FasciaBlaster Review 2018 -Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)

What is the FasciaBlaster?

Having a stretched body is no good they say. Well here is something to think about and discuss a particular product which has provided good to a lot of people with lots of issues regarding their cellulite and stiffness in the body. Better performance and a long healthy life are what many people always look forward to. What if a massaging device called FasciaBlaster can provide an answer to your desire to have such body.There are several ways to obtain such results. You could know more about the device here and decide for yourself what to do.But before we could talk about the device we will look into Fascia tissue and why we need such products.


You might have seen a white colored tissue holding the meat together when you purchase it. Well, that’s fascia. It’s not something with a big deal until later on when the researchers studied extensively about it, as it was not thought to be very important. But recently it was discovered fascia is not just issue which connects the muscles together.

Collagen is another dense protein, which is present everywhere in our body so that your body which carries all the metabolic systems is kept in place by this particular tissue. We have said that only bones in our body hold up the shape and structure of the human body. In fact, that is not completely true. As of now, we know that bone structure is not enough for the body to be in the shape it is.

We have a complex system inside along with the skin to protect us from the external environment. Have you ever thought how all the organs in the body stay at the correct place without moving around while we move? It’s because of fascia the organs, vessel, and muscles everything stays in place attached to each other. Fascia is generally very viscose, highly hydrated and consists of a lot of strength. It is always found providing a protective covering around the muscle.

Fascia connects each group of your muscles to the skeletal system. And all the bones in the skeletal system are linked with fascia as well.

Functions of Fasciablaster

What happens when we move? The fascia can take a good amount of stress since it is very flexible and complex fiber. Hence when stretched it’s usually fascia that moves along with the muscle tissue. This particular slippery substance move and stretch to an extent and since it is strong that would stop it from going overboard. The fascia tissue can extend come back to its initial shape anytime. Hence it will give us a warning that this is the limit of stretch you can do. But we can stretch is more through exercise. Basically, fascia helps our body look like the complex body what we have with all within its correct space.

One of the researchers (Tom Myers) says that fascia is a spider web-like complex structure. It was said that there are about six hundred different muscles in a human body. But this person said that we are ignoring a major part of tissue when mentioning our skeletal system which is a web of fascia where each section of muscle is fit into it.It gets much better when there is more to its function. It seems that the fascia can know how we move and can shrink up on its own. It’s a long network of tissue that can get impacted by the stress and do not require our permission to contract on its own.

There was something the therapist and doctors have missed during their therapies. Now we know what.

A more clear picture:

Imagine a long network of tissue that extends from head to toe which will move in every direction we move. That is, pulling or stretching this particular tissue from one side of the body can move it all the way from another end. It’s like wearing a suit and when pulled from one end, the whole thing moves and tighten with it.

Well, what happens if one end of fascia web is pulled and held it for 8 long hours. That how it looks like when we work on a computer without stretching. So what happens when we walk? For walking a half an hour, it’s like pulling this tissue for approximately 2000 times and more.

It should now look really messed up. But not in the case of the fascia. It is very strong than we expect and it can heal itself. Naturally, this tissue is soft and very slippery which can glide to any direction we move. But always come back to its original state. It’s not always you can stretch however required and the Fascia will help you move along. Long inactivity would automatically make the tissue stiff and not move as you require. Or long stress when applied the fascia will act to prevent muscle damage where it becomes thicker. Without much movement again the fascia tissues in those areas become more still.

But all these damages can be reversed. The lack of correct exercise causes all these stiffness and pain you have. It can be treated with massages and stretching exercise.

Fascia studies

Several studies have been conducted regarding fascia in past few years. But before that, it was thought to be just a tissue which holds all the muscles and bones together. But later it was proven that fascia has its own properties like:

  • Protect the muscles during stress and tension
  • Flexibility to the body
  • Holding up the body systems together
  • Giving proper shape to the body
  • It becomes stiff if not stretched often

Stretching the Fascia

  • Stretch when you get up in the mornings. You need really stretch the whole body
  • Stretch your muscles. Do any stretching exercise.
  • Stay hydrated for fascia as it is highly wet and needs water.
  • Stretch fascia which is tightened up

These are all something which you can generally do on own. But how effective can it be? Well, we have a product which can be used in order to make sure all the fascia you have is well and good.

FasciaBlaster is a medical device which was designed to stretch fascia under our skin and by this resulting from a healthy life.

As told before the fascia can become rigid at a period of time. When not exercised properly in time this connective tissue is filled with impurities from the body and it leads to many diseases side by side. Hence FasciaBlaster helps us to remove the toxins from the fascia tissues and reinstate the previous shape of this tissue. People always go for the first model of FasciaBlaster device which is just a 2 feet long stick/rod that is attached to four claws like structures in the middle that help in massaging. These claws can help you reach the fascia by massaging with some pressure on the area to break the stiffness in them. Again massaging on the area will help you get a deep muscle massage. This will help you see a lot of change in your body. Also please note that this is just for massaging, not for weight loss.

The Fasciablaster was modeled by Ashley Black. She is even selling an oil formulated to apply to the area of massage along with a cream to be used after a massage.

There are five types of FasciaBlaster devices in the market now

  1. Original FasciaBlaster
  2. Mini I
  3. Mini II
  4. Face blaster
  5. Nugget

How does the Fasciablaster works?

How it works medically is not known yet. There have been no medical studies regarding the FasciaBlaster till now. One research paper is found. We can definitely find what is fascia, how it works and what happens when you do not exercise it.

When you watch the details about the device on their site it’s still a mystery how it works. Maybe it works because of each and every Fascia.

Ashley Black has done 90-day experiment to see whether the fasciablaster works. But the ASPI has not provided a final word yet which is already told on her site.

Once, after the infection from a flesh-eating bacteria, she started research on several fields to find a suitable treating finally launching on to FasciaBlaster. She wanted the work to know about FasciaBlaster and its effects on our body. There was a great deal of information given to the fascia tissue.

She became an expert in fascia massage and gained a lot of popularity amount VIP clients like a sports person, other celebs, models etc.

Along with the knowledge spreading she put forth the device FasciaBlaster for everyone to help themselves.

There were no particular scientific papers on the theory on working of FasciaBlaster. We do not actually know what happens inside our body while FasciaBlaster massage. But what we know from all another type of massages we can discuss its working and side effects.

  • Weight loss

We could say that the fat cells break up during the massage and is flushed out through the bloodstream. But is it possible to tear the fat cells with the pressure that is not proven yet?

  • Cellulite

It’s proven that massage can remove toxins from cellulite. Well, vigorous massage from FasciaBlaster could be one of the reasons why it works on improving our cellulite.

  • Weight gain

Some people claim to have weight gain by using FasciaBlaster. Some say it might be due to liquid collection under the skin. It’s not yet known why.

How to work with FasciaBlaster

  1. Heating your body – you need to take a hot shower or go to a sauna or even a good exercise for 30 minutes can help. For FasciaBlaster massage this is required
  2. Oiling the area – the oil should be put on to the specific area for massage. After heating, the muscles will be relaxed in the area already.
  3. Blasting the fascia – start massaging the area up to down and back or side to side. About hundred strokes on the area are required. Starting with low pressure then increase in gradually. This whole process can go up to an hour or so. Take care of your skin and all body to avoid bruises.


  1. Reduce the cellulite – The fascia joints or the thickened part is broken down at first. The fascia is softened and it reduces the fat pressing towards the fascial sheath. The cellulite reduces invisibility and helps our skin look more glowing and smooth. Good shape of muscles is formed.
  2. Good blood flow in the body – the FasciaBlaster releases the stiffness of Fascia and increase blood flow automatically. This process also reduces inflammation and help in delivering the nutrients and oxygen effectively to the cells.
  3. Great shape of the body and better nerve function – this process of blasting can help in muscles show more activity and respond to any moves from us. Athletes have the great advantage of this fasciablaster since it helps to make the muscles more flexible.
  4. Movements and pain control – the small pain caused in our while moving will be completely reduced from the body. Hence flexibility works well and no tension is caused in the body. The skin improves in appearance and the scars in the body fade off.

Side effects Fasciablaster

There are few side effects noted for the fasciablaster. For every health product, we take there is always a little side effect as each of our body react to the product in different ways. Here are few of them for FasciaBlaster

  • loss of hair
  • bruising – sometimes severe bruising for those people with sensitive skin
  • cold or fever like symptoms
  • gaining weight or it might blot

There are legal actions as well ongoing in the name of fasciablaster causing negative effects.

Common reviews

One of the first reviews can be taken from Ashley Black itself. She had suffered severe damage to the bones and muscles when a flesh-eating bacteria infection occurred. But now she is as good as a new person due to the exercise, blasting and all the research she carried out. Something which cannot avoid is her determination to find a solution and also help others.

Some other reviews were as below.

One of the customers had a chronic soreness after running for a long period. FasciaBlaster really helped the person to reduce the soreness and provide more flexibility to his leg.

Another person’s a good quality product but the rolling seems to be harsh. Maybe more oil will help.

One person complains of bruising. Well, it’s our body and should be careful while massaging.

Fasciablaster Underline

  • The whole concept of the fascia is new to so many researchers. But when we go deep into it the fascia do require exercise, massaging and do need stretching as much as possible. Fascia supports our body and is responsible for the movements and holding up the inner parts of the body together. There are different types of massages you can provide to the body.
  • FasciaBlaster has a lot of fans happily hurting themselves so that they can love their body at a point. But is it worth it? The weight gain, blotting, bruising – we do not have a scientific explanation for what is happening inside the body.
  • FasciaBlaster gives out a good appearance which is given out to many customers. Again at the same time, the device has a lot of side effects.
  • There are a lot of other methods which are proven to have worked for fascia health like
  • Yoga, body massage, cardio exercise etc.
  • There are other devices like rollers, massaging tools which can be less extensive. These side effects can be completely avoided in such cases.
  • Since there are not scientific evidence and negative reviews, it is really difficult to decide whether the fasciablaster is completely safe.


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