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High T Black Review 2019- Pro’s & Con’s of this Test Booster

High T Black Overview

Hypothalamic Pituitary gonadal axis is a complex chain of activities that take place in every man’s brain. The activities are characterized by back and forth signals which are responsible for a lot of functions in the body one of them being the quantity of Testosterone produced in the testes. This axis is usually at its peak during puberty, and that’s why at this age a lot of men get to enjoy high levels of Testosterone. Unfortunately, adolescence doesn’t last for long and as a result when aging creeps in these T-levels drop significantly. It’s for this reason that as men get into their thirties, they start experiencing massive drops in sex drive, reduction in muscle mass and an increase in body fight. Energy levels and stamina also decrease. Natural Testosterone supplements such as High T work to ensure that you can enjoy the goodies that come with adequate amounts of testosterone in the body regardless of your age.

high t black

What is High T Black?

High T Black is a series of several T-level supplements sharing almost similar formulas. High T can be bought either as High T Black or High T caffeine-free. As you can already tell, the difference is that the black contains the caffeine stimulant that can get you spending your long nights in the gym while the caffeine-free lacks this stimulant.

High T supplements work by increasing the number of free testosterone in the body which helps to improve your overall energy levels and libido. The products are also known to be effective in ensuring that the growth of muscle mass is safe. Typically, as you work out targeting a particular area, your body is likely to grow thicker and denser muscles in this region. If you are not careful, then this can cause inefficient blood flow to the affected areas. This is dangerous as it can damage your cells and sometimes escalates to an even bigger problem. High T ensures that your lean muscle mass growth, endurance, and stamina in the gym doesn’t negatively affect your body.

High T Black can perform all these functions through the following ingredients:

High T Black Ingredients

High T Black supplements have utilized some of the well-known testosterone boosting elements such as zinc, vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin E. Vitamin B12 is vital in enhancing testicular health and will also facilitate better utilization of consumed food to provide higher energy levels. It does not have a direct impact on the levels of testosterone in your body. Vitamin E too doesn’t increase Testosterone but is a fantastic anti-oxidant. It’s been added to give High T recovery benefits to the athletes using this supplement.

Other included natural extracts covered under the proprietary blend are:

  • Testofen – This is a compound from the Fenugreek herb which is very popular in bodybuilding supplements. When you are talking T-level boosters, then this herb is almost everywhere, and it’s due to its known properties which help to bulk up muscle mass.
  • Arginine Alpha-ketoglutarate – Abbreviated as A-AKG is usually added to testosterone supplements to work as nitric oxide. Upon ingestion, this compound is always converted into Nitric Oxide. It does not have a direct connection with the boosting of testosterone levels but is thought to be useful in facilitating muscle build up. It ensures that there is enough dilation of blood vessels to enable smooth blood flow that also assists in preventing cell and muscle damage. Nitric Oxide makes your muscles appear healthy with a soft texture. It can also potentially boost the absorption of the other ingredients in this supplement. There are other claims that this herb gives users harder erection by allowing efficient blood flow.
  • Eurycoma Longfolia Extract – Theoretically, extracts from this herb are supposed to boost muscle strength and your overall stamina. It plays, a key role in increasing the amount of free testosterone in your body whose availability enables muscle build-up and other functions.
  • Tribulus Terrestris Extract – This extract is more of a libido booster than a muscle growth enhancer. It activates the luteinizing hormone that is vital for the secretion of Testosterone, It then helps the utilization of this testosterone to increase your sex drive.
  • Raspberry Ketones – These are mostly used for fat burning supplements. Its presence in this supplement is ideal for people whose testosterone deficiency has led to an increase in body fat. It will cut down your weight significantly giving room for other ingredients to grow your muscles.

The benefits of using High T Black

High T Black supplements series all aim at delivering the same effects. It, therefore, doesn’t matter which one of their products you’ll choose because, in the long run, you will enjoy the following:

    • A significant boost in your sexual performance both regarding sexual desire and the erections you are getting.
    • More efficient blood flow to the body.
    • Presence of zinc, vitamin B6 and some of the other minerals will be vital in helping you generate bulky muscles. These compounds are also clinically proven to be useful in increasing endurance which is what every bodybuilder looks for in a testosterone supplement. If you choose the caffeine High T Product, then you are likely to gain an extra fuel to boost your gym performance.
    • The supplement is filled with a good number of useful vitamins and other minerals which will give you more than just the substantial testosterone levels.

Drawbacks of using High T black

  • One of the challenges that you can quickly notice about this supplement is the levels of caffeine present. Caffeine is good for fueling your body, but too much of it can be dangerous. Caffeine also brings about another issue of insomnia. Several users of this supplement have complained about sleeplessness.
  • The use of a proprietary blend is another problem that most bodybuilders don’t like. Since you don’t know how much of the ingredients are in this supplement, you cannot compare it with other Testosterone boosters in the market to decide which one is better.

What are the side effects associated with High T Black?

Side effects of High T Black, like many other supplements, differ from one person to another. If you are lucky, then your body might interact well with this supplement, and hence you’ll experience less to no side effects.

Some of the common adverse effects include:

  • Stomachache
  • Rashes
  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Nausea
  • A few people have complained of a foul smell from their urine
  • Sleeplessness mainly due to the used caffeine
  • Anxiety
  • Chest pains and palpitations among some users

Taking High T Black

Take four capsules, in one serving, every day with sufficient water. To maximize its performance, you should use the supplement for at least eight weeks. Make sure you consult a physician before you continue using the supplement after the eight weeks because. A break might be necessary after each cycle. Also, you shouldn’t take more than six capsules of High T Black within 24 hours.

This product delivers results better and faster when used alongside a proper diet and with aggressive workout sessions.

High T Black Pricing

High T Black can be purchased online from the manufacturer’s official website. You can buy this supplement either in the form of tablets or as a powder. It will cost you $69.99 for one month’s supply of this product. They will cover your shipping charges if you make a total order of more than $99. It is also available at Walmart, Amazon and Walgreen and most other licensed supplement stores.

The manufacturers don’t mention anything about money-back or satisfaction guarantee. They do, however, accept returns for faulty or damaged products as long as you produce the right documentation.

User Testimonials

Here is what two of High T Black users had to say about this supplement:

“I am currently 45 years old working a 12 hours shift. I was in the market looking for an energy boosting supplement and came across this product. It helped me increase my time in the gym from two days to four days! I will be seeking other supplements to boost my recovery period.” – By Christopher A

“I bought this supplement for my husband, but it never worked for him. There was a 10 to 20% difference, but he didn’t gain much muscle, and the fat was still there. This is probably due to the problem of poor T-levels that this supplement failed to address. There was also no improvement both on his sex drive and energy levels. I don’t think I’ll be rebuying this product.” – By Rachel Bee


A good number of users have attributed their boost in energy levels to this supplement. Even so, we cannot concretely state that this supplement can increase your T-level. Yes, from paper, High T Black does seem to contain some of the powerful ingredients used to boost testosterone levels, but there is a possibility that the energy people are witnessing is due to caffeine. Caffeine tends to fuel people into working out for extended periods, and this can easily be disguised as a benefit of increased testosterone.

Additionally, Testosterone does have some damaging effects on the body. Is it worth it taking four pills of a product full of caffeine that could easily leave you nursing headaches throughout your sleepless nights? This makes it hard to recommend the supplement.

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