Etizolam Review 2018-Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)

What is Etizolam?

Etizolam is a drug that belongs to the class of medication called benzodiazepine. This particular drug is known to help in controlling one’s mental state that may affect the body in many ways. Since time in memorial, this drug has been in existence although not commonly used. Several attempts have been made in many research centers to test it and give reports on it. Unfortunately most of these tests are carried out on laboratory rodents making it quite hard to clearly determine whether they are safe for humans or not. Etizolam is mostly found in the form of pills to be taken orally or in powder form. It is easy to spot the pill as it is blue in color, round in shape and has a line at its center, dividing the pill into halves.

It has other names that are used to refer to it, especially where it is illegal. Some of these names include the following;

• Etizola
• Etizest
• Etilaam
• Arophalm
• Depas
• Sedekopan
• Pasaden
• Capsafe

Despite its scarcity, Etizolam commands a lot of attention from all over the world. There are even people who use the drug not because they need it but just for recreation purposes. They do not really need it but just want to try out a new thing and see how it can affect them.

Benefits of Etizolam

  • Treating anxiety disorder
    This is normally the main function of Etizolam. It helps one calm down and promotes positive feelings. It works well to handle panic attacks that may be caused by some mental issues. People who are constantly worked up by things happening around them are advised to take Etizolam as it soothes them and makes them feel more comfortable in life.
  • Insomnia treatment
    It is commonly used by people who complain of lack of sleep even when they are tired. It helps to make one relax and creates a good mood that promotes sleep. It also reduces the number of awakenings one has once they fall asleep, making naps a thing of the past. There are even instances when one finds themselves sleeping way more than they wanted to. Imagine taking your dose of Etizolam only to fall asleep on the train and miss your stop on your way to an important job interview.
  • Muscle relaxation
    Etizolam is very good for calming down nerves and ensuring the muscles are relaxed. This is particularly after a long day and the body is very exhausted. A dose of Etizolam will relieve one of this and make them feel unperturbed. A good dose of this drug can also help to significantly reduce pain in the lower back and make the patient feel more relaxed in the end.
  • Controlling nerve-related diseases
    Although Etizolam does not completely get rid of these diseases, it may ease their effects to make one more comfortable. For instance, a patient suffering from epilepsy and is using Etizolam is likely to experience fewer seizures. This makes them more productive in their daily activities.
  • Boosts self-confidence
    For those who perceive themselves in a negative way, Etizolam helps to enhance their self-esteem and see themselves from a better point of view. Such people are the ones to most likely stand out in a crowd even when they do not really have much to offer.

Etizolam Side effects 

There have been a few complaints from the users of Etizolam. Some of them have complained of feeling nauseated, especially after a meal. Other common side effects include the following;

  • Skin irritation
  • Drowsiness
  • Lower sex drive
  • Weight gain
  • Reduced appetite
  • Digestive problems
  • Diarrhea
  • Weakness in the limbs
  • Physical euphoria
  • Slurred speech
  • Headaches
  • Constipation

To add to the list is blepharospasms, which can be caused by the excess use of Etizolam. Blepharospasms is a condition that involves the unusual contraction of the eyelid which may develop into serious eye problems for an individual.

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For most people, these side effects wear off with time hence no reason to worry. However, if they do persist, the wise decision would be to stop taking Etizolam. If a doctor had prescribed the drug, book an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible so that they can examine you. The doctor has the discretion to allow you to continue using it or to completely stop its intake.

Long-term effects

It is highly advisable that one only uses Etizolam when it is necessary and not every time they feel like using it. This is because there have been cases of people who have used the drug for a long time until a point when they have become dependent on it. Such people cannot function normally without Etizolam. They may even appear as different people as they show different behaviors. They withdraw from the world and disconnect from whatever is happening around them. This is seen mostly seen four weeks after the onset of its use. Of course, addiction can begin at an earlier time for other people.

Another common side effect of Etizolam is emotional suppression. What this means is that one’s emotion starts to fade away. For instance, if they were a caring person, you will begin to notice that they seem to care less. What is dangerous about this is that it can reach a point where these emotions are completely non-existent, making the person less human as they have no feelings.

When users of Etizolam overdose on it, they are likely to experience serious withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms are not exactly pleasing as they can really drain one. There have been instances when its users suffer from amnesia as they lose their memory slowly by slowly. This is often followed by unintended blackouts that may put one in danger. It can be very perilous for such a person to be left alone as these blackouts are very unpredictable.

It is unfortunate that there are some families that have been affected by death because of Etizolam. Their loved one used the drug so much, and end up committing suicide unintentionally. They thought that they were taking it to get better only for them to fall short due to its effects.


The problem with using this drug is that there is no clearly outlined dosage that everyone can take, this is because the dose usually depends on the extent of the depression of the patient and how much sleep they lack. Furthermore, doctors usually avoid giving same prescriptions as it can lead to the abuse of Etizolam. For beginners, it is recommended that your dose should be between 0.5mg to 2mg. for others, about 5mg should be enough to fully serve its purpose. Do not be in a hurry to increase your dose because you do not seem to experience the above-stated benefits. The effects of Etizolam start to kick in about fifty minutes after its intake after which one will experience them for about 7 hours.

It is only after 8 hours that another dose should be taken. Remember, it is a drug that is meant to be taken in doses. If you skip one dose, you need to start afresh. Within four weeks, one should be feeling better and the use of Etizolam should be reduced and eventually stopped. It is not advisable to just stop using it at once as it can affect one’s health seriously.

To note is that the reason you are using it for also contributes to the amount of Etizolam that you are supposed to take it. People using it for anxiety are meant to take lesser doses of it than those who use it for curing insomnia. One’s health history may also determine how much of the drug one can use at a time.

It’s users

Not everyone can comfortably use Etizolam just because they feel need to. There are certain groups of patients who are not advised to use it as it can harm them in many ways. One such group is that one consisting of expectant women and lactating mothers as the drug can affect both the mother and child. It is also sagacious that children be kept away from Etizolam as much as possible. If their anxiety and insomnia conditions are very serious, forcing them to use it, they should see a doctor first.

Furthermore, if one has a history of allergies, it is not recommended to use Etizolam until a certified medical practitioner has agreed to it. Patients with serious medical conditions such as liver malfunctioning, respiratory problems or are in a coma should completely avoid Etizolam at all times.

If you notice that you are heavily affected by Etizolam, it is sensible that you restrict your movement to a single room or stay put in bed. This reduces any potential harm you may expose yourself or others too. It also helps you monitor the extent to which you are affected by the drug so that the next time you reduce the dose you take.

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Where to buy Etizolam?

Etizolam can be easily found in a number of states such as India, Japan, and Italy. The best place to quickly buy it from is online stores that deal with a range of medicinal products. Buying from these stores requires someone to be very keen as to get authentic Etizolam. Due to the large demand, there are companies that are producing and distributing fake versions of Etizolam. Most of the members of the public are, unfortunately, unaware of this and continue purchasing this drug from them. Counter-checking the authenticity of these products is astute as it will help one save both their money and health.

In many countries globally, the use of this drug is controlled in that one may be expected to produce a prescription from a doctor before purchasing it. Moreover, in such areas, only specific people have the permission to produce and mete out Etizolam. This is to prevent the abuse of the drug as its use is monitored by those in authority.

If you intend to buy it without a prescription, you will be forced to look for street peddlers who are not authorized to vend it. The disadvantage with this is that it may be hard to locate such vendors. And even if you do, you are not sure whether the Etizolam you are getting is the real thing you want.

In other places like the United Kingdom, it is quite the opposite as Etizolam is listed as an illegal drug that should neither be produced nor distributed. Being found manufacturing, using or in the possession of Etizolam can be a criminal offense that amounts to imprisonment.

To note
Once one begins using Etizolam, they need to be careful about the things they mix it with as severe consequences may arise. For instance, alcohol and other depressants should be avoided at this time. This is because these combinations can alter the normal functioning of the body and put one at a risk of contracting other health problems.

Immediately after taking Etizolam, it is only logical that one should not operate any machinery for some time. This is because the drug may impair one’s judgment, putting them at a risk.

For those taking Etizolam for the first time, they are advised to go slow on the drug as it acts quite fast. Give your body enough time to adjust before you increase your dosage. This way, you will also begin to notice the changes that are taking place in your body.

It is also safer to take the drug in its common form, the pill form rather than in its powder state. This is because one is sure that it has not been chemically tampered with when it was being crashed.

Conclusion on Etizolam

All in all, Etizolam is an effective drug for controlling anxiety and insomnia-related problems. Nevertheless, it is prudent that one only uses it when it is absolutely necessary and in the right manner. It is even better if you get a prescription first as it will steer you in the right direction. It was not made to destroy people’s lives but to make them better, only at a price that one should be ready to pay. One should also be aware of the use of the drug is allowed in their country before purchasing it. Remember, ignorance of the law is no defense.

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