Estroven Review 2018– Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)

Estroven – Product Overview

Every woman gets to the menopause stage between the age of 45 and 60 years. As every human body is different, women at the stage of menopause come across a number of health issues. These issues range from psychological as well as physiological problems. Most of the times, there are problems such as vaginal discharge which can lead to odor in the vagina and itching, leading to uneasiness. Apart from this, many women also experience weight gain and hot flashes. Estroven is a great product for helping women in their menopause.


An overview of Estroven

A brand for menopause relief, the menopause supplements from this brand is specifically formulated to address the issue of menopause. As menopause is a natural phase of every women’s life, a lot of women also go through a symptom-free phase. But for others, it is a phase of discomfort, hot flashes, night sweats and chronic fatigue as well.

Although there are a number of brands that cater to menopause relief, these brands are made targeting only general symptoms. On the other hand, Estroven supplements are made with various formulations that focus on specific menopause issues. The different types of formulas of the brand’s menopause formulas are available in a range of Maximum Strength, Energy, Mood and Memory, Nighttime, and Weight Management.

You can check out the official website for the brand to go through this various range of supplements for this brand.

Once you go to the official website, you can see the information related to menopause. There are different sections dealing with tips and tricks to deal with the menopause phase. The articles are targeted and have been dedicated to pages that only offer information on specific menopause issues and solutions. There is a special community section where the consumer can connect with other women and talk, share their issues of menopause.

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What is included in Estroven?

Every supplement has a number of ingredients that are targeted to offer the right remedies to any kind of health issues and needs. Similarly, in the case of this particular brand of menopause relief supplements, you can find a number of ingredients that would be helpful in catering to the menopausal health issues you are facing. The ingredients are confirmed to go through medical and scientific testing, and therefore most women have not reported any direct side effects of the product.

Most of the ingredients in this supplement here are made naturally and have been available on the market since the year 1997. So, you can rely on the formulations, and these are also proved to offer relief from the symptoms of menopause.

The supplements of this brand that contain clinically-proven Soy Isoflavones and naturally-sourced Black Cohosh are as follows:

  • Maximum Strength plus Energy
  • Weight Management
  • Sleep Cool
  • Stress Plus Mood & Memory
  • Energy
  • Perimenopause or Menopause Support + Weight Management

You can find two of the main ingredients in these menopause supplements, and these are:

These two ingredients are common in every supplement that this brand offers for menopause relief. Both Isoflavones and Black Cohosh have had a history of long safety and can be trusted by women who are using these.

If you are looking for these menopause supplements, you can find the product online or from the retail stores that carry these. Always compare the products before buying online and also read the reviews to see if there is any specific or harsh side effect to look out for.

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Price of Estroven

The price of these supplements depends on the formulas you are looking for. But, overall the product is affordable and costs you $20-$25 (per month supply). If you are purchasing from the official website of Estroven, you can also be lucky to find some of the discount coupons to use during checkout.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of these menopause relief products?

Every product has a list of advantages and disadvantages, and Estroven too is not wary of this fact. Before you purchase and use any of the supplements, it is always better to check out the details well beforehand. This will help you to know whether the product matches your specific requirements. There are a number of menopause relief brands in the market, but you should check out the reviews before buying any of these. Let us look at the pros and cons of this menopause relief supplements.

The advantages of Estroven

  • It is an affordable product
  • Available in a number of formulae that you can choose from
  • The ingredients of the products are explained in detail
  • The product is also proved to increase libido that is related to the sex life
  • The official website offers discount coupons
  • The product might aid in reducing mood swings
  • The phytoestrogens present in the supplements help in reducing vaginal dryness. This is common during menopause and women in their 30s’ have also reported on this specific issue.
  • Estroven also proved to reduce the number of physical symptoms of menopause.
  • It also supports and controls hormonal balance

The disadvantages of Estroven

  • You do not get money back guarantee
  • Some women have cited the issues of dizziness, headache, weight gain and slow heart rate
  • There is a specific ingredient in the product called Kava which may cause morning drowsiness and change in vision

The final verdict on Estroven

As the menopausal phase is a difficult situation for every woman, there should be targeted focus on the formulations of the supplements used for relief. Women who go through this stage need to have a brand that dedicates its supplements to offer relief to these health issues.

Despite the fact that Estroven may take half a month to show the results, it is a brand that has a prominent brand presence. The product is made by an organization that clearly thinks about their clients and the specific needs of their target audience. Therefore, you can be rest assured to rely on the quality of these products.

The fact that the target audience can pick a specific formula from the brand that suits their targeted needs issues is a great factor. The consumers can rely on these formulas and not pick the wrong one that does not takes care of their menopausal issues. As there are various formulas available, consumers can simply read on the formulas and check which product is made for their individual needs. Although we do not find any money back guarantee of these products, these are priced at a decent rate and therefore are an affordable option. If you buy Estroven, you do not end up making a hole in your pocket.

Considering the clients’ surveys for every menopause supplement, alongside active ingredients and their effects, we have evaluated the best items available. Some of the deciding factors here are –

  • A potent product targeted to lessen hot flashes and night sweats
  • Good to give libido support or bolster
  • Potential to advance hormonal balance and quality of ingredients

You should always look at the product reviews and then make a decision whether you want to go for Estroven or not. Menopause is a natural process in women and shouldn’t be dreaded. Learn more about signs and symptoms of menopause at MyMed.

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