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The Best Gym Shorts To Buy In 2018 (Updated July 2019)

Gym Shorts Overview

Gym shorts are a piece of attire worn by people when they are exercising. Traditionally, gym shorts have been worn by men as early as the 1930s. With time, women began to wear them in order to guarantee more comfort at the gym and as a fashion statement as well. Men’s shorts during this time were typically very short and “Bermuda” or “baggy shorts” as we know them today was popularized by the renowned basketball player; Michael Jordan in a Nike commercial which he did in 1988 with the famous producer, Spike Lee. The trend of the baggy short was further popularized by basketball teams and was quickly adapted within the NBA as the standard outfit, before spreading out to other sports and becoming worldwide phenomena for the choice of sportswear for men.

Features of Gym Shorts

  • Fabric- Depending on one’s preference, there are a variety of fabrics/ materials used to make gym shorts. These materials are:
  • Nylon– This is a preferred fabric for gym shorts because it is a soft synthetic fabric that breathable, it absorbs sweat from the skin onto the fabric’s surface where it evaporates, it dries quickly and is mildew resistant. This fabric has the ability to stretch and recover ensuring that the clothes move with you as you workout.
  • Cotton– It absorbs sweat from the body with ease. As a result of absorbing and retaining moisture, one feels stinky as the sweat does not quickly go away.
  • Bamboo– Bamboo pulp produces a fabric that is breathable and light, it regulates your body temperature, it is soft on the skin and can protect your skin from ultraviolet rays. It is usually mixed with organic wool, spandex, and cotton to make many of the popular brands of workout clothes.
  • Polyester– This is the most popular material used to make workout clothes. It is widely used because it is lightweight, breathable, durable, and wrinkle-resistant, it does not absorb moisture, therefore keeping one dry as the moisture will evaporate. The main disadvantage with polyester is that being a synthetic material, it creates a conducive environment for the growth of bacteria as it does not dry quickly like other materials like nylon.
  • Polypropylene– This material is made of plastic, and is completely water resistant. Polypropylene allows moisture to go through its fibers, releasing it to the surface of the fabric where it can evaporate.
  • Spandex– This is a synthetic fabric that allows workout clothes to expand. Its benefit is that allows for unrestricted movement. It accumulates moisture and dries quickly, making it a basic fabric for workout gear.
  • TencelThis material is made from wood pulp and is similar to bamboo. Tencel has small fibrils that give the material a smooth texture and absorbs moisture well. This material is biodegradable, wrinkle-resistant and is breathable. This material is popular for making form-fitting workout clothes.
  • X-static– This fabric is interlaced with silver (the metal), which is antimicrobic that ensures the prevention of the growth of fungi and bacteria. Clothes made from this fabric are durable. This material is quickly becoming popular.
  • Fitting of the Clothes– It is advisable to try on the gym shorts before making a purchase or if shopping online, know your exact size. Your performance while working out relies on how well your clothes fit. Whether the fitting of the short is tight or loose will impact your performance.
  • Control of Sweat– The degree to which one’s gym shorts can absorb moisture is worth considering. Breathable materials for one’s shorts will allow one to reach fitness goals without sweat becoming a constant hindrance. The word Dry Fit is popularly used by most brands and all serve the same purpose.
  • The flow of Air– The gym shorts need to allow continuous flow of air to keep one dry and cool. Proper ventilation will not retain bad odor regardless of how bad one sweats.
  • Value vs Price- All customers are mindful of the price of an item. However, one should consider the value the item will be bringing them. All factors should be considered in order to determine that the value is worth the stated price.

Extra Features- This includes zipper pockets or back pockets. Runners may require an outfit with this feature in order to carry an iPod for example, when running.

Advantages of Gym Shorts

Flexibility Gym shorts allow one to move around, work out in different postures without any restriction, unlike pants. Air circulation Since they do not cover the legs entirely, gym shorts allow for air to circulate freely within one’s body, allowing one to stay refreshed as they carry out their workout. Weather friendly This is the go-to attire during summer and spring when the sun is out. Practicality Gym shorts are more practical for cyclists and those who undertake exercises that involve the bicycle. Unlike long baggy pants, where the hem keeps getting caught up in the bike pedals, gym shorts do not have this problem, and one can enjoy cycling without unnecessary distraction. Fashionable Gym shorts are the current trend in workout gear due to their versatility.

Disadvantages of Gym Shorts

Weather restrictionGym shorts are restricted by the seasons. They cannot be worn during winter because of the cold weather. Cultural Barrier- Because they expose the legs, gym shorts may be viewed as indecent in cultures where a showing of the legs is taboo especially for women.

How to Use this Product

Gym shorts are an article of clothing that is worn specifically when one is undertaking a physical activity at the gym or home, both indoor and outdoor like running, karate, boxing, palates, and weightlifting among many others.

Gym shorts are designed to be worn when performing physical activity especially working out, either outdoors or at the gym. This way, one can work out without any restraints.

The Various Types of Gym Shots

For Men

Old Navy 9 Go Dry Running Shorts- These shorts do not have a liner. They have a comfortable fitting around the waist, sweat easily drips off them and have side vents which are helpful when one is doing squats for example. They are not too short as they end just above the knee. As the name suggests, these shorts are ideal for running.

Nike Men’s 8 Flex Hyperspeed Woven Shorts– They are breathable, light, stretchy and have no lining.

Lululemon 9” Pace Breaker Shorts- These shorts are just above the knee, and are ideal for yoga as they have a loose fit and they stay in place without pinching regardless of the posture one takes during yoga.  It has an inner liner with moisture-wicking abilities.

Under Armour Men Launch 7” Shorts– These thigh-length shorts give a free range of motion and are comfortable to wear when performing diverse workout routines.

Adidas 4KRFT Climalite Graphic Shorts– These are loose fitting shorts, are lightweight and come fitted with pockets that are perfect for carrying keys, phone among other items.

Hybrid Vent v.3.5-  These shorts are popular among those who perform CrossFit because of their stretchiness allowing a wide range of motion and are made of a quick-drying material which does not retain sweat.

For Women

Lululemon Hotty Hot Short II Long- This short was designed especially for running, and is lightweight, keeping the body cool while performing various workout activities. It has a built-in liner to provide extra coverage when performing exercises that require bending, like stretches before running. It has a fabric designed to wick away sweat and allow airflow through the body. Best of all, it has a small seam pocket where one can carry a locker key when working out at the gym.

CEP Loose-Fit shorts– These are baggy shorts that do not cling to the body as one runs or jumps. They are fitted with a thick elastic waistband that keeps everything intact when working out and has a v-notch that flatters the legs making them look elongated.

Nike Pro Women’s 5– These comfortable shorts keep one covered from all angles, and the material wicks away moisture, keep one dry throughout a workout.

HPE Elite Running Shorts with XT-Air– These shorts were designed with the runner in mind. They are made from a soft fabric that feels like silk with the silver technology incorporated, which inhibits the accumulation and growth of bacteria. It comes with a hidden pocket on the inside that allows you to carry any important item.


The prices of the gym shorts vary depending on the designer of the short, the quality and fabric used to make them. The links above are a guide on the prices of the shorts.


Staying fit and working out is essential to the health and well being of any individual. As one venture out into these activities, it is important to have the right gear in order to get maximum benefit out these activities. Gym shorts come in handy at this point and they are not limiting as to what activity one can undertake.

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