Finaplix Review 2018- Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)

What is Finaplix?

Fitness goals can vary from person to person, and some people will do whatever it takes to hit their goals. Some people use supplements both natural and chemical to help get that extra boost that takes them to the next level but then there are those people who take it one step further and use steroids to achieve what they want. Steroids are definitely a controversial issue for most and whatever side of the fence you fall on, one thing cannot be disputed, knowledge is power and knowing what is what can help you avoid harmful practices. Here we take a look at Finaplix which is a very interesting steroid.


Finaplix is a powerful and potent anabolic steroid that is commonly used for bulking. It is more commonly known by its chemical name which is Trenbolone acetate. Finaplix is a source of pure trenbolone acetate, which is the reason behind its potency and popularity with competitive bodybuilders who really want those dramatic gains that could help them win.

Although Finaplix is now discontinued, it is still available under another brand name – Revalor. Whatever the name, it can be argued that the effects and end result do not change although it should be noted that Revalor which is very similar to Finaplix also contains a small amount of estradiol which is a synthetic form of estrogen.

The most interesting thing about Finaplix is probably the fact that that is was designed for cattle, to help cattle bulk up and increase muscle mass. It is very easily available via veterinary websites and the like. Old versions of the brand and the like are still floating around and while they are not easily found, a determined bodybuilder could probably find it in the black market, effectively putting Finaplix as an option in a morally grey area.

Another interesting point about Finaplix is perhaps how it works. Since it was originally designed for cattle it usually comes in the form of pellets or an implant. It is used by grinding up the pellets and mixing them with water, this mixture is then applied to the skin on a daily basis for maximum effect. The way that trenbolone works are that it promoted nitrogen retention in a very effective way which can help with the increase in hormone levels. It also increases sensitivity and levels of growth hormone, insulin growth factor, and fibroblast growth factor. All this essentially does two main things – dramatic increases in muscle mass and dramatic fat loss.

Uses of Finaplix and other details

Primarily used for cattle, Finaplix has been successfully used with proven results to increase mass bulk. While it was more commonly available as pellets, it also exists in the form of an implant which would commonly be used to administer to the animals through their ears roughly six weeks before slaughter. The practice of using drugs like these are commonplace and largely frowned upon but an unfortunate reality of the meat industry.

The main function of Finaplix is to enhance muscle bulk, increase lean muscle to fat ratio and for optimal use of nutrients. In the cattle industry, this is known as feed efficiency.

This same concept, because of its proven success can and has been applied to humans, although no doctor would ever recommend it, it is a practice that is prevalent largely among professional bodybuilders.

The standard dosage can vary between 50 to 200mg and because of its strength and original use, it is not required to be used several times a day the way most regular steroids are.

Many bodybuilders who use this, normally use it right before competing and are most likely seasoned steroid users since this one is probably not a good choice for beginners. It is also incredibly fast acting and results can be visible in less than 6 weeks of use.

While it is commonly used for bulking, it can also be stacked with other steroids to help with cutting as well. Finaplix is well known for the dry and vascular look it lends users, making muscles not only large but well defined.

Injectable versions of Finaplix also exist, but these are even more controversial because of the fact that they are essentially pellets that are ground up and then mixed with other things to make them injectable and effective as such.

Claimed Benefits of Finaplix

Benefits of using Finaplix include:

    • Increased muscle mass – Many bulking steroids also have the unfortunate effect of fluid retention and bloating, giving users what is known as “steroid gut”. This is the side effect of a process called aromatization. With Finaplix, this process doesn’t occur which means muscle mass increases without worries of gaining water weight and experiencing bloating. Instead, it gives a “dry” and “vascular” look that many men associate with a well built and well defined muscled frame.
    • Fat burning – a key function of Finaplix is to increase muscle mass to fat ratio, with keeping fat on the low side. Finaplix reduces catabolic hormones that increase body fat percentage. By reducing these catabolic hormones users would be able to burn fat a lot more effectively while building muscle.
    • Increased Strength – Like many other steroids, with the gains in muscle one, can also see great gains in strength. It performs similarly to other commonly known and used steroids.
    • No aromatization – This means that the drug will not cause any conversion to estrogen which the main reason steroid users deal with the most well-known typical side effects like gynecomastia (increase in breast tissue, giving the look of having breasts), water retention and a block in gains. These side effects happen because of a spike in estrogen levels which happen because of some steroids.
    • An accelerated rate of recovery – This one needs a little explaining, but because of higher levels of nitrogen in the body, stamina and recovery also increase allowing users to go further than they could before
    • Increases nutrient absorption – in its use for cattle, feed efficiency can also be applied to humans. In that, it helps the body absorb nutrients better
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With a high protein diet, Finaplix can only be more effective in providing the above benefits.

Things to Watch Out For

Its potency comes with a dark side. There are side effects that one must be wary of including:

  • High Blood pressure
  • Tren Cough (this is a cough that is a very common side effect of trenbolone because of the way it enters the lymphatic system)
  • Liver toxicity – it is not exactly toxic to the liver, but it does produce a lot of strain on the organ which means it can create more problems
  • Acne
  • Hair loss
  • Change in urine color (must be monitored as it can signal potential kidney damage)
  • Excessive sweating (side effect of high-fat burning)
  • Erectile dysfunction

Many of the above side effects are common with other steroid use as well, and if one takes Finaplix as a part of a stack, there is a much higher chance of dealing with these side effects. Many bodybuilders who use Finaplix and/or other steroids, try to counter these side effects with the help of natural supplements but the effectiveness of battling these side effects is not well proven.

Another point that works against Finaplix is the fact that it is illegal for human consumption and not even produced for human consumption. It is meant for cattle, this means it must be purchased on the black market. Not only that, but there are only old versions of Finaplix available because the drug has been discontinued for unspecified reasons.

A drug meant for cattle carries some worrying implications. It is more than likely that the production of Finaplix was not governed by the same practices that must be in place when producing anything for human consumption. This means the production process might create a product that while effective and entirely safe for veterinary use, is probably not very safe for human consumptions because of pollutants and the like.

There is no doctor that would recommend using Finaplix, which means you might have to go to a more unethical doctor for any treatment with regards to interactions and side effects.

It is definitely not recommended for human use even if it is fairly popular with pro bodybuilders, but those who do seek it out should definitely avoid it if they are beginners.

Final Say

It would be wildly unethical and unsafe to recommend a steroid like Finaplix, but those who do take it must be cautious and vigilant to avoid bodily harm.

There are far safer alternatives available out there including FDA approved, natural supplements that use high amounts of naturally occurring anabolic steroids that mimic Finaplix, albeit with less efficiency. What you give up in efficiency and swift, dramatic results you make up in safety and a more sustainable form of gains. An alternative worth considering if you are looking for Finaplix results but don’t want to go about unethical means and risk your safety while doing it.

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