The Best Gym Bag To Buy in 2018 (Updated July 2019)

What is a Gym bag

It is a large cylindrical bag made with thick fabric and is usually used to carry equipment especially by people going to the gym enthusiasts.

Features of a Gym Bag

They are usually in big sizes so you have to choose the right size for you according to your taste and preference. They have a shoulder strap made from high-quality material and the main handle that goes out till the bottom of the bag for extra support and can also function in the absence of a suitcase. They are manufactured using high-density water-resistant material that makes it able to withstand cruel weather and less likely to wear and tear.

They are made of a high-density polyester material that makes it more durable and last longer and is easy to fold and store when, not in use and can be used as a laundry compartment.It has a stylish design that can brighten your mood when going to workout or traveling with it. Has an 80-liter capacity that can double down as a sports and gym bag as well as a travel bag

The bag has a zippered pocket on the interior side and an exterior pocket that offers quick access to smaller items such as loose change, keys and lip balm. The top loop handlers which are inbuilt can be used for lifting and carrying weight easily

Has 6000 cubic inches which make it ideal for storage and traveling because these cubic inches offer more space and can be folded into its inbuilt zippered self-sack and that saves storage space. It is durable and anti-tearing because of its 100% polyester surface fabric with water resistance artificial coating lining.

They have a heavy duty buckle made with steel to keep your shoulders secure with three zippered exterior pockets with a water bottle compartment.

What to Look Out for When Purchasing a Gym Bag

The material of the gym bag might vary because some are in leather, nylon, and canvas. Leather gym bag tends to be a little heavy compared to the others when you want to carry items and people tend to prefer nylon material because they are waterproof and are more durable.

Gym bags made from canvas tend to be more preferred because it can be used for a variety of uses such as gym purposes and also can be used to as a beach bag because of its size. The design also determines what kind of gym bag one should purchase especially when you are into a certain activity such as martial arts, yoga.

What you need the bag for cause they tend to vary in size from small to large and one needs to ask themselves several questions like if the small gym bag will be able to accommodate all a person equipment and if a larger size would be a safer bet because it can double up for travelling and also as a workout bag

The handles and straps should also be considered in terms of preference because others tend to prefer straps that one can sling on one shoulder and others two straps that can accommodate the weight of the stuff in the gym bag.

Advantages of a Gym Bag

They offer more space especially for people who are in the military or athletes whereby they can carry their equipment.

Gym bags offer bigger spaces with less weight on your back especially for people who are advanced in age and are having back problems. They can be either carried across the body, the entire upper half body or on either shoulder and can support the bag without putting a strain on particular parts.

They are less complicated to figure out compared to backpacks especially if u want something simple and a go-to bag without any complications and can add more flair and can be carried while wearing a variety of outfits and are often more the go-to bags compared to backpacks

One can be able to sling their bags in confined spaces especially when in overcrowded buses, trains and one doesn’t need to twist their body in order to remove them

They are usually manufactured such that they are light in weight and are easy to carry and also access your stuff very easily. They offer a lot of room and some are manufactured using leather and are very easy to clean. They are very flexible and are capable of squeezing into tight storage spaces.

They are made in such a way that they offer comfortability and can be carried in almost any situation because of their different diversity and ranges. The ability to be able to be flexible makes them the ideal bag for a number of different situations. They are also very accessible and are considered to be a handy piece of luggage to have around. They are great for people who like to travel overnight and quick getaways and also road trips and a great accessory that can be carried to the beach and they make a perfect gym bag as they offer a lot of space and easy to clean and also lug them over your shoulder when going on a business trip.

How to Use this Product

When preparing to go to the gym ensure you purchase a large bag made with a high-quality polyester material because they are durable and some are waterproof. Take your water bottle and fill it with water and place it the water bottle compartment for when you are perched during your workout sessions and also bring a healthy snack or two like a banana, granola bar to keep your energies up during and after a workout session.

Keep a towel in the bag because after a workout you might need to hit the shower and not stink up the whole area with your stinky armpits and also a tub of lotion and a deodorant might come in handy after your shower routine. Ensure you have a plastic bag for storing your dirty clothes after your workout but some gym bags have a different compartment set aside for dirty clothes and the compartment is breathable.

Types of Gym Bags

  • Squared gym bags – It is a box-shaped rectangular bag with a side zipper closure and the separate zippered compartments on the end can be used to keep your stuff organized. It is made using plastic rigid backed woven polyester that has a wired plastic piping on the outside to make them look more rigid. Most preferred bag for military personnel because it has a foam padding that can be customized with inserts for placing ammunition and weapons.
  • Barrel gym bags – This is a cloth tubed shaped bag with straps and is of two varieties the top closure and a side zipper closure. The top closure bag has an opening at the top with a drawstring closure and they are usually large in size and are often used by military personnel to carry their equipment.T he side zipper closure is made with polyester which is woven and backed with plastic and are smaller in size compared to top closure and are a preferred  bag for athletes because they can be used to carry their sports gear the only downside to this bag is that it tends to get disorganized because of lack of compartments
  • Wheeled gym bag – This is a gym bag with a zipper that is u shaped running at the length of the top of the bag with a very rigid bottom and a wide opening. It has different sections that can be expanded into large bags and has inbuilt wheels on the underside to make locomotion easier when carrying heavy goods.
  • King Kong Jnr Bag – It is made with a highly abrasion resistant material that is impossible to rip and is double stitched and made with 1000D nylon which makes this bag water resistant with two individual seal shoe compartment  and ultra tough 10YKK zippers  The heavy duty buckle made with steel helps to keep your shoulder safe and secure . It also has four accessory pockets to organize your equipment, clothes
  • Wand foldable bag – It is a versatile bag that can be used for travelling, gym and a shopping bag . Has a compact folding design with a 2400 cubic inches and 40 liters of storage space  Made with high density polyester material that makes this bag lightweight, affordable, tear and water resistant . It contains a strap that can be slid over the luggage and a front compartment for your clothing, gear, and additional storage


The gym bag prices will vary from one to another due to different features,quality,size  that set them apart and also the company that manufactured the gym bags .It is always recommended to check out sites like Amazon because they offer gym bags from various companies with different price range that will suite your needs and wants

Bottom Line

Before you decide to purchase a Gym bag ensure that you look into some factors such as how big is the bag, the texture and material of the product and also the price tag of the kind of bag you want to buy, This will help you choose the Gym  to suite your needs.

There is a very wide variety of Gym bags available in the market. You should take your time in selecting the best by going through their features and what they offer.







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