Hyleys Slim Tea

Hyleys Slim Tea Review 2018- Does it work? (Updated July 2019)

What is Hyleys Slim Tea?

The usage of tea supplements to lose weight or for detox purposes have grown very popular in the last couple of years. More and more people are relying on tea from different manufacturers to lose the extra stubborn pounds. There are various reasons why tea has grown popular right from the availability of various sweet flavors to choose from to their effectiveness. Unfortunately, not all of the weight loss tea products you come across are capable of giving you the outcomes you are looking for. While a significant number of people have been victims of ineffective supplements, another section of users has hard to deal with unpleasant adverse effects caused by these supplements. Hyleys Slim Tea is one of the available weight loss and detox supplements but how powerful is it?

Hyleys Slim Tea is an all-natural weight loss supplement that is formulated to boost one’s metabolism, detoxify the body and burn down fat. According to its manufacturer, this Hyleys slim tea is more than capable of significantly cutting down one’s weight and they say this is evident from the retailing success their product has witnessed. They claim to have sold in excess of 5 million Hyleys slim tea units all because of how potent the supplement is. We, however, do not have any reliable details to prove these numbers.

The tea through its natural ingredients will boost metabolism which is one of the causes of overweight and obesity problems caused by hereditary issues. By boosting metabolism, more food ingested and fats in the body will be broken down efficiently resulting in a bigger weight loss impact. Better metabolism is also supposedly going to make the user of the tea experience higher energy and strength levels. Burning down of fats and other nutrients naturally release energy to the body which will be very useful especially if you are also involved in a vigorous workout plan.

This Hyleys slim tea is also allegedly linked with detox benefits. Perhaps one of the reasons for the continued popularity of weight loss teas is their ability to double up as detox agents. Our experience in the field has, however, shown that most of these supplements while trying to balance these two they normally end up missing one of the two purposes or both of them. How well is Hyleys slim tea formulated to support these two functions?


Hyleys Slim Tea Ingredients

Hyleys Slim Tea is made of two main ingredients blended alongside other flavors. The available flavors of Hyleys slim tea include goji berry, blueberry, raspberry, acai berry, and pomegranate. These flavors are meant to make the tea more pleasant to your taste buds for easy consumption. Years ago it was difficult convincing people to take weight loss tea supplements due to the odd taste which made adherence a problem. Availability of various flavors should, therefore, make it possible for every user to find one preferred supplement fitting their taste.

Another good thing looking at the ingredients used is the lack of GMO or synthetic compounds. This is great news because synthetic chemicals are typical subject to lots of side effects. The primary compounds used in Hyleys Slim Tea include:

  • Senna Leaves

Senna Leaves are known to possess laxative effects which are claimed to be essential in promoting weight loss and detox benefits. The leaves contain Sennosides that when ingested irritate your stomach encouraging bowel movement and bathroom use. Senna Leaves benefits, however, take some time (up to 12 hours) before they can be felt. It’s for this reason that it is advisable to take the leaves just before bedtime.

Senna leaves may be linked with great weight loss and other benefits but the problems associated with its use are just as big and worrying. When you research on some of the potential side effects, for instance, you get a feeling that this herb is very harmful questioning whether it is ideal to even use it in the first place. Senna leaves have been associated with adverse effects including stomach pains, cramps, digestive issues, nausea, diarrhea, uneven heart rate, discoloration of the skin and eyes, loss of appetite, dehydration, low potassium, dizziness, mood changes etc. This makes the leaves harmful and difficult to recommend to anyone. In fact, scientists warn users against using senna leaves for more than a week unless prescribed by a physician. We perfectly know that realizing adequate weight loss benefits within a week is almost impossible and hence we can’t help but wonder whether using Hyleys slim tea for more than one week is safe. The manufacturer has failed to provide any information about the safety of their product in regards to the senna leaves used. We hence believe that Hyleys slim tea can only be a short-term weight loss solution in which there are still chances for medical complications.

Another reason for concern about natural ingredients like senna leaves is contaminations. Drugs.com explains that most herbal compounds are not well-regulated and are usually subject to toxic metal contaminations and other problems which can make them seriously fatal.

  • Green Tea

Green Tea is a very common nutrient for weight loss supplements. This compound contains stimulants like caffeine and antioxidants all of which are believed to be vital in aiding weight loss. Caffeine, for instance, is said to be useful in improving metabolism in the body. The compound is also likely to promote the breaking down of fats particularly in the abdominal region which can be a great solution to men with belly fat issues and women looking for a sleeker waist definition.

There may be clinical studies showing possible benefits of green tea in weight loss but there is also a group of studies showing otherwise which we cannot ignore. National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, for example, reports that there isn’t sufficient high-quality data to conclusively determine whether it is good for weight loss or not. They also went further to question its safety considering that there have been several reported cases of liver problems all associated with the consumption of concentrated green tea extracts. Whether these problems extend to the whole form of green tea is yet to be established.

Presence of the stimulant caffeine also poses several possible harmful effects including; anxiety, irritability, insomnia, diarrhea, nausea, mood swings, stomach upsets, rapid heart rate, jitters, agitation, cold sweats, muscle spasms, headaches, depression, overall weakness etc. The long list of side effects associated with caffeine is worrying and this has been made even worse by the lack of information on how much green tea and caffeine is contained in Hyleys slim tea.

Additionally, caffeine has on more than one occasion been ruled out as a long-term weight loss solution. Studies have shown that continued usage of caffeine results in the buildup of tolerance by the user’s body making any additional use of the stimulant rather useless. Some claim that an increase in dosage of caffeine can help in fighting this tolerance but there’s, unfortunately, no way of doing this without exposing the user to severe side effects. The only possible long-term effect of using caffeine is insomnia which isn’t really a good thing if you think about it. Moreover, Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews reviewed results from a clinical trial where they established that use of caffeine in weight loss induced a very “…small, statistically insignificant weight loss in obese and overweight adults.” It could hence not be the best of alternatives to people who are looking for massive weight loss impact.


Side Effects of Using Hyleys Slim Tea

The Medical Center at the University of Maryland warns people with high blood pressure, heart problems, liver issues, kidney problems, psychological disorders, and stomach ulcers from using supplements containing stimulants such as caffeine. Such people are likely to have unpleasant experiences if they use stimulants and with the lack of information on how much caffeine is in this slim tea, it is advisable that they avoid using it unless they have undergone consultations with their physicians.

Where can I buy Hyleys Slim Tea?

Hyleys products including this Hyleys slim tea are available in the official Hyley website and other online retail stores including Amazon. A package of 25 servings retails at around $5.99 making it one of the most affordable weight loss supplements. The website doesn’t, however, mention anything about money back guarantees.

The verdict on Hyleys Slim Tea?

When shopping for a supplement the ingredients used normally tell you almost everything you need to know to determine its effectiveness. Looking at Hyleys slim tea we can see that only two ingredients are used all of which are surrounded by serious concerns. Consumption of senna leaves is highly discouraged due to the vast adverse effects users are likely to experience. Hyleys lack of mentioning of the effects of Senna leaves (which seems deliberate) is not a good thing and they have also failed to add any compound that could counter senna’s unpleasant effects. Green tea, on the other hand, isn’t a unique nutrient and its benefits are also quite debatable. As you can already tell, this is not the sort of description of a product that someone can encourage you to use. Yes, it is affordable, but what’s the point of taking a supplement that might not give you any results and possibly leave you nursing migraines and stomach upsets? There are better-formulated supplements out there that will get the job done without exposing you to severe adverse effects.


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