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Horizon Treadmill Review 2018- Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)

 What is the Horizon Treadmill?

Horizon Treadmill is training equipment used for home gyms manufactured and distributed by Horizon Fitness. Horizon Fitness brand together with two others, that is, Vision Fitness and Matrix Fitness are owned by Johnson Health Tech, a company that is headquartered in Taiwan. The company provides amazing exercise features such as settings for virtual reality workout which provides users with great convenience.

This in itself is one of the best features that Horizon Treadmill has to offer to the customers. Users get to exercise with the use of real-life paths and the terrain is copied as you exercise through the auto adjust feature that is provided. Destinations included are several continents in which you can get to enjoy beautiful sceneries such as snowy mountains, crowded cities, redwood forest paths, coastlines from tropical islands, and many more.


Horizon Fitness provides some of the best treadmills on the market today. These are some of the various types of treadmills that you can find at Horizon Fitness;

  • Horizon fitness adventure 3
  • Elite T9-02
  • Elite T5
  • Horizon fitness T101
  • Elite T7-02
  • Horizon fitness adventure 5

Horizon Fitness Adventure 3

Launched late 2014, this is a folding Horizon treadmill that is of entry-level from a series of five horizon adventure equipment. It was specifically developed to accommodate walkers and features treadmill links to the internet through the Vita fit connect web app. The size consists of a width of 20 inches and length of 55 inches.

Features and Benefits of Adventure 3

  • It has a track length that is suitable for walkers. This includes the standard width that is very convenient compared to other treadmills that have tracks that are much longer for walkers.
  • It features 30 programs that are inbuilt for workouts. They include training that is an interval, a mode plus that is manual, programs that burn calories, step programs as well as distance programs.
  • It features an in-built audio that supports MP3 music that one can use to play during workouts.
  • It features a response cushioning that is variable and although it is not uniform it has three zones that are quite firm. This track provides a landing area that is soft and very firm.
  • It is passport ready and connects to your TV featuring an HD video that adjusts to the tempo of your workout.

Disadvantages of Adventure 3

  • This treadmill is not really that stable when assembled properly. There have been a few reports of the machine being a bit shaky.
  • The contact grips are not all that good as they are not that completely accurate compared to the heart rate monitoring systems.
  • The customer service of Horizon Fitness is not all that efficient as one would expect.

Elite T9-02

Termed as one of the most durable Horizon treadmills from Horizon Fitness series, it is quite unique and supports virtual active videos. During exercise these virtual videos create a great virtual reality of different environment, thereby giving the user an excellent experience. It features a motor that is of high-quality and a roller that is quite large.

Features and Benefits of Elite T9-02

  • It features a roller that is quite large that supports the belt of the treadmill very well. This large roller helps the belt to serve well, therefore, saving money for maintenance.
  • It is passport ready and the workouts can be preset.
  • It also features a response cushioning that is variable which helps to reduce the straining potential that might be experienced while one is working out.
  • It comes with a warranty when sold with lifetime guarantees, 2 years of labor and to top it all up 5 years of suspension and parts.
  • The Elite T9-02 also comes with a frame that is quite portable as it can be easily folded and also contact monitors that are wireless.

Disadvantages of Elite T9-02

  • The customer service of Horizon Fitness is a bit off as they keep clients on hold. However, the situation is reported to have changed recently.
  • The equipment has a deck that is not that suitable due to its thin size. A thicker deck would be much suitable for absorbing sound.
  • The active virtual workouts are quite expensive.

Elite T5

Recently launched in 2018, this Horizon Elite T5 is suitable for home use. It comes from the Elite series and is very affordable. This treadmill has some amazing features that include; wireless heart rate monitoring and data sharing. It also includes a motor that is quite durable and very quiet providing great convenience during workouts.

Features and Benefits of Elite T5

  • It has a 15% maximum incline setting which benefits the user with speed, better lean of muscles and burning up of calories.
  • It features a response cushioning that is variable which provides a soft area for landing lowering the injury potential of users.
  • It has a frame that is portable as it can be folded easily providing the user with great convenience.
  • It also includes 38 programs that are on-board and comes with the freedom that lets you design your own workout programs and save them.
  • It also comes with a 3-year warranty of parts which is the best deal that one can get in the market for this kind of model.

Disadvantages of Elite T5

  • Requires maintenance just like most other treadmills of this sort. The track needs to be coated with silicone after every 300 miles and tightening as well with an Allen wrench as it can become loose sometimes.
  • It features a deck that is not that thick as is mostly preferred for treadmills of this type.
  • The track length limits users who are taller than the normal height.
  • A passport player is required for this machine, therefore, adds costs to the buyer.

Horizon Fitness T101

This entry-level T101 horizon treadmill from Horizon Fitness is very affordable and currently the best-selling in the industry at a price of $700. Not only is the price affordable but also its parts come with a warranty of 2 years. It also features a speaker system that supports MP3 audio, can easily be folded, therefore quite portable, and very stable able to hold up to 300 pounds.

Features and Benefits of T101

  • The parts come with a 2-year warranty as well as a lifetime warranty for the motor and the frame.
  • It also features programs that can be used for exercises which include programs for calories goal, distance, time, weight loss and manual workouts.
  • It also contains a user-friendly console which has a cooling fan and 3 data windows that provide great convenience.
  • It is impressively portable as it can be folded easily and includes an efficient incline that makes workouts much better.

Disadvantages of T101

  • It features a track length that is really short and limited to tall users.
  • It has a cushioning that is not that suitable compared to other treadmills.
  • It features a motor that cannot accommodate hardcore runners due to the speed that it supports, that is 10 meters per hour.

Elite T7-02

This passport ready Horizon treadmill takes you on a virtual world tour. This is also one of the most affordable treadmills from Horizon Fitness Treadmill and provides amazing features to the users. It can play videos during workouts through its passport player and the videos depict reality path scenes. It also consists of a motor that is of high quality and comes with a warranty of 5 years.

Horizon Fitness Adventure 5

This Horizon Fitness treadmill is designed for running or walking exercises. It features a folding frame that is quite strong and yet very portable due to its featherlight feature. It has a digital motor that is fairly powerful and an LCD console colored blue which is 7.5 inches wide. It has featured a large running area which extends up to 60 by 20 inches.

How to Use the Horizon Treadmill

These products are well designed and suitable for home gyms. They provide great features and convenience for users to get to exercise in their own homes at their convenient time. The great workout results feedbacks provided by most of this equipment really come in handy for one to get to monitor them and set workout targets that can get to improve you.

Pricing at Amazon

Every product manufactured by Horizon Fitness comes at its own price depending on the features that are included. Prices range from one equipment to the other, therefore, it is recommended that you get to check the prices on the Amazon to find out.

Conclusion on the Horizon Treadmill

Keeping your body in good shape and in fit is very important; therefore it is important to make sure you have the right equipment for your daily workouts. Horizon treadmill is a great fitness training equipment that has been well designed and comes in different varieties to make sure it provides the best experience and great results. Do make sure you make the right choice by purchasing the suitable treadmill when making a decision to acquire one.

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