one of the most reliable packaged water bottle brands in the market. The high-quality purification process coupled with core ionization and right electrolytes level make it the best option among others. We will check out the most important features that make this brand the highlight among others.

essentia water
essentia water

Why is this brand of bottled water more refreshing?

A study was published in the year 2006 that showed the resultant water of this brand is more refreshing than any other brands in the market. All thanks to the proprietary process of ionization. This process helps remove the acidic ions from the water and makes the water taste smooth and clean.

Essentia water is also the only brand to make its position in the Physician’s Desk Reference. In addition, this is one of the most popular brands that is recommended by the physicians!

Can these bottles be recycled?

We are moving towards an eco-friendly world. Together with the customers, this brand has come up with recyclable bottles. These bottles can be easily recycled at any facility for recycling in the United States of America.

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What makes Essentia water one of the best in the industry?

There is a lot of effort that goes into making a packaged drinking essentia water brand. The brand has to go through a number of testing and purification systems to bring out the best and purified drinking water for its target audience. We know that there are a number of bottled water brands in the world but what makes you choose a particular brand and drop another? Your personal preferences, the brand name of the packaged water bottle, customer reviews, among others are some of the factors that make you choose a packaged essentia water bottle brand. But why choose Essentia Water brand is the question here. So, let us take a closer look at what makes this brand the best out of the rest!

Purification process

Whatever may be the source of water, it has to go through a number of the purification process and testing. The water is also passed through a number of processes. These include reverse osmosis, microfiltration, and UV exposure.

These important processes make sure to formulate extremely purified water. The different types of purification processes are not carried by other water bottle brands as it is done here. So, the water that you get is 100% purified and safe drinking water which is protected from any type of germs or bacteria.

Including right levels of electrolytes

This bottled water brand also ensures to keep some traces of electrolytes in the water. This makes sure to complement the taste of the water. Also, the electrolytes gel well with the natural mix of the body.

Ionization process

It is a known fact that acidic water is bitter in taste. The essentia water that is not processed well and does not go through ionization process is highly acidic. This makes the water taste bitter. On the other hand, the ionization process keeps the pH levels of the water 9.5 and more. This helps to make the water alkaline, which does not taste bitter at all. So, essentia water from this brand goes through the process of ionization, which makes the taste better.

Why is Essentia water healthy?

After all of these processes and ionization, it is seen that the resultant water contains highly supercharged ions that not only enhances the taste of essentia water but also helps in rejuvenating. This is scientifically proven that this water is great for keeping you fresh and replenished. It is the best choice to quench your thirst with.

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What are the different types of options that you can choose from?

In case you are thinking that there is only one type of this packaged and purified water bottle, then you are wrong. You will be surprised to know that this product comes in five sizes, each has its own specialty and is meant for a set group of people.

Let us go through different types of options you can pick from:

  • The smallest size option is of 12 oz. This is known as brown bag as it is extremely compact and can be carried in a brown bag.
  • The second option is of 20 oz and is termed as quench your thirst. This can be a great option to carry for a quick trip, run or sprint.
  • The third and a little bigger option of the essentia water bottle is of 700 ml, which is good to quench your thirst after a morning jog.
  • In case you are looking for bottled water brand that you can use and carry for a work trip or day trip, then you can get that here too. The 1-liter option of this essentia water bottle is great if you are looking for a longer work day or run.
  • Last but not the least, are you are someone who is looking for satiating the thirst of your family during a picnic or a get-together? If yes, there is nothing better than the 1.5-liter water bottle option.

Whatever your need may be, you can satiate your thirst with the right bottle water from this brand. One of the best things about this brand’s bottled water packaging is that it caters to the specific needs of the target audience. Every individual would have a different need. For instance, if you are going for a walk in the evening, then you would not want to carry a large family pack of bottled water. On the other hand, if you have arranged for a small outdoor kitty, then why would you bother to carry a small bottled water package? Therefore, the brand has understood the precise needs of the individual customer and they have put a lot of efforts into curating these bottled essentia water packaging options to suit individual needs and requirements.

Where to buy Essenta water from?

If you are searching to buy this purified bottled essentia water brand, then you can find it in a number of places. One of the best ways is to order it through the official website of the brand. Also, you can find the product through online stores.

The official website of Essentia water also has a store locator. Here, you need to fill in a few details such as your name, email address, phone number of ZIP to get the closest stores near you from where you can purchase this bottled essentia water brand. You can also choose from a number of options of bottled water types.

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