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The Best HGH Pills To Buy in 2018- Full Review (Updated July 2019)

What are HGH Pills?

In this cut-throat competitive world, we all want to stand out and outsmart each other! Be it may on an intellectual level or physical appearance we want to be better than others maybe better than what we were before. To be honest, intellectually there is very little we can do to enhance one’s intellect. But there is a lot we can do about our physical appearance as it’s rightly said: “The first impression is the last impression!” We take care of ourselves and take all the steps necessary for every day “Red Carpet appearances!” Eating healthy, following diets, going to gyms, etc. is a serious affair. We do everything possible for that desirable look that we always wanted to portray. Office parties, important presentations, date nights, and what not; we have been perfect! When this everyday affair becomes mundane we tend to lose the spark and get a little comfortable and start to take things for granted, we start to take our fitness for granted and then we lose our spark, the motivation to go down the same road.

That’s when the desirable effects are not evident enough to keep us on our track we take refuge in dietary supplements. Dietary supplements are the saviors which help us to go that extra mile and help us dazzle our every day as I said before “Red Carpet appearances”. Dietary supplements are of vital importance and thus to curb the need there are various supplements available in the market. Our body needs a good amount of necessary vitamins and proteins which can’t be fulfilled by the diets. When we work out the proteins are used up in the repairing of the muscles wear and tear. This naturally leads to the fewer amounts of proteins in our body which is results in low energy levels and can be of serious damage to the body. Thus, we need dietary supplements in order to function normally without taking any further stress. To provide the additional insight into these dietary supplements which is right for you, let’s check out the revolutionary product- HGH Pills!


Results of HGH



Introduction to hgh pills

HGH is Human Growth Hormone. These hormones are present in our body generally known as Growth Hormones. Somatropin in layman’s term is known as Growth Hormone or (GH). It is a hormone that stimulates growth, cell reproduction, and cell regeneration, increasing the bone density, muscle mass, etc in our bodies. GH is important as it helps in maintaining the youthful appearance.GH helps in the process of hydrolysis of fat which gives us the energy to carry out our everyday tasks. Young adolescents secrete GH at the rate of about 700µg/day. Adults secrete GH at about 400µg/day. After early adulthood, the secretion is generally lesser as compared to the earlier. The Growth Hormone apart from increasing the height in the children has other bodily functions which are equally more important. GH helps in regulating the glucose levels of the body; it helps in stimulating the immune system, bone and muscle maintenance, etc. As we age the secretion of this Growth Hormone decreases drastically, this amount is enough for the body.

This already decreased amount of GH is lessening by numerous factors like sleep deprivation, stress, other health issues, etc. In order to help us out this miracle Hormone is made available to us synthetically and in various forms, like HGH Pills, HGH Sprays, HGH Releasers, HGH Injections, HGH Patches, etc. But today we are going to discuss in detail about HGH Pills.


HGH Pills Ingredients

Human Growth Hormone Pills are dietary supplements available in the market. These HGH Pills are OTC products i.e. Over the Counter products which can be taken without any prescriptions. Although there are some HGH Pills which require a prescription from a qualified physician because of the high amount of GH dosages.

Do you want to know what goes into this miracle pill and what exactly the ingredients do for you? Here’s a breakdown for you by Jim Stoppani, Ph.D. at muscleandfitness.com.

  • L-ARGININE HCL: Arginine is best known for its ability to boost nitric oxide levels. It can also boost growth hormone levels. It does this by inhibiting production of somatostatin, a hormone that impairs GH production. With the inhibition lifted, GH levels increase significantly.
  • L-LYSINE HCL: Arginine is an amino acid that is readily converted in the body into nitric oxide which widens blood vessels so that the oxygen and nutrient-rich blood can be reached to the muscles.
  • ACETYLCYSTEINE: Acetylcysteine is an amino acid that protects muscle cells from oxidative damage that occurs during exercise, and aids in their recovery. It has also been shown to improve muscle endurance, enhance fat loss, and boost Nitric Oxide levels.
  • L-GLUTAMINE: Glutamine can also increase GH production. Researchers at Louisiana State reported that subjects taking this amino acid had an increase in GH levels 90 minutes after ingestion. It’s also important for proper immune function.
  • SCHIZONEPETA: This Japanese herb is well known for its ability to enhance immune function in the body and therefore is often used to combat the common cold. Research shows that it may also help in the treatment of certain skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, and rashes.

Thus with the adequate ratios of the ingredients, the GH levels were increased in the clinical study.

As mentioned earlier in another article, we just can’t overlook the famous study Done by Dr. Daniel Rudman. Here are the details of the study:


A study was done by Dr. Daniel Rudman’s human growth hormone study.

This research was taken place in 1990 by Dr. Daniel Rudman, an endocrinologist from Madison, Wisconsin.

Dr. Rudman claimed that the intakes of HGH will reverse the aging process. Human Growth Hormone is required in the body to rejuvenate and heal itself. It also restores the shrinking cells nut, unfortunately, this process is slowed down after the age of 21 to 30.   This indicated the benefits stated were reasonably accurate.

In Dr. Daniel Rudman’s double-blind placebo study the subjects who were taking the HGH dosages saw what appeared to be the reversal of the aging process of 10 to 20 years.

The above results were published in “the New England Journal of Medicine.”


Benefits of HGH Pills

HGH Pills have become very popular in the recent years, more and more adults have been started seeking HGH supplements, especially the athletes, who want to improve their body composition and their performance.

Many bodybuilders, who need supplements in order to support themselves to maintain a large amount of muscle while eating fewer calories and cutting out a lot of fat, they use HGH alongside anabolic steroids to help their body hold on to as much muscle as possible.

Even the non-athletes are taking HGH Pills, to keep themselves younger and maintain their energy levels.  HGH Pills are taken orally and thus is normal if you take them without prescription but it’s highly recommended to take a prescription.

Furthermore, the benefits of the HGH Pills are amazing. The ones who take HGH Pills will experience the following:

  • Increase in protein synthesis  more muscle growth or lean mass
  • Promotes lipolysis i.e. your body burns off more fat
  • Faster recovery after workouts.
  • Higher energy levels
  • Better sleep induction
  • Tissue regeneration
  • Stimulates and enhances the immune system
  • Faster regeneration of cells
  • Better blood pressure
  • Faster regeneration of cells
  • Help prevent erectile dysfunction
  • Stronger Bones
  • Better cholesterol levels
  • Higher libido
  • Muscle tissue retain more nitrogen
  • Reduces liver uptake of glucose.
  • Stimulates growth of all internal organs excluding the brain.
  • Plays a vital role in homeostasis.
  • Contributes to the maintenances and function of pancreatic islets. (Maintenance of glucose.)


As we know there are numerous HGH pills available in the market but to make your work easier here’s a list of HGH Pills or capsules available in the market:

  • HGH-X2
  • L-Ornithine
  • L-Arginine
  • Tara nutricare GH boost
  • Al sports nutrition HGH pro
  • Summit nutrition’s HGH support
  • Somatropinne HGH
  • HGH-max
  • GenF20
  • GH advanced

If you plan to spend your money on hgh pills, we recommend you go for quality instead of quantity. Some hgh pills have shown to be very effective and used by thousands of Americans in the past.

(Note: all the mentioned HGH product names are for reference purpose and we do not promote any of the above brands. It’s highly recommended to take the advice of your physician and take the dosages as per mentioned on the label or as per the prescription of a qualified physician.)

In the above article, there is everything you need to know about the HGH Pills. We hope that this article will help you in making the right choice.



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