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Ghost Pre Workout Review -Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)

What is Ghost Pre Workout?

Whenever you work out, using a pre-workout supplement almost enhances your performance every time. A pre-workout supplement improves your performance by increasing your energy levels along with pumping your muscles while you are working out. But out there, there are so many pre-workout supplements available that it makes choosing one of them almost impossible. Further, most of these supplements look at their financial gain rather than an actual benefit. So it is important to choose the right one. One of the pre-workout supplements which may interest you is ghost pre workout supplement. It has managed to gain a lot of attention, good feedbacks, and along with that is has been able to fit in the marketing places.

ghost pre workout
Ghost pre workout


About Ghost Pre Workout

Ghost supplements are one of the supplement companies and are the one behind the product Ghost Pre Workout. It was founded by three people and aimed to be a fresh, modern company. The company works together with a lot of celebrities, entrepreneur and athletes to endorse their products.


Ghost Pre Workout as the name suggests is a pre-workout supplement manufactured by Ghost. It comes for $44.99 for 30 servings. They have three different flavors, but they have recently added one limited edition Christian Guzman’s which is lemon-lime flavor and is available at the same costs. Ghost Pre workout is manufactured by the ghost and is an all-natural supplement available in the marketplaces. The Ghost Legend Pre-Workout claims to do the following:

  • Muscle pumping
  • Increasing energy levels
  • Increasing Strength
  • Boost your performance

Does it work?

Let’s answer the question you are looking for, “Does it work?”

Just like any other supplement, judging Ghost Pre workout is based on our own review but we think it gives a general impression of what to expect. We rated Ghost pre-workout in 4 categories Energy, Focus, Endurance, and Taste.

Energy 7/10

After trying out Ghost Pre Workout the results were pretty good, although I did use a double scoop. I drink 2-3 coffee’s per day so my daily caffeine intake is pretty normal compared to other people. I didn’t feel any side effects, tingles or jitters after using Ghost pre-workout. After an hour I felt the effect fading away but it did increase my workout’s performance and pump.

Focus  7/10

This is the section where Ghost pre workout is great. After using the double scoop,  I didn’t waste any time on my smartphone, talking to other people or taking too much recovery between sets. I personally think this product is also great for other activities than working out. I still have to try it for jobs which require a lot of focus such as administration but I’m convinced it works great too for those things.

Endurance 7/10

If there’s a minor drawback then it’s the endurance. Since I tend to do longer workouts ( up to 2 hours), I feel Ghost Pre workout wearing off after an hour. The solution here is to take another double scoop after the first hour, but then this will become an expensive product to use. It’s not a dealbreaker, but it depends on how your body reacts to the intake of caffeine in general.

Taste 8/10

After trying out the Watermelon sour head, we can honestly say it tastes great which is sometimes a problem with many pre-workout supplements.  Ghost Pre workout obviously has some artificial sweeteners added to the ingredients. We are yet to try their other flavors but based on customer reviews we expect them to be in line with the Watermelon sour head.

Pros & Cons of Ghost Pre Workout


  • Incredible flavoring
  • Open Label
  • Taurine can reduce cramps
  • Great Caffeine Dosage
  • Rhodiola Rosea boosts focus & reduces fatigue
  • Beta-Alanine improves muscular endurance
  • Dosages of Citrulline  supporting cognitive enhances


  • Underdosed in few ingredients
  • Not cheap

Ingredients of Ghost Legend Pre-Workout

Well as you can see below, a few ingredients seem underdosed while some combinations can cause some side effects.

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Core Ingredients:

It is an amino acid which promotes muscle pumping. It is converted into L-Arginine in your kidneys after it gets absorbed. A full dose of lactic acid prevention along with pumps. This ingredient also stimulates the blood flow in your body.

  • L-Arginine / Agmatine Sulfate

It is extracted from Arginine, and it promotes nitric oxides which act as a vasodilator. This vasodilator dilates one’s blood vessels and allows more blood to flow & reach one’s muscles. This increases the muscle pumps and also endurance when you train. It has poor absorption when taken orally so it might not work.

This ingredient is a nutrient partitioner as it improves muscle pumps through the inhibition of nitric oxide synthase.

It is used in ghost supplements to improve muscle endurance and fatigue. People who consumed ghost supplements containing beta-alanine have reported that they have experienced an increase in their workout volume while performing bench press along with that fatigue levels were decreased too. It may also help in improving one’s weightlifting performance. Beta Alanine is the ingredient that causes the tingling side effect in pre-workouts. It’s also widely known to increase the muscle endurance.

  • Norvaline

L-norvaline increases the inhibition of arginase production which will allow you to increase you maximum lift. This ingredient will make your pumps longer and stronger.

  • Taurine

It is also an amino acid which is related to absorption instead of performance. It helps in increasing circulation but not like L-Citrulline. It does not promote muscle pumps. It can stimulate the flow of nutrients to improve the absorption of Ghost Legend Pre-Workout in your body. Taurine is known for increasing cardiovascular health. Supplements which contains taurine can protect the body and increase longevity.

  • Caffeine

This is a no-brainer. This increases energy levels.  Caffeine is one of the natural and best stimulants one can find in the market. Everyone is aware of how effective caffeine is and can be. It increases your energy levels along with the power output. It also helps in boosting metabolism and improving focus and mood too.

  • Alpha GPC

It boosts cognition tied to performances. Several studies have proved that it improves focus and also power output. It may also increase your duration of work out. This ingredient is a Nootropic and also a cognitive enhancer. It increases your focus and mindset.

  • Rhodiola Rosea

It is a Scandinavian herb that is related to motivation. It seems to reduce fatigue and also depression while improving your mood and well being. It helps in improving your overall mental performance.

  • Theobromine

It can be found in chocolate and other related foods. This improves overall blood flow which helps with absorption along with the nutrient flow. But it is not enough potent to promote muscle pumping

  • Rauwolfia

Its structure is quite similar to Yohimbe, except for the fact that there are fewer studies or researchers related to its effectiveness as evidence. It acts as an appetite suppressant which can help to curb hunger cravings.

Overview of Ingredients

Ghost Legend Pre Workout consists of extensively impressive nutrition profile but not as good as when compared with other pre-workout ghost supplements. There might be a few drawbacks, but it still is a reliable option to go for.

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Ghost Legend Pre-Workout is a light supplement and hence gets mixed easily. After shaking for 4-8 times, it gets dissolved and without any clumping. You can also try Ghost Legend Pre-Workout’s 1-2 scoops in almost 12-20 oz of water; it gets strong and powerful each time.

Side Effects of Ghost Pre Workout

In Ghost Legend Pre-Workout, there is nothing much to worry about except for the two ingredients Beta-Alanine and Norvaline. Many studies have shown that beta-Alanine can cause a condition called paresthesia which is itching of both face and hands. Well, this side effect isn’t much harmful but can act as a distraction during your workout sessions.

But Norvaline can cause the following side effects:

  • A headache
  • Nausea
  • Fatigues
  • Lightheadedness
  • Dizziness


When Ghost Legend Pre Workout was launched, it had originally only two flavors, but after some time, they added a third new flavor. The flavors list is as below:

  • Fruit Punch
  • Warheads
  • Blue Raspberry


For most, it is okay to take one scoop but for those who can’t tolerate the amount of caffeine can reduce it to half or if they can tolerate then 1.5 is enough. Don’t make it two scoops because it might be too much for you.

Ghost Pre Workout Review

Ghost Pre workout is a good pre-workout. It tastes great and the results are OK. Ghost Pre-workout is one of the few pre-workout supplements which tastes great. If you are an athlete who prefers focus on energy in your pre workout than Ghost Pre workout  is just for you. Make sure to use a double scoop when using Ghost Pre workout.

Overall, we rate Ghost Pre workout supplement as a good choice. It didn’t make it to our list of Top 3 Pre-Workout supplements, but it does the job.


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