flat tummy tea reviews

Flat Tummy Tea Review 2018- Does it really work? (Updated July 2019)

What is Flat Tummy Tea?

If you are facing the problem of a bloated stomach and you tend to always feel sluggish than flat tummy tea is the remedy for you.  It is an herbal tea that helps in detoxification of your body.  It helps clear the digestive tract which in turn gets you rid of the lethargic feeling and makes you feel much active.  When flat tummy tea is coupled with an effective workout it can do wonders for you in losing weight and gaining a flat tummy.

flat tummy tea reviews
flat tummy tea reviews

Flat tummy tea delivers much more than just what its name suggests. It helps greatly in improving the metabolism which helps in burning calories throughout the day, even when you are not working out. Moreover, it boosts the digestion process of the body better and helps increase the user’s energy levels to a great degree. Although we are not new to the concept of detoxifying tea that claims to help lose weight by way of losing the excess water in the body.  There are many companies that claim to do the same thing, however, flat tummy tea is different.  It not just helps you lose those inches but it gives you an immense amount of energy.

Flat tummy tea is an Australian Company which started its operations in the year 2013.  And it is a hit among girls who want to get back that perfect body and aim at getting rid of that bloated tummy. Flat tummy enjoys a huge fan following with approximately 600000 people following it on the social media. i is doing wonders for a lot of girls out there. The flat tummy tea offers two blends, one for the morning and another for the night-time.  They both work together to gain the perfect body by removing the extra water weight in the body, eradicating the toxins and regulating the body.

The blends made by Flat Tummy tea are activated and cleans.  Following are the ingredients used to make it:

  1. Galium aparineamellia
  2. Senna
  3. Taraxacum
  4. Camellia sinensis

To maximize the effects of Flat Tummy Tea it is recommended that you drink one glass of it in the morning and another glass in the evening.  By using it your body begins to spend more energy than its consuming.  Which is the key to losing extra weight?

How does Flat tummy Tea work?

Flat tummy tea is made up of all natural herbs.  There are two steps to taking this tea to reap maximum benefits out of it.  The package comes in either the two-week is four weeks pack.  Each pack has two sachets one for the morning and one for night time.   They can be discussed further as follows:

Morning time blend – Activate

The activated blend Works in a special way.  It helps boost the metabolism rate of the body; this increase in the metabolism helps burn more fat than the body normally does.  It also helps the digestion gets better; a better digestion helps the body in achieving a flat tummy as it helps in eliminating the bloating in the body, which further helps in flattening the tummy.  Flat tummy tea has 10 natural ingredients that make it work so great for the body.

It is best to have flat tummy tea in the morning along with the breakfast.  All you have to do is pour one sachet in hot water.  Let it sit for 5 to 7 minutes, strain it and enjoy your miraculous drink.

Following are the ingredients inactivate that work for the body and make it so successful

  1. Liquorice (root)
  2. Green Tea (leaf)
  3. Cleavers (leaf)
  4. Peppermint (leaf)
  5. Caraway (seed)
  6. Lemon Balm (leaf)
  7. Fennel (seed)
  8. Cardamom (pods)

Evening time blend – Cleanse

The second step to flat tummy tea is cleansing tea.  This is supposed to help in detoxification of the intestinal tract; it also helps in diminishing the water weight of the body.  All these factors help in getting a slim body in just a few days.

Cleanse tea is quite different from activating tea that is why it has to be taken in a different fashion.  Instead of soaking the tea in hot water for 5 to 7 minutes you’re supposed to soak the cleanse tea only for 3 to 5 minutes.  You can further adjust this time according to your needs.  Besides this, the cleansing tea is supposed to be had on alternate days at night for the first week.  Thereafter the team needs to be taken after every three nights.  Since cleanse tea has natural ingredients and gentle herbs that helps to cleanse the body mildly it cannot be taken on a daily basis.

Following are the ingredients used in the cleanse tea:

  1. Dandelion (root)
  2. Caraway (seed)
  3. Senna (leaf)
  4. Peppermint (leaf)
  5. Cassia Chamaecrista (pods)
  6. Rhubarb (root)
  7. Liquorice (root)

In addition to the tea, the Flat tummy tea also provides additional tips to its users that help them achieve better results in their attempt to losing weight.  This includes exercises, a diet chart, and motivational tips to help the users keep going to attain their weight loss goals.  Some of the tips are mentioned below.

  1. Avoid consuming certain vegetables – there are certain vegetables that are high in starches and sugar which leads to the gas and bloating. Such vegetables need to be avoided as they work against our purpose. Veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, and cabbage are some of the examples that promote bloating and it needs to be avoided.
  2. Ensure to working out. – working out has its own benefits, when we exercise we sweat, the water retention in the body diminishes with sweat. That ultimately helps us in weight loss.
  3. Include fiber in your meal: fiber is essential for the body; it helps in flushing out anything sticking to our intestines, which in turn helps in diminishing bloating in the body.
  4. Keep a record of your progress: it is a known fact that when we share our goals with people they have a tendency of sticking to it longer as our friends keep asking about the progress and we feel the need to work on rigorously. The same way it is a good idea to take you before and after pictures along the way to your weight loss journey.  We feel highly motivated when our friends acknowledge our hard work.  It helps us keep going.
  5. Whoops moments: there may be moments when the users might want to have some sugar food it is advised to avoid such situations.
  6. Eat less: it is advised to eating smaller portions. When we chew our food enough even small amount of food is able to satiate our hunger.  It is also advised to wait for 15 to 20 minutes after each portion and eat more only if we’re still hungry.
  7. Avoid the alcohol consumption: alcohol is not good for people who are aiming to lose weight. Hence it is suggested to keep drinking at bay.
  8. Chill: it is a good idea to allowing your body to relax on the weekends as it helps the body to adapt to changes happening.
  9. New gear: invest in new clothes for your workout sessions. Having new gears will act as a motivating factor to go to the gym.

Flat tummy tea is claimed to be a pleasant taste as it is. It is said that it can be had just like that without adding anything to enhance its taste; however, the users can use honey and lemon additionally if they want to enhance the taste of the drink.

What are the side effects of using Flat Tummy Tea 

A few people complain about certain side effects of using flat tummy tea.  It may cause constipation to the users.  Some other people have also complained about having to go to the bathroom repeatedly.  People are also complained of getting gassier after consuming the flat tummy tea.  Users have also complained about the taste of tea.

However, these side effects of a subjective.  There are many people who have appreciated the flat tummy tea and highly recommended it to friends.  Some people facing the problem of a bloated tummy finding the tea very helpful.

Flat tummy tea reviews

Many users have posted reviews on flat tummy tea

  • The consumers suggest that the product definitely does reduce the bloating however it is not of much help as far as weight loss is concerned.
  • A few other customers say when that tea is coupled with proper exercise and healthy diet that it can deliver the desired goals.

The truth about the effectiveness of the Flat Tummy Tea’s Ingredients 

Based on research it can be concluded that there is little evidence that all the ingredients such as camellia sinensis, Galium aparine, Taraxacum leaf, Scrophularia, rhubarb, Melissa officinalis, caraway used in making flat tummy tea are effective. In fact, they are included only to add flavor.

Additionally, studies show that Mentha Piperita and Glycyrrhiza glabra are a good source of dropping body fat.

Moreover, Foeniculum vulgare and senna leaves are known to help with constipation.

Flat Tummy tea helps with Water weight management 

The ingredients used in making the flat tummy tea such a peppermint, fennel and senna leaves have a laxative effect which helps in losing the water weight of the body.  However, this effect is an only short term and that tends to come back as soon as we drink some water.

The Effects of the ingredients in Flat Tummy Tea

Flat tummy tea has caffeine in it because of which it is recommended not to be had in the evening.  Additionally, it is suggested that ladies who are pregnant and users under the age of 18 should avoid using it.

Moreover, the Flat Tummy Tea has ingredients that can cause dehydration. Users are suggested to drink a lot of water weight they are using flat tummy tea. Lastly, the flat tummy tea has the potential to affect the contraceptive pills. That is why people on pills are recommended to take extra precautions. How the Flat Tummy Tea priced and what is the Refund Policy for the product-

  • That tummy tea can be bought either from the stores or the online market.
  • The users can buy either of four weeks’ pack or a two weeks’ pack depending on their need.
  • The strainer for the tea does not come in the pack and has to be bought separately.

Is it wise to spend on Flat tummy tea?

If you’re expecting to lose kgs of weight just by drinking flat tummy tea then you are surely going to be disappointed.  However, if you are being practical in your approach and realize that you need to couple the tea along with exercises and good food than you would surely appreciate the products. The product undoubtedly helps with bloating and helps get rid of that.

Does the Flat Tummy Tea cleanse really works?

Flat tummy tea has green tea in it which is known all over the world to help weight loss however it is too much of a price to pay for something that is available in the market at dirt cheap prices. All the ingredients used in the flat tummy tea helpful in reducing the water retention in the body and it also expected to make the bowel movement easier, but flat tummy tea exclusively cannot help people in their mission of weight loss.

Sources suggest that the users may face severe problems because of the laxative present in the tea.  It can cause an imbalance in the electrolyte and the body fluids.  Users may also find some allergic reactions in their body

The final verdict on Flat Tummy Tea

We are highly hesitant in suggesting this product for weight loss proposed.  To have green tea as an ingredient is good, but not sufficient.  Moreover, there are other ingredients that are not in a tested clinically and have a potential of giving side effects to the user.  When one is aiming for weight loss then they should try to be as natural as possible and do it in a safe way.  Using diuretics and laxatives for weight loss is just not right. If at all as a user wants to get help from a weight loss supplement, then we would suggest them to opt for products that have ingredients that are clinically tested. These products are harmless and avoid any side effects to the users.

There are many products out on the market that provides the users who are aiming for weight-loss great support.  These products are clinically tested and enjoying great flat tummy tea reviews from the users.  They help in improving the metabolism of the users and additionally it helps in the suppressing hunger these two factors combined together help greatly in using weight when combined with an exercise routine and right nutrition.

Besides this, the flat tummy tea manufacturer doesn’t support their users after they have bought the product.  The users have to live with the product after they have made the purchase whether they like it or not. There is no refund for the unsatisfied customers. The company has totally turned its back on its users after they have made a purchase. This totally shakes the confidence of customers on the product.

Other supplement providers are happy to send a refund to its unsatisfied customers. This is a sign of a company’s confidence in its product. There are other companies in the market that make similar products to Flat Tummy Tea such as Slimming Tea, Fitne Herbal Weight Loss, Lipton Green Tea, Burn HD and Nutra-Slim Tea.


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