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Follistatin 344 Review 2018 – Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)

What is Follistatin 344?

Follistatin 344 is a performance enhancer that has been recently gaining a lot of popularity. Simply put it is a protein. It is high in non-essential amino acid cysteine, but with attached carbohydrates. Its function is to bind and inhibit myostatin and other transforming growth factor peptides. These peptides prevent the body from putting on additional muscle fast. Suppress transforming growth factor peptides and you get a body that can put up an impressive amount of muscle, really fast. It’s no wonder that Follistatin 344 is gaining such a following in the bodybuilding circles. Unfortunately, Follistatin is illegal to use and has nasty side effects.

In recent times, bodybuilding and working out has gained a lot of popularity. With an acceptance in the mainstream, also comes a demand for performance enhancers and substances that will help you achieve the result that you desire. However, the fact that bodybuilding is an exact science is not very well known and performance enhancers are still looked at with suspicion.

To put it simply, Myostatin inhibitors lower or completely stop the production of myostatin in your body. Pretty obvious right? Myostatin is a protein encoded by the MTSN gene. It is a growth differentiation factor and to put it simply, limits the amount of muscle one can build. It also places limits on how FAST you can build muscle. Without it, we could be gain upwards of 1 or 2lbs of muscle DAILY.

Belgian Blue cows, are known for their massive size and have been breaded so they don’t produce myostatin, hence why they are so big.

Are myostatin inhibitors safe?

No one knows entirely sure about how safe myostatin inhibitors are. However, it is presumed that due to the small lengths of the time these products are used for, any side effects probably aren’t going to last long term, or at least until a few days after use.  However, these are known to stop the strengthening of tendons and ligaments, which can be a problem to the heart. NOW, this will only happen as long as there is no myostatin in the body. Once you stop taking these peptides, myostatin will be produced again, thus limiting serious issues. We recommend taking SARMS which will give you the same results with no side effects.

You can expect INSANE strength gains and muscle gains. Upwards of up to 1lb a day of Lean muscle mass!

How to administer Follistatin 344?

Follistatin 344 comes in powdered form and has to be reconstituted i.e. mixed with a suitable diluent before it can be used. Once mixed, it must be stored in the fridge and used within seven days. Follistatin 344 is taken via an injection into the muscle that you wish to build. Follistatin 344 should be cycled over a period of ten days. Though one ten-day cycle can work effectively for three months. One dosage of Follistatin 344 can be anywhere between 100 to 300 micrograms. Different athletes have different experiences with the dosage, and you should tweak it according to your body, and not just follow others experience.

Also, it has been suggested to add peptides along with Follistatin 344 in order to improve the results. Some of the peptides that can be added or stacked are:

  • IGF-1 LR3
  • IGF-1 DES
  • MGF
  • LGD-4033
  • Ostarine
  • SARMs S4
  • Hexarelin
  • Ipamorelin
  • GHRP-6
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Benefits of Follistatin 344

Follistatin 344 has some truly remarkable benefits associated with it. These effects are why bodybuilders and athletes use Follistatin 344.

  • Building lean muscle – Follistatin 344 is very popular because it helps to put on lean muscle. This is particularly important for bodybuilders who usually want lean muscle as their objective is to have an aesthetically pleasing body. The only size is not as important, as size along with less fat is.
  • Saves from effects of myostatin – Myostatin is a protein which is called as growth differentiation factor. Or put in different words it stops the body from putting on muscle mass beyond a certain threshold. Without it, humans can put on one to two pounds of muscle a day. It may also cause skeletal muscle fibrosis, impair tissue function, and causes chronic diseases in organs, tissues, and bone marrow. Follistatin 344 is a myostatin inhibitor and suppresses the effects of myostatin.
  • Suppression of FSHFollicle Stimulating Hormone or FSH is synthesized and secreted by the pituitary gland. An excess of FSH in men leads to the testicles not working properly. It limits muscle growth, recovery, and normal hormone function. Follistatin 344 helps to suppress the synthesis and secretion of FSH. However, it should be noted that if the levels of FSH fall too low then they can have an adverse effect.
  • Not needed on regular basis – Many performance enhancers and myostatin inhibitors are required to be taken on a regular basis. A lot of times they have to be cycled in order to ensure that they do not cause harm to the user. However, Follistatin 344 is different in this respect. Elevated levels of Follistatin 344 were found in the body as later as fifteen months after the first injection. This proves that Follistatin 344 can be used as a long-term enhancer.
  • Short term drawbacks – Since the cycle time of Follistatin 344 is just ten days, and athletes can stay off it for three months at a stretch, any side effects that it has are usually temporary and reversible. However one cannot ignore the possibility of permanent damage caused by unrestricted use for long durations.

Are there any side effects?

However, not everything that Follistatin 344 does is recommendable. There are certain drawbacks that you must know before including it in your supplement arsenal.

  • Expensive – Human grade Follistatin 344 is quite expensive. It can cost up to USD 4500 for just 1 mg. needless to say, this is way more expensive than a lot of other alternatives available in the market.
  • No research to back it – The only research that has been done till now in testing muscle growth aided by Follistatin 344 has been in rodents. Incidentally, it has been successful there. It should be noted though that rodent has a higher amount of myostatin than humans, and thus the effects on humans will be profoundly different from those on mice. However anecdotal evidence does suggest that it is effective in humans as well.
  • Legality of Follistatin 344 – Follistatin 344, unfortunately, falls in the gray area between legal and illegal. There are websites and companies that sell Follistatin 344, and that too in bulk. However, they insist that it be only used in animals or for experimental purposes. However, athletes still experiment with it.
  • Weakened tendons and ligaments – While myostatin does stop the body from putting on muscle, it is not without use. Myostatin is extremely important from the perspective of repairing and maintaining tendons and ligaments. A fall in myostatin causes damage, albeit temporarily, to tendons and ligaments.

Dosage for a 10-day cycle

  • Day 1: Split bilaterally into the muscle you want to bring up the most: 300mcg.
  • Day 3: Split bilaterally into the muscle you want to bring up the most: 200mcg.
  • Day 5: Split bilaterally into the muscle you want to bring up the most: 200mcg.
  • Day 7: Split bilaterally into the muscle you want to bring up the most: 300mcg.

The muscle building effects can last for up to 3 months afterward, slowly diminishing.

Side notes (important, must read!)

When purchasing any Myostatin inhibitor, please ensure that your product is “untagged”. When the product is “tagged” it can cause severe flu-like symptoms and aches.  This is a report of someone taking tagged follistatin:

After reconning the Follistatin I took all of it IM. Within 1 hour had the worst chills and shaking uncontrollably for over 45 minutes. I really felt like I was going to die. Is this a common reaction? Needless to say, I feel okay now, just sore as hell. Staying tensed up for that length of time will do a number.

Stacking Follistatin 344

The Following Peptides are useful for adding muscle and is a good idea to add to any stack where you are trying to add muscle:

Final verdict

Steroids and performance enhancers usually get a bad rap largely due to ignorance and fear mongering. And while sometimes you should err on the side of caution, sometimes there just isn’t enough risks associated with certain supplements. Hence the final verdict is say yes to Follistatin 344. While there are certain drawbacks, and it is advised to seek the advice of a physician before going ahead with it, Follistatin 344 does happen to be a great bet. For aspiring bodybuilders, gym-enthusiasts, and even for people looking to get into shape this drug can work wonders. Just remember to cycle it, and not use it on a continuous basis. As long as you follow instructions from your doctor, and maintain a healthy exercise and diet routine, Follistatin 344 will be your perfect supplement.

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  1. You are missing a huge point. Viral Follistatin 344 is changed into Follistatin 315 by cells before secretion into the blood. So, if you are injecting the protein directly, it must be the 315 version. That’s why it doesn’t work for so many people. No one should be selling or using Follistatin 344 protein — that’s only for gene therapy.

  2. I ran follistatin 344 last year i gained 10 pounds of lean mass that i was never able to achieve even all small doses of anabolics. And i have kept that weight havent dropped a pound in over a year.
    Well i decided to run it again this week
    My first shot was obviously tagged and i did it sub q.
    Yesterday i decided to do it intermuscular
    And about 45 minutes later i started getting chills and started shaking so i went outside 85 degrees and was still shivering. And it continually got worse every minute. I got into the shower and ran extrememly hot water for 25 minutes and was still shivering. I seriously thought i was going to die. It scared the piss out of me. I am wondering what would cause this
    I think it would be best to subQ the shots its a slower release but with the tagged version is extremely painfull.


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