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Formula X Testosterone Booster Review 2019: Pro’s & Con’s

What is Formula X?

Supplements were once compared to Hollywood stars because every product has its fans who would do anything to praise their products but not every one of these supplements is good enough to give some people the results they are seeking. Additionally, not all supplements perform uniformly. While someone might be enjoying astonishing testosterone levels, another individual using the same product could be witnessing nothing but some severe side effects. This is why people need to learn as much as possible about a supplement before they start using it. At times, it is even advisable that one seeks advice from a physician before they start using a particular supplement. As far as information goes, here is everything you need to know about Formula-X to determine whether the supplement will work for you.

formula x

Formula X is a bodybuilding supplement manufactured by Athletix. Most people categorize this supplement as a mere DAA testosterone enhancer, but the manufacturers claim that it can do more than just supplying you with DAA. D-AA is indeed a beneficial chemical when we are talking bodybuilding, and in fact, the compound has grown so popular that we are seeing a new generation of supplements that are exclusively aimed at improving athlete’s DAA. However, DAA alone in the system is not enough to increase and maintain high testosterone levels. Athletix, therefore, attempted to come up with an item that will not only improve D Aspartic Acid in your body but one that will assist in keeping testosterone at their optimal levels.

According to the manufacturers, Formula X will energize and enhance muscle growth in men while significantly boosting their stamina. The supplement is reportedly produced to ensure that bodybuilders get the best out of their workouts. Athletix promises that the unique formula in this supplement will give its users a cutting edge that’ll enable them to stand out from other T-boosters users. In most cases, however, supplements promise such and even more brilliant things only for athletes to spend countless hours in the gym without any noticeable changes.

How does Formula X work?

D-Aspartic Acid’s ability to increase testosterone levels is widely known. There are enough clinical trials done to ascertain their effectiveness in influencing the production of more natural testosterone in the body. The most prominent drawback that even most supplement manufacturing companies have been unable to solve is maintaining the achieved high levels of testosterone. DAA will increase your T-levels, but this effect lasts shorter than most people would like. In some instances, the high levels of testosterone brought by DAA will barely last for more than a week, and this is simply not enough for an athlete to gain the lean muscles and physical fitness he’s looking for. So the biggest challenge has always been how do we sustain testosterone levels at their optimal level?

Athletix claims to have developed a formula that can achieve this. They have added several natural ingredients alongside DAA that are supposed to stabilize testosterone levels for more energizing and productive workouts.

The formula also contains several ingredients focused on reducing an athlete’s recovery time. Studies done on bodybuilders showed that a majority of them waste too much time recovering from muscle soreness and other similar problems. This is the time that could otherwise be utilized in working out more. Formula X claims to have found a way of significantly reducing the recovery time you need between gym sessions.

To achieve all these, Athletix used the following nutrients.

  • D-Aspartic Acid (3000 mg)

D-Aspartic Acid is a very common chemical in bodybuilding supplements. This amino acid helps to stimulate your body into manufacturing more of its natural testosterone. Formula X, therefore, does not contain any synthetic or other forms of testosterone but instead tries to make your body to produce more of this essential hormone. When supplied at the right dosages, DAA will cause a sharp increase in testosterone in your body within a very short time. The increase will, unfortunately, last for not more than 10 days before dropping down to normal levels. DAA works by targeting the glands in your brain that are responsible for stimulating various body site into secreting hormones. Its effects cane hence be more than just an increase in testosterone production. This acid will also stimulate your body into improving follicle and cell development. That’s why various research pieces also associate this chemical with enhanced lean muscle growth and blood circulation. Better circulation means that your muscles are getting more blood and oxygen which is paramount for growth. The acid is also thought to be useful in cutting down adipose. Fat is one of the reasons for quick fatigue and slow muscle growth. By cutting down fat your muscles gain more ground as you build up your endurance.

  • L Carnitine L Tartrate (2000 mg)

This is a form of carnitine that has been subjected to various studies aimed at showing how it reduces an athlete’s recovery time. A few of such studies have come back positive saying that LCLT lessens recovery time by boosting fat metabolism. When there is more fat being digested, your body is likely to experience a rise in stamina and energy. The molecular dipeptide LT has also been associated with rapid recovery from workouts or other physical exertion activities. The problem with the usage of Carnitine, especially at 2000mg, is it was more than once linked with various adverse effects like irregular heartbeats and seizures. It is hence critical that you consult your physician before using the supplement.

  • N Acetyl L Tyrosine

This is yet another amino acid that is used to improve the solubility of L-Tyrosine. It is supposed to make your body absorb more Tryosine before it is broken down and digested by chemicals in your body. The nutrient is aimed at boosting brain functionality. Athletix claims that L-Tyrosine will assist in the secretion of neurotransmitters that should help in signaling your brain and other organs to perform their duties. As far as we can tell, therefore, N acetyl L-Tyrosine has no direct impact on the amount of testosterone in your body and may hence be unnecessary in the formula.

  • L-Leucine

Another amino acid that is linked to astonishing muscle-building properties. L-Leucine promotes the development of muscles through activating a protein (mTOR) that assists with the growth of muscle protein increasing an individual’s lean muscle mass. The problem with this nutrient is there are few studies confirming its effectiveness and a few trials seem to show that it has very little to no impact on muscle development.

  • BCAAs

Branched-chain amino acids have always been linked with both the development and maintenance of lean muscle mass. Injuries during workouts are very common and these do sometimes affect muscles rendering most athletes incapable of working out. The problem is especially prevalent in aggressive bodybuilders that are trying to achieve new heights. For such individuals, it is always essential that the type of supplements you are using not only help with the gaining of muscle mass but also keeps them healthy and safe. BCAAs promotes metabolism and delivery of oxygen in various body sites which is everything an athlete needs. The most significant limitation with this group of amino acids is their effectiveness depends on the rationing in which they are mixed. Leucine (which is the primary BCAA amino acid) for instance, will not function correctly unless levels of isoleucine and valine which are also part of the BCAA are controlled. Athletix has used the new 8:1:1 rationing of these acids. There is quite a lot of debate on the performance and side effects of this new rationing and for Athletix to use it, therefore, seems like a major gamble.

Benefits of Using Formula X

According to Athletix, Formula X will:

  • Increase your Testosterone
  • Increase Libido
  • Reduce recovery time
  • Increase the athlete’s aggression
  • Increase protein synthesis (mTOR)
  • Boost IGF-1

Formula X side effects

Few side effects have been linked to this supplement. The biggest problem is since it is almost all amino acids, people having issues with consumption of these acids may not be able to use this product. Physicians also warn diabetic people and pregnant mothers from using the supplement. In case you are on any other medications, it is also crucial that you discuss with your doctor first before you start using Formula X. Some side effects include:

  • Bloated feeling
  • Acne
  • Irregular heartbeats
  • Headaches

Taking formula X

Formula X is available in powder form. This makes preservation a bit of an issue because you have to ensure it stays in a cool place to remain potent.

Formula X can be taken in various ways. Some users prefer one full serving taken once daily while others split the servings into two, one taken before training and another after the exercise. Some people also sip the supplement throughout the day. Different methods work for different people, and your doctor can give you a more appropriate strategy unique to your case.

Where can I buy Formula X?

Formula X is available on the official Athletix website where a 30-day supply mostly retails at $55.99. This price can go lower during the seasonal discounts offered by the company.

Verdict on Formula X

From the various user reviews online, Formula X seems like a decent product in reducing recovery time. Less exhaustion and faster recovery is every athlete’s dream but buying a product just for this purpose may seem like a waste of money by most people. Such individuals, therefore, would rather get a product that will reduce recovery time while boosting libido, energy and muscle growth at the same time. The exclusive use of amino acids also isn’t so appealing to most people because it has also missed out on other compounds that would have had a bigger impact than some of the acids used. For these reasons, choosing another versatile supplement may be advisable.

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