Hexarelin Review 2018 -Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)

What is Hexarelin?

Hexarelin is a Growth Hormone releasing peptide (GHRP). Hexarelin stimulates the Pituitary gland and hypothalamus and increases the output of Growth hormone. How it actually works is not fully understood due to it being different than the other GHRP’s (structure of the peptide).


Is it safe?

Yes, Hexarelin, like all GHRPs’ are very safe to use for both short and long periods of time. No serious problems have been encountered.

What can I expect from Hexarelin?

GHRPs’ release growth hormone, you can expect higher levels of IGF-1 in your body, which comes with a lot of benefits. These benefits include increased muscle gain, more muscle fibers, rapid fat loss, faster healing abilities and stronger bones just to name a few.

Hexarelin is the strongest GHRP and is not to be underestimated as it is extremely beneficial.

What can I use it for?

Hexarelin, like all GHRPs can be used for both cuttings, bulking and even recomps.

Top 5 benefits of Hexarelin

Hexarelin is a peptide that many athletes and bodybuilders use to improve their aesthetics, endurance as well as strength. People administer it as an injection, and it sparks the natural production of growth hormone. As you age, the body produces fewer growth hormones which are vital, making it harder to build lean muscles, look and feel young, and burn calories. The core function of the Hexarelin is to boost the level of growth hormone by stimulating the pituitary gland. It is evidenced to inhibit the action of the significant muscle growth limiting factor, the Somatostatin hormone.

Below are some benefits of Hexarelin:

1. Help reduce body fats

To achieve fitness, it is key to aim at doing away with the body fats. This reduces the threat of heart complications because these fats clog the arteries and veins. This peptide helps an athlete in getting healthier which is a stepping stone to succeeding in athletics. Many people who use Hexarelin have low chances of suffering from type 2 Diabetes. Lowering body fats dramatically reduces uterine cancer threats, ovarian cancer, gallbladder, and cervical cancer in women.

For the men, this peptide minimizes incidences of prostate cancer, rectum cancer, and colon cancer. There is a close association between low body fat and less risk of sleep Apnea which produces shortness of breath. It also reduces the chances of developing Osteoarthritis which affects the joints in knees, lower back, and hips. There is a close alliance between high levels of body fat and clogged veins which affects your health. This peptide helps avoid heart failure and other complications that affect your health.

2. Increase bone densityBones are the most laborious mineral substances in the body. Many people value strong teeth neglecting the bones until a problem develops. Strong bones give your body enough strength, support and balance. They also enable you to adopt a better posture which improves your appearance on top of giving you a youthful look. Healthy bones are vital in withstanding heavy weights especially if you aim at building your body through weight lifting or by exercising.

Weightlifters utilize Hexarelin as it is recommendable to speed-heal injuries. Athletic performance not only depends on your health but also on the strength of your bones. Healthy bones are fruitful in protecting against osteoporosis as women and men with over 35 years are prone to 1% loss of the bones. For the women, the percentage of bone loss elevates to 2 to 3 percent after three to five years following menopause. A decrease in bone weight in men, as well as women, upgrade chances of developing osteoporosis, a disease that causes weakening and thinning of the bones.

3. Anti-aging properties heal skinAging is a natural occurrence which many people would wish to escape. As an athlete, exercising helps rejuvenate your skin giving it a sparkling look. On top of that, the Hexarelin is another way of healing the skin and preventing aging. Everyone would like to have a smooth and shiny skin. It is not a must to master all the arts of doing exercises although they are of equal importance.

A significant number of athletes use this peptide for improving body wellness and fitness. Having a clear skin instills confidence in you to face all the challenges in pursuing your athletics or any other activity. A clear skin gives you a sense of self-worth which directly affects how much you can perform. Hexarelin heals the skin giving you a healthy rejuvenated look.

4. Posses heart protective properties

When focusing on body fitness and health, it is essential to factor in your heart’s functionality. Hexarelin is seen to have a lot of benefits to the heart which is the critical determinant of your performance. A study shows that Hexarelin heals the delicate hearts tissues. During the aerobic exercises like jogging and running, the heart plays a big part in pumping the blood to all other parts of the body. The speed at which your heart pumps blood is vital in determining your performance.

It is essential to take care of your heart as it performs a crucial role in the body. Hexarelin prevents the heart from complications through protecting it. To remain healthy and physically fit for excellent performance, ensure you use Hexarelin which is of high importance. Hexarelin can act on the cardiac receptors separate from the growth hormone properties. This is a peptide that directly aids in cardioprotective left ventricular pressure issues. It also assists in healing the heart’s scar tissues.

5. Increases lean body mass

A study on obese and lean lab rat concluded that the lean rat was in a position to take advantage of the growth hormone plasma increase than the obese rat. The healthier the rat, the more Hexarelin utilized and produced growth hormones where the obese rat did not have the same advantage. There is a direct relationship between your body mass and your performance. A medium body weight is recommendable for it is crucial when it comes to determining your performance.

Hexarelin gives you stamina which plays a critical function in athletics. If your weight is not favorable for the athletics or other activities, it is essential to make use of Hexarelin for increasing lean body mass. A substantial body gives you the energy to perform some tasks better than an obese person who has a lot of weight but with little energy.

Hexarelin comes as a freeze-dried powder like the other peptides. Store the peptide in a cool, dry place until it reconstitutes and stores the powder in a refrigerator. You can only use bacteriostatic water to reconstitute the powder. Mostly, people use an insulin syringe to administer the subcutaneous injection of this peptide. Others use this peptide for burning calories which is fruitful as well as healing shoulder strains, especially after weight lifting. It is not advisable to use Hexarelin when pregnant or for those with less than 18 years. You can find this product from the online pharmacies and other sports supplement suppliers. Low usage of this peptide reduces the risk of side effects.

Hexarelin side effects

The following are common side effects associated with GHRP6 use:

  • Lowered libido.
  • Increased cortisol levels.
  • Increased prolactin levels.

It is best used if you are planning on a bulk due to the increased hunger, combining it with SARMs such as LGD-4033 (extra muscle gain) and S4 (strength and recomp) as well as peptides such as IGF-1LR3 and Follistatin 344 are great as these add some serious mass quick. The following peptides are useful for cutting:

The Following Peptides are useful for adding muscle and is a good idea to add to any stack where you are trying to add muscle:

  • MGF
  • IGF-1 LR3
  • ACE-031
  • Follistatin 344

Storage and Dosage information

When it is in powder form, it’s smart to store it in a freezer for long periods of time (around 12 months). But once reconstituted with either Bacteriostatic water or acetic acid, it should be in a refrigerator for up to 5 weeks. Hexarelin is dosed by most bodybuilders at about 200mcg daily is a good dose and this can be repeated for long periods of time. However, desensitization will occur, so after a few weeks, it is best to take a break for 3 or 4 weeks.

Summary of Hexarelin

  • Reduces body fat
  • Increases Lean Body mass
  • Helps with sleep.
  • Has anti-aging properties
  • Improves recovery time
  • Great to stack with SARMs and Peptides
  • Increases bones density
  • Strongest GHRP
  • Protective of heart and heals it.

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