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The Best HGH Spray to Buy in 2018 -Full Review (Updated July 2019)

Introduction to HGH Spray

Waving the kids goodbye as they go to school, preparing a special meal for family, finally completing your assignment, going for your friend’s party, being appreciated by your boss, going to the gym, and many more things in a day that the list is never ending which make you want to wake up every day and face the new day. All these things drain your energy but it’s still worth it. So, to make your body more robust we have an amazing product. Have you ever thought if a small bottle of hgh spray would help us disappear all your health problems? Give you your dose of energy and help you in weight loss or weight gain? Well, you heard it right; this miracle product is called as HGH Spray. Let’s find more about what this little gene in the bottle is worth of.

What is HGH?

HGH is Human Growth Hormone. Growth Hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland located in the brain. This Growth Hormone is responsible for normal bodily functions. HGH stimulates cell reproduction and cell regeneration which gives us a younger appearance. This is a very important hormone in the development of the human body.GH can be found in higher amounts in children and adolescents. GH helps in the hydrolysis of fat in the body. Naturally, Young adolescents secrete GH i.e. Growth Hormone at the rate of about 700µg/day. Adults secrete GH at about 400µg/day. After early adulthood, the secretion is generally lesser as compared to the earlier. GH is responsible for increasing the height in children and in adolescents it plays a vital role in puberty. Other than increasing height in children and adolescents, Growth hormone has other effects on the body:

  • Increases calcium retention and strengthens and increases the mineralization of the bones.
  • Increases muscle mass.
  • Increases protein synthesis.
  • Stimulates the immune system.
  • Reduces liver uptake of glucose.
  • Stimulates growth of all internal organs excluding the brain.
  • Contributes to the maintenances and function of pancreatic islets. (Maintenance of glucose.)
HGH spray results

There are various HGH products in the market which are available in the market like HGH Pills, HGH Spray, HGH Injections, and HGH Patches. Many of the supplements are OTC i.e. over the counter supplements which can be taken without any prescription from the physician. But it’s highly recommended to take with a prescription from a qualified physician.

 How homeopathic HGH is made:

When making homeopathic HGH the pharmacist or the physician starts with recombinant human growth hormone i.e. Somatropin and a special base solution. The HGH is then put through the extensive homeopathic manufacturing process of succussion and dilution. During this process, the essence – the electromagnetic energies of the HGH molecules are transferred into water lattice of the base solution. This homeopathic solution is then sprayed into the thick-skinned area under the tongue and it absorbs into the bloodstream successfully.


How does HGH Spray work?

HGH sprays aren’t synthetically made HGH but they are produced homeopathically. The pharmaceutical human growth hormone molecule itself is indeed too large to be absorbed under the tongue. Homeopathic sprays work because during the very involved homeopathic process the electromagnetic energies of the growth hormone molecules are transferred into the water lattice of the base solution and so the solution itself becomes potentiated by the HGH. This potentiated solution is then absorbed under the tongue successfully. Homeopathy is based on helping the body to heal itself using homeopathic proveniences of the active ingredient. Homeopathic sprays are not meant to be a full hormone replacement therapy and deliver all the growth hormone the body needs because this will shut down the pituitary glands own release of the hormone.  Some people believe that when human growth hormone is combined with a sublingual homeopathic preparation the results are on the leading edge of anti-aging therapy. Clinicians have found that smaller doses of HGH work better and do not cause side effects. Well, homeopathic physicians have known this for years! With the homeopathic preparations, the ingredients have already been broken down during the homeopathic process and so only the positive therapeutic benefits of the ingredients manifest.

The pituitary gland releases a small amount of human hormone at various times throughout the day and usually during the first 90 minutes of the deep-slow wave sleep. When taking the injections a full 24 hour’s worth of synthetic HGH is injected either all in one dose in the AM or two divided doses. This is obviously not natural to the body. Homeopathic HGH spray is best taken 3 times daily, and since it is serially diluted and potentiated at successive levels it continues to work in the body throughout the day and night. The homeopathic HGH spray gently encourages the pituitary gland to release and balance its own natural growth hormone in the body. This process is called homeostasis.

The homeopathic sprays are diluted because of the theory which states that molecules can penetrate the cells more easily and efficiently.

The homeopathic form of human growth hormone does not seem to interfere with any other health product, supplement or medicines that any individual might take.

Homeopathic HGH sprays can be as effective as the other HGH products can be proven by the below study done by Dr. Juan Flores in Mexico.

Here’s the detail of the study:

A study was done by Dr. Juan Hernandez Flores, Lic. Irais Castellanos Mungula, at the Centro Geriatrico Naturista, Mexico D.F.

This study was done to find the effects of homeopathic human growth hormone and the pituitary exact administration.

The subjects were between the ages of 45 to 86 who were deficient i.e. the secretion of the growth hormone was less than 70ng/ml. they were given the homeopathic growth hormone hgh spray; 2 sprays three times a day, orally.

Soon enough the subjects started to show results, 160.6% increase in their blood somatomedin-C (IGF-1) levels at the end of the 5th month.  Surprisingly, the effects of the formula were not temporary.

Now we do know that homeopathic HGH Sprays are as effective as the pills or the injections available in the market. But the benefits of the HGH sprays can’t go unnoticed.


Benefits of HGH Spray

  1. Muscle gain
  2. Weight loss
  3. Better sleep
  4. Much stronger sexual desire and help with erectile dysfunction.
  5. Increase in energy, vigor, and vitality.
  6. Stronger immune system.
  7. Stronger bone mineral density
  8. Lower cholesterol level and better heart health.
  9. Younger looking appearance.
  10. Improved emotional and mental health.

HGH spray Review

We have tried to obtain some reviews by the consumers who have actually used the HGH sprays to have a better idea of what this amazing wonders this  “Little gene in the bottle” can do!

“I have been using hgh spray only for 6 weeks now and I am amazed by the results. So far I have seen my hair thicken with less grey hair growing back. My nails are somewhat stronger. I feel more alive and have an overall sense of well being. I respond to events at a deeper level. Have a heightened awareness and greater appreciation of whatever I experience. I smile more and find a new spring in my step.”

Barbara Dene, Los Angeles

“Within a few days, I started noticing an improvement in my skin tone and texture. I feel so full of energy to get through the day, which includes teaching my fitness classes. Love this product it’s truly an amazing product”

S. Jackson, Westminster, Co.

“I’m 50 and I have just started taking HGH spray. I can go the gym three times a week and I did not expect immediate results but I can feel stronger and can sleep better at night.  I find it very easy to take and am very consistent with it.”

B.H, Pontevedra Beach, FL

Conclusion on HGH Spray

HGH spray has scientifically been proven to work. If you plan to buy and use hgh spray, we recommend you buy a hgh spray that actually works instead of wasting your money on scams or products that barely work.

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