god of rage pre workout

God of Rage Pre Workout Review 2018 (Updated July 2019)

God of Rage Pre Workout Overview

What comes to your mind when you think about pre-workout supplements? Are you thinking about a light powder product that’s supposed to make your gym sessions a bit more comfortable? A supplement that can hardly do anything other than extending your workout time? If those are the pre-workout supplements, you are used to then, let us introduce you to the God of Rage. This supplement isn’t for the light-hearted! This is not the kind of supplement for someone who is still not sure what exactly they are looking for in the gym. This is a product meant for die-hard athletes that are seeking intensity. It’s a supplement formulated to stretch your endurance to its max and extend your workout threshold to unimaginable lengths. God of rage is the kind of supplement that will get you through robust workouts, and its impact will be felt long after your gym sessions. This pre-workout regimen is perfectly formulated to help you witness insane muscle growth within a concise time. How does it do so? What exactly is in it? Who makes it? We will address all of these concerns and tell you why exactly God of Rage pre workout is the best pre-workout formula you could ever come across.

god of rage pre workout
god of rage pre workout

Who makes God of Rage?

God of Rage is manufactured by Centurion Labz. If you are well versed in the supplement arena, then you’ve probably heard of their products before. They have various lines of workout supplements some of which have enjoyed excellent success, and God of Rage pre workout is understandably one of them.

Centurion Labz was founded in 2014 by two experienced physicians Dr. Nick Puccio and Dr. Joe Kepko. The two came together and combined their vast knowledge of various natural compounds to come up with this amazing supplement.

How does this supplement work?

God of Rage is formulated with stimulants that are supposed to push your limits to the max. These compounds will double up your energy levels making it much easier for you not just to extend your workout time but also to increase the weights and intensity with which you are working out.

God of Rage pre workout Ingredients

A first glimpse at the ingredient’s list will immediately let you know that this is not a typical pre-workout supplement. You will also realize that it is not meant for any uncommitted athlete. If you don’t take weightlifting seriously and you do it as a causal side thing, then this supplement is not for you. God of rage pre workout is a compelling product for weightlifters that are done with shady pre-workout supplements and want to finally get their hands on something beastly or rather, godly.

The supplement is formulated with the following compounds:

  • L-Arginine – L arginine is a popular compound in workout supplements. Its benefits are undebatable, but the biggest problem is formulating enough of it in a single product. This was, however, not a problem to the Centurion Labz who successfully added 3 grams of it. This is more than sufficient for you to enjoy all its benefits. What benefits are these? The compound works as Nitric Oxide, an excellent vasodilator. Its presence in this compound enhances blood flow in your muscles. They’ll consequently be receiving sufficient oxygen and other nutrients boosting their health and growth. All these are internal benefits that you can’t see, but there is something else. Something that is visible and very motivating to any athlete and this is Muscle Pumps. Once the compound starts working in your system, you’ll be able to see your muscles pumping more rigorously, and we all know how fantastic this site is.
  • Creatine Monohydrate – Creatine is essential in helping your muscles to store up some energy and power. This keeps your muscles ready whenever called upon and it should help you gain bigger muscles in a much shorter time. The compound, at 3 grams, is adequately dosed to deliver the desired results.
  • Beta Alanine – A few hours into a workout session muscles are likely to witness an accumulation of lactic acid. This results in fatigue and muscle soreness all of which will not only make it impossible for you to carry on with your workouts but also turn your recovery sessions into a complete nightmare. This is a problem that most supplements have been unable to address but not God of Rage pre workout. With Beta-Alanine, accumulation of lactic acid is hugely slowed down. The pH levels in your muscles will also be lowered. In the end, you’ll enjoy longer hours of workouts and shorter periods of recovery, and all this will be achieved without compromising the health of your muscles. There are 2.5 grams of Beta Alanine in the supplement which is within the recommended dosages
  • Caffeine – Caffeine is great in promoting fat burning, boosting metabolism and focus. If you are sensitive to caffeine, then you might have a problem with its presence here because there is 300mg of it! Its, however, a fantastic addition if your body is tolerant to caffeine.
  • Agmatine Sulfate – This ingredient has various health benefits the majority of which are within cognitive functions. It will improve your brain’s performance, mood, reduce your stress levels and then go ahead to boost strength and overall wellness. In the end, therefore, the compound will not just give you strength and good health to go to the gym but will also make sure you are adequately equipped mentally to handle everything the gym has to throw at you.

At 1 mg, Agmatine Sulfate is very well supplied.

Most of the other compounds used are stimulants. They include Theobromine (200mg), Synephrine (65mg), 1,3-Dimethylamylamine (60mg), Yohimbine HCL (2mg), Mucuna Pruriens, Higenamine, Vitamins B6, B12, C and D and Hordenine.

How do you use God of Rage?

As we have already told you, the supplement is rich in stimulants and as we all know these compounds are a variable thing. For any beginner, therefore, it is vital that you start at low dosages of around half a spoon mixed with water and taken 30 minutes before working out. After you’ve gauged your tolerance, you can gradually increase the dosage to one full spoon. This is the recommended dosage, and you’d be crazy to increase it any further considering how rich in stimulants the supplement is.

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Any Potential side effects?

Yes, all supplements come with possible side effects, and God of rage pre workout is no different. This supplement has lots of stimulants dosed at high levels which can be a cause for concern. Some of the adverse effects you may experience include jittery, irritability, skin flushing, dizziness, nausea anxiety, heart palpitation, etc. If you find your body’s tolerance level for this supplement, you should be able to use it without experiencing these problems.

Where can I Buy God of Rage?

God of Rage pre workout is available on multiple online shops. A 33 serving tub can retail for $35 to $50 depending on the retailer. You, therefore, just have to look around and find the right price but you should also be keen to make sure it’s of the right quality.

The verdict on God of Rage pre workout

God of rage is without a single doubt a highly intensive supplement that will shoot your energy levels off the roof. The formula has all the right stimulants supplied at adequate levels to deliver the needed results. The compounds are also well studied, and hence we are not talking about a speculative or experimental product. All you have to do is get the right balance where your body gets tolerant of the chemicals used, and you’ll start enjoying its benefits in no time without worrying about the side effects.

User Reviews

God of rage pre workout has been around for some time now, and several people have been lucky enough to use it and here are their thoughts on its performance:

“As an avid user of pre-workout powders for over 15 years, God of Rage pre workout is the only one I never had to use more than one scoop. I’m now on my 6th container of God of Rage pre workout and still only one scoop. It truly is the greatest one designed ever, and I have tried most on the market. I like high stim powders so to those who are sensitive, I wouldn’t recommend. I get a good kick of energy for approximately 5 hours from 1 scoop. The focus is amazing.” By Jeremy Pezzeca

“There are only two other pre-workouts that can even somewhat compete with this but are either always out of stock or are double the price. This stuff is incredible, and it always ships to me two days before scheduled time, thank you, thank you, thank you!” By Kyle Moss

“Tastes great. Help get my body fat low while gaining incredible strength. My number 1 pre-workout.” By Chrikritze

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