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HT Rush Review 2019- Benefits & Side Effects of This Testosterone Booster-

What is HT Rush? 

With more and more products entering the market used to increase testosterone, it is very difficult to find one that suits all of your needs. What is getting increasingly difficult is to get a genuine review which mentions both pros and cons of the products as well. Here, we will be analyzing one of the newest products in the market- which is used to enhance the testosterone levels in males who are over 21 years old. The underlying question here is that does HT-Rush really work?

HT Rush testosterone booster has received mixed reviews and has produced various mixed results among consumers. The biggest factor to this would be the present personal testosterone levels in the body. Luckily for various consumers, it also comes as an option of being consumed as a dietary supplement. The product comes with a promise of enhanced energy levels, sexual energy, as well as better performance in the gym.

ht rush

HT-Rush is a supplement that is made out of a blend of natural ingredients which promise to improve the wholesome being of the consumer, although it is mainly focussed at enhancing sexual as well as the athletic performance of the user. Unlike various products in this category, HT-Rush functions naturally in the body to get hormonal levels back to normal which become depleted with age. It comes with an advised dosage of daily frequency as opposed to right before the sexual activity or even working out, so it ends up having an overall effect on the system, which helps in building potency over time.

All said and done, HT-Rush is actually a brand of supplement which is made especially for the male consumer. It is mainly consumed to enhance the levels of male hormones in the human system which reduce with age. However, the product is not mainly made solely for the older men and claims to have a number of other benefits too, which improve overall stamina, boosts sexual desire as well as sexual energy, improves sleep patterns and also helps the regular consumer in losing stubborn body fat as well as to gain lean muscle mass.

What Are HT Rush’s Ingredients? 

The best part about HT Rush is that is is a blend of natural ingredients. The nutrients that make the HT Rush ingredients list is quite well known. They are frequently used in all the products from Force Factor as well as other testosterone boosters. While many people may think that this elaborate list of ingredients might just be a scam, it actually has scientific backing to prove that it does consume all of this. The product is definitely complicated, but it does prove to be extremely beneficial when used regularly. The list of ingredients used in a nutshell are as follows:

  • L-Citrulline
  • Fenugreek
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Zinc
  • Nettle leaf
  • Vitamin D

The other ingredients found in HT rush are Panax ginseng, Siberian ginseng root, Bioperine as well as cordyceps sinesis.

It is well known that the main purpose of this product is to basically raise levels of free male hormones in the system which are quite vital to a number of functions. Fenugreek, for example, is mainly known for the main benefits in the aforementioned area and works straight on enhancing the chain of signals referred to as the Hypothalamic Pituitary Gonadal Axis. By enhancing the hormone levels, men further experience not only a rise in energy but also sexual performance along with stamina and fertility, which in turn affects their general well-being. The mineral Zinc, which is another crucial ingredient of this mix is quite well-known as not only is important for male health but has various other benefits as well. While Ginseng has been in use since centuries to enhance energy levels, the caltrops is mainly a natural plant, the extract of which is often credited with boosting hormones and is also added in all male enhancement products. Finally, Bioperine, which is also an extract of black pepper, is further added to help in absorption along with the effectiveness of the formula in general.

What Does HT Rush Do and Does it Work?

The HT Rush pills, as well as powder, come with a purpose to combat low levels of testosterone.  The problem of deficiency mainly occurs in men, who are over the age of thirty. Lower testosterone levels with increasing age in men is actually an unavoidable part of life. The pills are designed to fix that problem.

Since HT Rush testosterone booster includes a lot of decent ingredients which help users fight symptoms of low Testosterone, it has proven to show healthy effects. But, in any case, Increasing testosterone levels is not proven science, which makes it quite difficult to replicate from person to person.

So, the answer to “Does HT Rush work?” can only be answered by measuring what your desired results are. While there is evidence that the Tribulus Terrestris can help alleviate symptoms of low testosterone and fenugreek may also have some positive research backing it up. But, the intensity still depends highly on the consumer and their body’s reception power.

Does HT Rush have Side Effects?

The side effects of HT Rush are still being researched upon and still need a lot of evidence to back up the exact list.

For instance, when you look at nettle leaf you’ll realize that the side effects aren’t necessarily as big an issue as drug interactions. The plant can interact with various medications for high blood pressure, diuretics, lithium, and diabetes, further worsening the effects.

Another instance is that of fenugreek, where it was found that all of the seeds carry quite a unique side effect. To quote,, “[Fenugreek seeds] can make your armpits smell like maple syrup.”

Then, there was further research done on cordyceps sinensis. It looks like, there were reported side effects which included:

  • Tightness in the chest or throat
  • Hives and rashes
  • Upset stomach
  • Dry mouth

HT Rush Benefits

So, the underlying question always is, that is HT Rush any good? Or is it better than other supplements which contain the same ingredients?

To be honest, yes there are plenty of benefits, which are highly based on clinical research.

For example, there is Tribulus Terrestris which is quite well-known for fighting symptoms of low testosterone. Then, further research also proves that it can work to improve fertility in men, according to a study in the journal Ayu.

HT Rush benefits also get enhanced due to the addition of fenugreek. The Research in the Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology and the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition claims that it can not only help improve fat loss but also lower cholesterol levels.

HT Rush Directions

The best part about HT Rush is that its directions are quite simple and completely to the point. All you need to do is to take two capsules daily with a meal. You can also further add them to a smoothie or even a protein shake, just in case pills aren’t your thing.

HT Rush Weight Loss

It is important to remember that, while weight loss isn’t the product’s main or intended purpose, it can certainly be used for the same. In fact, especially for men who are over thirty, it’s well within reason to use the product and have weight loss as an added benefit.  It also further helps in increasing fertility, also in fighting symptoms of low testosterone and in expediting the fat burning process.

Also, please remember that there is no diet mentioned with HT Rush, so weight loss can only be aided and be majorly affected by what you eat as well as how much you move. There are no supplements in the world that can help you cut down weight if you do not make active changes to your lifestyle.

The Bottom Line – Is Purchasing HT Rush worth it?

At the end of the day, each coin comes with a flipside. There are both negatives and positives about HT Rush. You definitely will notice changes in energy, if you make a change to your diet, eat right and exercise, but that is only because you can lose a few pounds. Also, Tribulus and fenugreek are go-to ingredients in testosterone boosters. But, there are also some issues, which can leave you skeptical about using the formula.
On the other hand, the formula does contain various beneficial ingredients for male health and it is quite reasonable to assume, that it would also have a positive effect over time. While  Fenugreek and Caltrops is used as key ingredients, the formula completely omits Prosexual Nutrients and amino acids which are extremely useful in increasing sexual performance.

One just needs to ensure that they choose a supplement which belongs to a reputable company, containing scientifically tested ingredients, offering several other benefits, and the one that comes with an affordable price along with being capable of providing fast as well as effective results.




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