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Golo Weight Loss Review 2018- Is it a scam? (Updated July 2019)

What is Golo Diet? 

Have you tried out the Golo diet yet? In case you haven’t then you are on the safe side. This is because the Golo diet plan isn’t what people and the online reviews say about it. It is not safe as it doesn’t contain natural ingredients, but high chemicals and additives that will not have any effect on your weight loss. Since it is not purely natural, the diet will have a number of side effect on the user. Besides this, it is not elementary to follow and never expect any positive outcome in the 30- days. Don’t try this since it is a real scam and you will dearly regret.

They claim that Golo.com diet is the leading three-part diet weight loss plan that you can now find on the market. The plan aids in improving your overall health, breaking of insulin, and enhancing the process of losing belly fat. With this, you will be able to achieve your weight loss goals sooner than you may expect though hasn’t been approved. Besides aiding in weight loss, the Golo review shows that it contains ingredients that aid in reducing the risk factor for some diseases but doesn’t work. This is the reason why the plan will improve your overall health condition. It is tricky to follow a diet plan that has been refused by different doctors to deliver quality and quick results. Due to its ineffectiveness, it will not help you to lose between 10 lbs. to 50 lbs as they say within just 30-days. These are just claims meant to lure you to buy the supplement. It is a no-working diet plan that will deteriorate your health and never expect any change in your weight.

Golo Weight loss Reviews

From a number of the Golo diet reviews, they have included a number of ingredients that they claim to be all natural. Here is a detailed golo review of all its scam ingredients.

  • Barberry Bark Extract 

This is one of the key ingredients that aids in enhancing the health condition of your heart. Apart from this, it is also responsible for improving the blood circulation as it restores the tissues cells. It also plays a great role in weight loss by minimizing the accumulation of fat and controlling the blood sugar levels.

  • Banaba Leaf 

The banaba leaf is known for its high corosolic acid concentration. The acid is also helpful in regulating your blood sugar level. This means that it is perfect for treating diabetes. It is also rich in antioxidants, which will improve your overall health condition. Lastly, it aids in regulating the absorption of carbohydrates and transfer of sugar to the body tissues.

  • Rhodiola 

This is an herbal ingredient that works by enhancing the nervous system to relieve depression. It is also ideal for boosting the levels of glycogens and the metabolic system that aids the body to lose weight.

  • Apple Polyphenol 

This is a rich antioxidant, which is responsible for enhancing the overall body health.

  • Berberine HCl

This is a powerful ingredient that is known for minimizing the blood glucose and inflammation. This is because of its anti-diabetic properties.

  • Chromium and Zinc Oxide

It also contains 70 mcg of chromium that is used to control the blood sugar level; hence will greatly boost your weight loss. Apart from this, it has about 5 mg of Zinc Oxide, which is responsible for maintaining the normal testosterone levels and improving the immune system.

Apart from the above ingredients, it also includes a number of additives and chemicals. This is the reason why you will never achieve anything positive with the supplement.

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Does Golo.com Diet Plan Work?

NO, the supplement doesn’t work at all. All the claimed ingredients don’t form part of the supplement.

During weight loss, the body will require more energy to aid in the burning of calories, mostly around the belly. The golo diet plan contains the barberry extract that is responsible for improving the blood circulation to all parts of the body. This means that more oxygen will be supplied to boost the process of burning fat. The fat isn’t converted into energy that is used up by the body. Unfortunately, it doesn’t deliver as claimed.

Besides this, they also say that contains a number of healthy ingredients which are responsible for boosting the immune system. A strong immune system is very important when losing weight as it will enhance the process of weight loss. None of this has been achieved with the supplement ever.

They also say that it will work by improving your health. Golo review also explains how the diet will improve your overall health. To begin with, it contains the banana leaf, which is known for regulating the blood sugar. This makes it easy for the body to manage conditions like high blood pressure. The same ingredient also aids in treating diabetes but none is present. This clearly shows that the golo diet plan isn’t ideal for all the diabetic individuals.

Lastly, they claim that it will improve your health by taking care of your heart, which has never happened with the supplement. This is the worst weight loss diet plan that you will find very unsuitable as it doesn’t deliver more than expected. Since it doesn’t work, these are just claims of how it is expected to work, though it doesn’t deliver any result.

Golo Reviews

The golo diet plan contains the main components of the diet, which have no specific role in your weight loss. Here are the three components, which have no effect on your health or weight loss, but claimed to work as follows.

Supplement Release

This is one of the components with up to 10 all natural ingredients. With this, it will assure you of no side effect as it is free from additives and chemicals. This component will aid the body to generate energy that is needed during the weight loss period. This is because it processes the glucose and turns them into energy. Besides this, it also helps in maintaining a constant production of insulin in the body, which will help in reducing the presence of unhealthy fat. It also reduces the production of cortisol hormone that is responsible for enhancing your moods. Based on the outcome, none of these really happens.

Metabolic Fuel Matrix 

This is another important component of the Golo weight loss plan. It is meant for hindering the user of the diet from consuming the processed butter, pasta, and bread. It will also prevent you from counting calories. It will offer you a seven-day start kit, which will provide you with adequate time to implement the plan.

The Golo.com Roadmap 

During weight loss, there are certain habits that you must avoid to achieve your weight loss plan. With the Golo.com Roadmap, you will be guided on the specific tips and habits you need to keep off from. This makes it simpler to lose weight sooner than expected with the Golo.com weight loss diet plan.

Does it have any Benefits? 

Unfortunately, there are no benefits of using the golo diet plan. Here are some of the reason why you need to keep off from using Golo diet.

Poor Health Condition

In most cases, a number of users buy this high-quality diet plan to lose weight that they never achieve. Apart from aiding to lose weight, the diet plan is also said to improve your overall health. Since it doesn’t contain the claimed ingredients, it will not keep your insulin level under control. This means that you will have a poor metabolic system that has no effect on your aging process among others. Besides controlling the insulin level, they also claim that it aids in treating diabetes. This isn’t the case because it doesn’t contain the banana leaf

No Change in Weight

This is the primary function of the Golo diet plan. The supplement release, which is one of the three components which are thought to contains up to 10 all natural ingredients, which are totally absent. This means that it won’t boost your weight loss but expect several side effect. It doesn’t convert the glucose into energy, but fat; hence it will not enhance your weight loss. This is a product you never need to think about buying.

Doesn’t Increase Body Energy 

Do you wish to lose weight effortlessly? In case you do, then try out other weight loss supplements. This is because the Golo diet is all a scam that will also worsen your condition. Instead of converting the glycogen into energy, it turns them into fat. This means that you will always feel exhausted and less energized when using the supplement.

Doesn’t Maintains Testosterone Levels

As one age, the level of testosterone hormones in the body will begin to decline. This means that you will have a reduced overall performance. The Golo.com diet claims to aid in maintaining the levels of testosterone that is not the case. This is because it lacks the ingredients responsible for maintaining the testosterone.

Not Safe as said 

A number of the golo weight loss reviews claims that it contains a number of healthy ingredients but this is not the case. This is because it contains a number of additives and chemicals that will lead to a number of side effects. Kindly keep off from this product.

How to Use Golo

Based on Golo reviews , they recommend that you need to strictly adhere to the 30-day plan. There is no specific information about the required dose and they also claim that you should do more exercise while using it. This clearly shows that everything about the Golo review you will find online is a scam.

Supplement Release

Golo Reviews

There are a number of users who have tried the supplement and these are some of what a number of them had to say;

Never buy since it is a real scam

I got to learn about the golo diet plan online after reading a number of golo.com diet reviews. After trying it out, I was really disappointed because I was able to achieve my weight loss goal. I experienced different side effects like dizziness, fatigue, and nausea.

This is a very disappointing product

The Golo reviews are all scam because the supplement doesn’t work as advertised. It is hard to follow and doesn’t deliver quality results. Please never try this because it will really disappoint.

  • Not All-natural

When I made up my mind to cut out some weight, I was recommended by someone to try out the Golo.com diet. After going through various golo weight loss reviews, I thought it would deliver just as advertised. They claim that it only contains natural ingredients, though this is not the case. After using it for 30 days, I really regretted no positive results. I can only see my belly increasing.

  • The Worst Weight Loss Plan Ever

I never believe a number of online adverts about weight loss products, but the golo weight loss reviews are extreme. This is because even after using it for the required time, it showed no change at all. This product doesn’t worth the price.

  • Don’t Try!!!

Do you want to lose weight by the use of natural supplement? I highly advise you to try other supplements and NOT Golo diet. This is a real scam and a waste of money. It doesn’t improve any health or aid in weight loss and, therefore, never try it. It will only disappoint you.

Where to Buy Golo?

Do you really need to know where to buy this product? They always claim that you only need to buy it from the official website in order to keep off from fake products on the market. To make this clear, there isn’t any difference between buying from their official website and getting it from any other place. All the products are fake and don’t deliver any result.

From the above Golo.com reviews, it is very clear that it doesn’t worth any cent and never give it a try. The ingredients that are claimed to be part of the product are a real scam and this is the reason why it never delivers. A number of users have tried it and no positive results from it. Since it is not even clear about the dosage, how do you start using such a product? There are some positive golo weight loss reviews online that have lured a number of people to try out the product and none of them has always achieved to lose weight. All they have reported are side effects, no change after use, and much more. Never try out the product since it doesn’t work as advertised.


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