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Extenze Reviews 2018 – Benefits & side effects (Updated July 2019)

What is Extenze?

In the past years, the male enhancement industry has been flooded with new products and companies all claiming that they increase your libido, penis size & strength, sex drive, etc… Unfortunately, many of these new products are a waste of money making it hard for consumers to know which products actually work. One of the male enhancements products which exist already for a decade is Extenze. The reason why Extenze is such a popular brand is simple, it works. What makes this product better than other competitors and why should definitely consider trying it out? Let’s find out.



Introduction to Extenze

ExtenZe is one of the most effective, and hence popular, male augmentation herbal supplement currently available in the market. Users have reported noticing its positive results in less than two hours when some of its rivals take up to three weeks before they start working. Thanks to its natural ingredients, the supplement effectively stimulates the flow of blood thereby delivering its promise to users.

Extenze not only works but works pretty fast, making it one of the most potent supplements in the market. As many, ExtenZe has clearly demonstrated, the supplement contains natural ingredients that collectively help your body to work most efficiently. Some of the ingredients such as Yohimbe start working immediately facilitating the instant flow of blood to your penile chambers, thus enabling you to sustain much harder, longer and stronger erections.

ExtenZe is basically a comprehensive natural male formula specifically created to deal with a full range of sexual performance-related problems including erection problems, low libido, premature ejaculation, and size. It, therefore, guarantees exceptional sexual pleasure thanks to studier and larger election, among other attributes. Designed and recommended by qualified, extensively-trained and seasoned doctors, ExtenZe is all about improved confidence and enhanced performance in bed. So does Extenze work? Yes it does.

ExtenZe Ingredients

  • L-Arginine

Arginine, primarily an amino acid ordinarily produced by the immune system, is involved in ammonia detoxification and hormone secretion. It helps your body release more nitric oxide that has been clinically proven to dilate and relax blood vessels.

  • Siberian Ginseng

Also known as Eleuthero, this ingredient is adaptogenic besides acting as an anti-aging herb. Adaptogens promote homeostasis, enhance energy and endurance and improve sexual performance. Its root enhances cerebral circulation, endurance, proper functioning of pituitary and prostate glands and assists your body to cope with stress and depression. As is evident from ExtenZe reviews, Siberian also regulates blood pressure.

  • Yohimbe Extract

This all-natural ingredient comes from a special type of tree bark, native to West Africa that has been found to boost sex drive virtually instantly. It delivers a similar effect as caffeine, and as such experts recommend taking ExtenZe before having sex. Yohimbe is itself an over-the-counter aphrodisiac typically used to cure erectile dysfunction.


  • Ginkgo Biloma Extract

This extract has several healing properties. It, for instance, helps your body cope with circulation issues, treat several neurological disorders and boots blood flow to your brain. Increased blood flow, in turn, treats mental fatigue, dizziness, lack of energy, concentration issues and problems relating to memory, headache and tinnitus. ExtenZe penis pills specifically utilize its ability to increase blood flow to your male members; it enables the organ to get bigger and start working better.

  • Maca Root Extract

Maca greatly improves sex drive, treats sexual dysfunction and low libido. It also boosts energy and fights menopause symptoms. Consequently, if you suffer from ED you have another reason to use ExtenZe. All honest ExtenZe reviews attest to this fact.

  • Serona Repens and Tribulus Terrestris

Serona plays a crucial role in maintaining optimal functioning of prostate and shows a positive effect on your prostate glands. Tribulus, on the other hand, efficiently builds up testosterone levels. With high testosterone, your libido improves tremendously. This ingredient is also helpful for bodybuilders in that it increases muscle growth.

ExtenZe Reviews

  • Safety

So what makes Extenze one of the best male enhancement pills? While different ExtenZe reviews come from different sources, they all agree on the fact this supplement is a safe alternative to the options such as surgeries and other harmful procedures. The risk involved when you use ExtenZe is minimal, if any, while outcomes are impressive. Other enhancement procedures sushc as prescription drugs, surgical penile implants and vacuum pump bear more substantial risks. You can possibly injure your crucial member, but with ExtenZe safety is assured.


  • Certification

Extenze penis pills male enhancement has been approved by doctors, unlike other male enhancement supplements in the market. The certification is evidence that the product meets all the quality requirements and as such will deliver positive results. Before approval, supplements are put through rigorous test standards to test the effectiveness of the various ingredients. Consequently, the doctors’ approval is guaranteed evidence that the supplement delivers on its promise.

  • Money back guarantee

Extenze male enhancement product comes with an attractive money back guarantee. When shopping for supplement products, the assurance that you can request your money back should the product fail to work for you is crucial. Other than showing the confidence manufacturers have on their products, it cushions you against losing your money on products that either fail to work for you or make unrealistic promises. Make sure you assess the performance of ExtenZe penis pills and either enjoy its benefits or ask for a refund within the stipulated period.

  • Positive customer reviews

The best way of ascertaining the performance of a product is to read reviews from previous users. This way, you get a clearer picture of its effectiveness, ability to meet its promises and if the customers got value for money. All customers who have tried Extenze reported realizing positive results. You can find Extenze reviews below various to gauge its effectiveness, usefulness and have an idea of the results that you should expect from the supplement.

How to take ExtenZe?

The most widespread way to use this product is in capsule form. However, is taking capsules is not your thing, worry not; the supplement can be delivered to your body in different other forms. You can buy it in liquid forms and still enjoy its very many benefits. If you opt for the liquid form, you also have two options; the little drink bottle and an over-sized energy drink can. The advantage of taking it in liquid form is liquid can be absorbed easily into the system.



Generally, it is advisable that you take either one bottle or one can. Note, though, that Cans can be relatively hard to come by because most stores rarely stock them. If you are taking it in capsule form, experts recommend taking one per day. Irrespective of the form you settle for, you should never overdo the servings because doing so can result in more serious problems.

Extenze benefits 

Exclusively Contains Natural Ingredients

ExtenZe has time and again explained the benefits of male enhancement products incorporating natural ingredients. The natural ingredients are mixed in the correct proportions resulting in the formulation of a potent supplement. The product, therefore, provides the best results and provides positively impact on your body. So, besides ExtenZe increasing blood flow to your member, it increases its capacity to remain filled with blood for extended periods.

Increase the size

The natural nutrients and herbs ensure you get the product that increases the size of the male organ thus boosting self-confidence and sexual pleasure. Men who used the product continuously have reported noticing an increase in size by more than 20 percent.

Improve libido 

High libido results in an increased desire for sex. You need to have a high libido to experience a surge in the first place. Aware of this fact, ExtenZe manufacturers included special ingredients that boost your libido leading to more fulfilling experience.

High energy levels

High energy levels and impressive sexual performance go hand in hand. It is a widely known fact that when you experience high energy bursts, the resulting high confidence drives you to improve your sexual performance. Even if your current energy levels are satisfactory, prevention is better than cure. You should start using ExtenZe to avoid undesirable low performance, in the future.

Control Ejaculation & Extend Orgasm

Are you suffering from premature ejaculation and shortly lived orgasms? ExtenZe has the solution. The manufacturer promises extended orgasm and the ability to control ejaculation. Additionally, by improving how fast you get an erection, the supplement facilitates attaining intense orgasm every time.

Address psychological problems

ExtenZe addresses psychological issues; an underlying problem responsible for causing erectile dysfunction. Many men have a problem sustaining an erection because of psychological reasons such as financial problems, stress, relationship frustrations and many more. This supplement deals with erectile dysfunction from every angle, thanks to its many healthy and natural ingredients, that is, herbs and vitamins that have been found to cure stress.



  • ExtenZe is manufactured by a renowned California-based Nutraceuticals company. The firm has earned a good reputation as a reliable manufacturer of Extenze male enhancement supplements that meet international standards. You are, therefore, assured of a high-quality product that will deliver on all its promises
  • The product also contains virtually all time-tested natural ingredients and herbs that have been proved to have powerful effects on male sexuality. You won’t introduce potentially harmful herbs to your body; expert medical practitioners have certified all ingredients to be both safe and useful in sexual enhancement.
  • Very many prominent celebrities have endorsed it, including two-time Super Bowl-winning instructor Jimmy Johnson, Kevin Conway, NASCAR driver as well as adult movies superstar Ron Jeremy. When their endorsements helped the product gain entry into the market, the primary reason behind its success lies on the fact many users were pleased with its results.
  • Acquiring this product is both easy and secure. You can simply order the product online and hence saves you time and energy. Ordering it from your living room makes its acquisition discreet and secure. You can purchase, use and later on, when you are satisfied with its results to reveal your secret to your loved one.


  • There are no major demerits of this product but since all reviews, ExtenZe include must have a section on possible demerits, below are some trial ones.
  • Individual results may vary from one person to another. While all people will experience positive results relating to overall sexual performance, and self-confidence, the specific benefits vary. Among the factors that determine include original size and the supplement form used by much more.
  • Its marked price is slightly on the upper side. The outcomes, nonetheless, justify its price. You stand to benefit immensely in from increased confidence, better performance in bed and improve relationships. If you can afford ExtenZe, the amount you sacrifice buying it fades in significance compared to its remarkable benefits.


Like all other supplements, if you are on other medications it is always advisable to first establish if the other medicine affects the performance of ExtenZe. Inform your doctor about your using the supplement to enable them to advise you accordingly. Taking such precaution ensures you get expected results from this product and any other drugs you are using. Some drugs also react together leading to adverse effects and your physician is in the best position to asser4tain this and give an appropriate course of action. Be sure to ask if your allergies could be affected by using both drugs if at all you are suffering from any.

Extenze infographic

Where to buy Extenze?

Extenze penis pills can be bought at their official website.


ExtenZe is in our list of top 3 of best male enhancement pills. The fact all its ingredients are natural implies it is safe and effective in improving your sexual performance. That famous personalities and celebrities, including qualified trainers, have endorsed it means it indeed works wonder in helping increase your energy levels. ExtenZe penis pills are full of praise for its positive results, endorsements by specialized doctors and ability to act fast for instant enhancement.

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