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Gym Bags For Women Review 2018 (Updated July 2019)

The Best Gym Bags for Women

A gym bag is a necessity for women now as many set out on the fitness journey. Regardless of one’s needs, there is a gym bag that will fit every woman’s need and style. Just because it’s a gym bag that is going to carry damp workout clothes and sweaty sneakers does not mean it cannot look fashionable and edgy, a reflection of a woman’s personal style.

Gym bags vary depending on an individual’s workout routine. For example, one who works out in the morning then heads to the office after may see a chic carryall as a necessity. A decent gym bag is important if one works out after office hours. Some of us may prefer a bag which has only one compartment that easily fits everything, while others may prefer one that is more organized and compartmentalized with dividers, pouches and extra pockets.

Regardless of one’s sport, style or level of orderliness, there is a bag that will suit your needs.

Features of a Gym Bag

It contains a zippered pocket with an interior side and an exterior pocket that offers quick access to smaller items such as keys and balm. It is a great bag for workout, travel, sports, and hiking. It is durable due to the anti-tearing polyester which was sewn into the fabric to be able to be water resistant and also impossible to rip and tear.

They are usually large rectangular shaped with 6000 and more cubic inches which are very ideal for storage and traveling purposes because it is lightweight yet durable.

Types of Gym Bags

There is a wide range of variety for gym bags and are as follows:

Duffel Bag

This is a large cylindrical bag made of cloth or fabric. The duffel or duffle bag gets its name from Duffel; a town in Flanders, Belgium, where the thick material used to make it emerged from in the 17th century.

Advantages of the Duffel Bag

It has plenty of space in it and easily fits all the essentials that one may want to carry even without arranging them.

It is usually light in weight and easy to carry around.

It is very easy to access the contents of the bag because of its large space.

Examples of Duffel Bags

  • Novel Duffel bag- This bag is from Herschel Supply Co.  The exterior looks nice and compact while offering much room on the inside. It comes with a separate lined compartment for one to store an extra pair of shoes or sneakers.
  • Vooray Roadie Gym Duffel– It stands out from most bags as it comes in a variety of colorful patterns, including a beautiful floral print. It has plenty of space on the inside for one essential. The bag is durable as it has been reinforced with metal clips and zippers.
  • Dagne Dover Large Duffel Bag– This bag has plenty of space as the sides of the bag are expandable. This bag is just the right size to fit into a gym locker and can be big enough to carry all your necessities while traveling, making it a versatile bag. The inside is designed with removable pockets and is compartmentalized, thereby keeping all your things organized. This also makes it less stuffy on the inside.
  • Adidas Squad 3 Duffle– This is a solid gym bag that comes with a side-pocket where one can keep shoes, a mesh pocket that can hold a water bottle and the main compartment that can carry all other items one may have.

Backpack Bag

This is a large bag that is used to carry items on your back and has shoulder straps to support it. It is also known as the rucksack and has been in use since the 1930s, with many modifications over the years.

Advantages of the Backpack

They help you stay organized and it is easy to know where everything is.

Disadvantages of the Backpack

Carrying backpacks long –term can lead to health concerns like back, neck and shoulder spasms. The straining of muscles is often associated with the regular carrying of backpacks

Examples of Backpacks

Sweaty Betty All Sport Backpack– This is a very stylish bag that one can carry to the gym, office and even on an evening out. It has plenty of zippered pockets to keep one’s belongings well organized. It is made of neoprene fabric which gives it durability and versatility. An extra feature of this bag is a yoga mat strap which makes it an ideal bag for all those that love yoga.

Adidas Sport ID Sack pack– This bag is made of waterproof zippers, has soft shoulder straps and a number of compartments on the inside to carry clothes, a water bottle and shoes. It is a comfortable bag to carry.

Vooray Stride Cinch Top Backpack- This bag has plenty of space on the inside, it has padded straps that make it comfortable to carry and an inner pocket that allows one to carry extra items.

Tote Bags

This is a compact bag that you carry on one shoulder. The design of this bag is simple and is made from stitching one material on two sides, with looped handles being attached on each side of the opening.

Advantages of the Tote Bag

This is a multi-functional bag that one can carry to the gym or office. One is not restricted with its use.

It comes in stylish designs and colors and is ideal for the fashion cautious woman.

Disadvantages of the Tote Bag

The bag cannot carry items with too much weight.

It is not durable for long-term use.

Examples of Tote Gym Bags

Under Armour UA All Day Tote– This bag has good space in it and comes with multiple pockets to keep all essentials organized. It also made of water-resistant material.

The Athleta Perfect Tote– This bag is made of perforated neoprene which is also water resistant, keeping it light and aired. It comes with two detachable bags, making it ideal to separate workout outfit from other items in the bag.

Adidas Studio Hybrid Tote– It is a compact bag with an outer pocket with a zipper to hold keys, while the inner compartment holds the gym gear. It has a very trim look and is a good way to stand out from the crowd.

Lululemon Go Getter Bag-This bag has plenty of space and has a pocket that is heat- resistant where one can pack a hair straightener for example. It has a laptop pocket and a spacious exterior pocket that would be ideal to carry sweaty clothes after a workout. This bag can be used not only to go to the gym but for a weekend getaway or daily use.

Yoga Mat Bags

These are bags are essential when heading for yoga practice in order to carry a yoga mat.

Advantages of Yoga Mat Bags

  • It is lightweight
  • It is easy to carry since you just sling it on the shoulder.
  • Suitable size for the mat can be selected.

Disadvantages of Yoga Mat Bags

One cannot carry many items with most of these bags.

Examples of Yoga Mat Bags

Gaiam Tote– This is the ideal bag to carry a yoga mat. The interior part is lined with sweat-absorbing nylon, keeping the bad dry even when carrying sweat-filled items. It has extra space to fit more items like a phone or keys.

Yogii Yoga Mat Bag– It has wide dimensions and can fit any size of the mat. It is made out of high-quality canvas and comes fitted with a steady zipper making the mat secure

How to Use this Product

When preparing to go to the gym ensure you purchase a large bag made with a high-quality polyester material because they are durable and some are waterproof. Take your water bottle and fill it with water and place it the water bottle compartment for when you are perched during your workout sessions and also bring a healthy snack or two like a banana, granola bar to keep your energies up during and after a workout session.

Keep a towel in the bag because after a workout you might need to hit the shower and not stink up the whole area with your stinky armpits and also a tub of lotion and a deodorant might come in handy after your shower routine. Ensure you have a plastic bag for storing your dirty clothes after your workout but some gym bags have a different compartment set aside for dirty clothes and the compartment is breathable.


Prices vary depending on the design, size, and quality of the bag that one may want. It is recommended that you use the links provided in order to check out more information about the prices and get to purchase the product that will be best suitable for you.

Conclusion on gym bags for women

Going to the gym does not have to be a dull affair, what one carries can add style and flare to an activity that is so important for general overall health. One can look good and feel good with the right accessory.

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