Gynostemma Review 2018 – Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)

Introduction to Gynostemma

The majestic herb named Gynostemma or Jiaogulan is one 100% Organic Chinese herb with no chemicals and no harmful additives. Gynostemma is grown in the high mountain areas by farmers without adding any pesticides and chemicals.  Additionally, this herb is naturally resistant to pesticides and is safe to use.

Everybody wants to live a healthy and disease-free life. The herb of immortality, Gynostemma has uncountable health benefits and is used as anti-oxidant. It strengthens the human immune system by improving the heart’s functionalities and controlling the high blood pressure. It removes stress and increases the endurance level effectively. With very lesser side effects, this natural herb is widely used to make medicines and tonics. As it has negligible side effects, people can use it on a regular basis and enjoy all the health benefits offered by it.



In western language, the fairy herb Gynostemma is commonly referred to as Jiaogulan. It is also popular as the herb of Immortality in China. This herb is used as sweet tea vine and is used to make many medicines. This is the most promising herb which is widely used to cure diseases. Gynostemma is not just an herb it’s a great treasure and the most precious gift given by nature to us. This herb is used as the more beneficiary medicine with numerous health benefits.

What is Gynostemma?

The Herb of Immortality, Gynostemma is an herb which belongs to the cucumber family. In China, people used to believe that this herb has a very important contribution to curing various diseases. Because of its healing power, it is known as the herb of immortality. If anybody wants to have a disease-free long life, then this herb is perfect for them. Because of its beneficiary and powerful anti-aging effects, it can make a person live a healthy life for a long time.

According to the science, Gynostemma among any other herbs is possibly the most useful and helpful herb in this world with so many health benefits. Gynostemma, with the most wide-ranging health benefits, is used to make medicines for the wellness of human health. This remarkable tonic herb is strong enough to cure various diseases effectively.

Where does Gynostemma grow?

The herb Gynostemma belongs to the family of Cucurbitaceae. Popularly known as Jiaogulan, this herbal plant is very useful for trauma management and has various medical usages. More than thirty species of this herb is popularly grown in the mountain areas of China, India, Korea, South Asia and Japan. This plant bears a very short lifetime and grows well in the areas where the soil is dry due to the heated climate. It does not grow in the areas where the climate is relatively cold due to very low temperatures.

Traditional use of Gynostemma:

The origin of the magical herb named Gynostemma is China and the people of China have been using this herb as a medicine for a long time. They make rejuvenating health tonics from this herb and drink this herb on a daily basis to lead a disease free life. People can drink the tonic as a tea to increase the body’s strength and endurance. This tonic promotes good sleep at night by removing all stress and fatigue from the body. Because of this magical tonic, the people from China face lower chances of cancer and other serious diseases and gain the strength to live a long life. This is considered to be the traditional green tea of China.

Chemicals found in Gynostemma:

The roots, leaves and aerial parts of the substance are used to make medicines. People might use the leaf of Gynostemma as green tea and drink it on a regular basis. Gynostemma contains many types of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, selenium, zinc, potassium with many health benefits.

The herb Gynostemma contains a high amount of saponins. Saponins are chemicals which include several health benefits and antioxidant properties of the herb. This chemical is really useful to control the production of Nitric Oxide in the human body. This chemical is responsible for all the healing and curing properties of Gynostemma. It enables the self-healing power of the human body by mobilizing the body’s intelligence to bring a broader impact.

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Taste of Gynostemma:

Gynostemma tastes slightly bitter and cold. It enters into the human body through the lung and heart channels. It eventually eliminates toxicity from the body by nourishing the body. It eventually increases the rate of generation of body fluids. It almost tastes like a green tea. The refreshing flavor of Gynostemma is a bit sweet with slightly bitter taste.

How does Gynostemma work?

Gynostemma is generally taken as a tea or tonic. It does not contain any toxic element and immediately starts to affect the body by removing all the toxicity from the body. The compound named cucurbitacin in Gynostemma carries impressive anti-oxidant properties with a slightly bitter and sweet taste.

Consumed as an herbal tea or tonic, this herb is also available in the forms of capsules and pills. Immediately after consumption, it starts its therapeutic actions in the body. It reduces heat and removes toxicity from the body. By promoting the fluid creation rate in the body, it increases the endurance level of a human being. It nourishes the body deeply by making it stronger and increasing the immunity system.

Normalizing effects of Gynostemma

Gynostemma brings great normalizing effects on the human body by removing stress and toxicity. It brings the body back to the normal state by restoring its functionalities, strength, and endurance. Normalizing effect means the capability to maintain normal psychological functionalities of the human body. To maintain normal body functions, Gynostemma strengthens multiple organs to function properly. Due to the normalizing effect, the high blood pressure reduces to a normal level and the high blood sugar level reduces to a normal level. Gynostemma energizes the body to maintain proper functionalities.

Not only in China, this herb is now used in Europe, Asia and many other places and thorough researches are going on to discover its working process completely. Many clinical studies are now being conducted to discover its working process and the source of its healing power. This herb with so many health benefits is capable of making the body stronger and self-capable. People can take it on a regular basis to stay healthy and fit.

Use or Dosage of Gynostemma

Though the people of China use the herb as the green tea on a regular basis, it can also be used to produce medicines and tonics. The roots of Gynostemma herb are widely used to make medicines and tonics. If somebody wants to have it as green tea on a regular basis, then he can use the leaves of Gynostemma herb to make tea. In the hot water, the leaves are put for 15 minutes. Then you can drink it as a tonic. This herb’s leaves can be used to make herbal tea blends and people can have the tea thrice a day regularly.

This herb is mostly used as a tea and as an adaptogen to remove the stress from the body. This herb goes really well with grape seed extract and acts as alleviating insulin resistant.  The researchers are going on to discover the various possibilities to use Gynostemma. But it is not tested for the drug to drug interactions.

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To help diabetic patients, the patients need to take 6gm of dry leaves of Gynostemma and make tea with it. They need to drink the tea thrice a day on a regular basis. Daily intake of this herbal tea will help the diabetic patients to maintain a normal glucose level in the body. This is considered to be the current best dosage to use Gynostemma to maintain diabetes. Ultimately, people can drink tea made by Gynostemma daily to lead a disease free long life. Will all its super health benefits, it protects the human body by increasing the immune system.

Pros to use Gynostemma:

With amazing and magical healing capabilities, this product has several health benefits. It strengthens the body, improving the endurance level. It is used to make tea, medicines, and tonics to cure people of various diseases. Here are some amazing pros to use Gynostemma:

  • To maintain diabetes

The herb can be used to maintain normal blood sugar level. The diabetic patients can drink the herbal tea thrice a day on a daily basis to maintain a normal blood sugar level. This herb effectively controls the high sugar level in type 2 diabetic patients. It reduces the high sugar level and helps to maintain a normal blood sugar level.

  • As an anti-oxidant to remove toxicity:

Gynostemma herb has super anti-oxidant properties and cleans toxicity from the body entirely. After consumption, it eventually increases the level of superoxide dismutase in the human body and this is a very powerful anti-oxidant enzyme. This enzyme works as a tumor inhibitor and thoroughly removes toxicity from the body. It protects the body from toxic elements by removing them immediately. It stimulates the production of the anti-oxidant enzyme in the human body to detox the body. It keeps on removing toxic elements until all of them are removed.

  • To boost the immune system:

It increases the immunity power of the human body by strengthening the immunity system. The human immune system is responsible to protect the body from harmful viruses, bacteria, and diseases. Because of rich anti-oxidant properties, the herb strengthens the human immune system by balancing the production of nitric oxide in the human body. This herb reduces the production of nitric oxide in the human body to prefect inflammation and other autoimmune diseases. It removes stress from the body by protecting it from harmful foreign invaders. Stronger immunity system can protect the body from dangerous diseases like cancer.

  • To strengthen the nervous system:

The Gynostemma has protecting power and it can enhance the functionalities of human nervous systems. This is possible due to its amazing antioxidant properties. It regulates the production of Nitric Oxide in human lives and strengthens the nervous system. It protects the body from several neurodegenerative diseases. It can effectively prevent diseases like Alzheimer and Parkinson. It improves brain’s functionalities by improving memory power.

  • As Adaptogen to remove stress:

Adaptogen is capable to bring the whole body into the proper functioning and the herb acts as an adaptogen. Adaptogen have several benefits including healthy liver, kidneys, and active cardiovascular system. It maintains the body to the optimal homeostasis. The adaptogenic compounds of the herb can lower high blood pressure by increasing endurance level.

This herb has anti-anxiety properties and extreme stress removal capabilities. It reduces physical as well as mental stress by bringing more energy in the body. It is useful to maintain normal dopamine levels in the body. It can reduce the stress level significantly and it is widely used to cure depression. The body becomes capable to deal with stressful activities by restoring its strength and endurance. This herb works great as an adaptogen to maintain the healthier cardiovascular system, livers, and kidneys.

  • To maintain normal blood pressure

The adaptogenic properties of Gynostemma help to maintain a normal blood pressure level by reducing the high blood pressure level. Gynostemma works as a nitric oxide regulator in the human body and this mechanism helps the body to maintain a normal blood pressure level.

  • To maintain cardiovascular functionalities:

Gynostemma brings several beneficial effects to maintain the proper cardiovascular functionalities. It increases the coronary blood flow and reduces heart rate by maintaining the right arterial pressure. It promotes the cardiovascular health by protecting it from strokes, heart attacks, and other blood vessel diseases. It stopes atherosclerosis by maintaining proper blood flow through the heart. It does not let the vessels to store fat or cholesterol and this maintains proper blood flow. Indirectly, it reduces serum cholesterol at an effective rate. This leads to lesser chances of heart attacks and strokes.

  • Anti-aging properties

Gynostemma eventually increases longevity by acting as an anti-aging solution. Instead of using anti-aging creams and Botox, people can use this herb on a regular basis to maintain healthy skin. If you would drink the Gynostemma tea or tonic on a regular basis, you would start looking younger and fresh. You will feel refreshed and healthy. This herb is highly effective to slow down the aging process by increasing longevity. The antioxidant properties of Gynostemma help to make the body toxic-free by making it appear younger.

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  • To prevent cancer:

Amazingly, Gynostemma has properties to prevent various cancers and is capable to fight cancer. It works effectively on various levels to prevent cancer from spreading. By increasing the immunity system, it prevents the spreading of cancer cells effectively. It reduces the growth of tumors to a great extent. The point to be noted, Gynostemma is not capable to cure cancer totally. It can only reduce the growth of tumors and cancer cells. It can’t be used as a stand-alone medical treatment to cure cancer.

  • For weight loss:

Gynostemma can be useful for overweight people to reduce their weight. By increasing the insulin sensitivity, it can promote weight loss. For this, the person must have gynostemma tea or tonic on a regular basis for at least two months.

Cons of using Gynostemma:

The herb gynostemma is relatively safe to use on a regular basis. It has several health benefits but still has some mild side effects. Using gynostemma in huge amount might lead to increased fatigue, dry throat and nose, lethargy and increased heartbeat. Till now, there is no such record of extreme side effects of using gynostemma. It reduces high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, and high blood sugar level. It is capable to prevent cancer by strengthening the immunity system. It maintains proper cardiovascular activities and keeps the heart, kidney, and livers healthy. It removes toxicity from the body. Due to so many health benefits, people can have Gynostemma tonic on a regular basis by neglecting the mild side effects. People can have gynostemma as tea thrice a day on a regular basis. This useful herb is now available in the form of pills and tonics.

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