HCGenerate Review 2019- Benefits & Side Effects-

What is HCGenerate?

Testosterone is one of the essential hormones, particularly in men, for a variety of reasons. Apart from boosting sexual performance, it also enhances strength in the person. there are many products on the market that aim to boost the production of testosterone in the body, but only a few deliver on the promise. HCGenerate looks a promising product, but is it really worth the hype? Let’s take a closer look.

HCGenerate is a product manufactured by “Need To Build Muscle”, but further details are not available. It is a standalone testosterone booster, which means that it does not need additional substances to perform well.


What does it claim to do?

HCGenerate does not boast to perform miracles, which is a good thing in the world of supplements. It aims to boost the synthesis of testosterone in the body, which means that your body is still going to do the hard work (with some help from the product). It is marketed as a completely organic drug, so it does not pose any risks or side-effects. Since it is classified as a holistic product, it is safe to assume that no artificial ingredients are added to it. The manufacturers aim the product to not just athletes and bodybuilders (who normally use testosterone boosters) but normal people.

What are the ingredients?

Finding the ingredients of HCGenerate is a tricky part. The label itself does not reveal much, so some further research was required. From what we could gather, HCGenerate contains the following ingredients:

  • Fadogia agrestis
  • Fenugreek Extract
  • 3,4 Divanillytahydrofuran
  • Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris
  • Vitamin E
  • Zinc


Sadly, however, the ingredients are not that special. Multiple studies, though not entirely conclusive, suggest that half the ingredients don’t have the effects they promise to provide. For instance, Tribulus Terrestris has been found to have no impact on testosterone levels. Fattoria agrestis do improve testosterone levels, but the amount included the drug is far less than what is required to have any visible impact.

Other ingredients that have a visible impact on testosterone levels (directly or indirectly), like Vitamin E and Zinc, could be found in standalone supplements and even daily diet too.

How to take it?

The product that is in the market is a bottle containing 150 capsules. Prescription on the bottle suggests taking 5 pills every day, though there is no mention of the duration for which the pills must be consumed.

Who shouldn’t take it?

HCGenerate advises the following people to not consume the product:

  • The woman, since testosterone is a minor hormone in women and higher levels can lead to harmful side-effects.
  • People under the age of 18, which is a piece of generic advice for all kinds of supplements.
  • People suffering from heart diseases, cancer of any type, kidney problems, abnormal thyroid, enlarged prostate, liver problems, and low cholesterol.
  • People who are already taking another prescription drug must consult a physician or their doctor before taking the pills.

Apart from that, there are further warnings against taking more than 5 pills daily or taking the pills for more than 12 weeks.

What are the benefits?

The following benefits are claimed by the company and reported by some customers:

  • Increase in the sexual drive and libido, enabling better performance during sex.
  • Reducing the extent of erectile dysfunction in people who are suffering from the condition.
  • Preventing any loss of muscle mass in bodybuilders after stopping the use of steroids.
  • Better mood, as opposed to the usual symptom of dark mood caused by hormone boosters and steroids.

Another advantage that could be attributed to HCGenerate is the use of completely organic ingredients in the product, most of which are natural and pose no risky side-effects.

Some users mentioned that HCGenerate also aids in weight loss. Since HCGenerate boosts testosterone and higher testosterone is a factor in the increased fat loss, it could be concluded that the product aids in weight loss.

What are the cons of HCGenerate?

There are not many cons to HCGenerate, largely because the product does not make any extraordinary claims. Most of the effects are either common or unquantifiable.

The company mentions some side-effects that might occur with the use of the product, and concurred by customers:

  • Some people might suffer from acne, which is largely due to the change in testosterone levels. This is similar to teenager boys getting acne when they go through puberty and there is an increase in testosterone in their body.
  • There are chances of hyper-increase in the sex drive. It means that you would feel the urge to have sex more than usual, which is not always a good thing. It can lead to distraction and even headaches.
  • The increase in testosterone might be beyond the required limit, leading the hyper level of testosterone in the body.

Apart from this, the following cons were suggested by users:

  • Many people felt no change in their testosterone levels whatsoever, as confirmed by medical reports.
  • The shipping is restricted to the USA alone and even then not accessible to everyone. The company gives no refunds for products bought from anywhere apart from their authorized distributors.
  • The price is quite higher than products which promise similar benefits. Multiple customers have complained that the benefits do not justify the price, and they were hoping for more.
  • Many people suffered a headache, nausea and gas problems after consuming the product. The side-effects, though common in many testosterone boosters, were not listed by the company on the product.

The Verdict

To begin with, you need to compare the pros against the cons.

HCGenerate claim multiple benefits, though none of them are miraculous or exclusive, and are pretty generic for testosterone-boosting drugs. Some of the benefits are even true, like increased libido and retention of muscle mass.

However, most of the benefits were not common enough to be considered the authentic feature of the product. While some people did mention an increase in strength, sex drive and in penis/testes size, many others felt no difference whatsoever. The ingredients in the product have no conclusive evidence to prove that they deliver what they promised.

The one saving grace HCGenerate has is perhaps the fact that the ingredients are organic and do not have any drastic side-effect. But then again, this is exactly why they have none or minimal impact on the level of testosterone.

On the other hand, the side-effect of nausea was common to many customers. Furthermore, the price was one thing that almost every user complained about.

Thus, the final verdict goes AGAINST the product. HCGenerate does provide some benefits, but fail to deliver on many others. At its price (and even less), there are many products on the market that offer the same benefits and are much more authentic.

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