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Hyphy Mud Full Review – Pro’s & Con’s (updated July 2019)

What is Hyphy Mud?

Kali muscle, the famous bodybuilder, and actor knows what you need to perform how to excel in the gym. He comes with an immense experience in bodybuilding and he knows just the thing you need when you are up for an intense training session. Hyphy Mu

hyphy mud

d is a great product invented by Kali Muscle and is now available to everyone. It comes in a convenient powder form and it also has some added ingredients now rather than just coffee grounds and Coke. If you are looking for a product that could help you have more focus, more aggression, and more drive, the Hyphy Mud is your answer. This new version of Hyphy Mud promises to make you do things you never knew you could.

What Hyphy Mud does to you?

  • Hyphy mud gives the user Off the Wall Energy*
  • Hyphy mud Fast Twitch Muscle Fiber Activation*
  • Hyphy mud Improved Athletic Performance*
  • Hyphy mud can Enhanced Muscular Endurance*

*These statements that are stated here are not evaluated by the FDA.

Hyphy Mud History

Hyphy mud, when it was first made, was a homemade drink to have before your workout. Kali Muscle who is an Actor and a Bodybuilder used it himself first and then after seeing what it can do, he made it popular. He made this drink in collaboration with a few others while he was in Prison. It was made with very simple ingredients, such as instant coffee and few ounces of Pepsi, however, it came out as a very effective drink.

Time passed and eventually, Kali muscle came in contact with a team of chemists who specialized in sports and together they innovated the special formula called Hyphy Mud. It’s a scientific formula that is very helpful for gym goers. It is a pre-workout formula that is said to enhance the mental focus, aggression, drive, and intensity of the gym goers. Hyphy mud claims that it has the capacity to flip your switches from somewhere deep within. It promises to give the consumer an energy level that even he was not aware exists inside of him. It is believed that consuming Hyphy mud gives you so much energy that you become dangerous and people around you start envying you see the level of your energy. Hyphy Mud gives you the power to break your own records and make new records for yourself.
Hyphy Mud is said to make the user take his mind and body to some other level with the euphoric energy. It makes the user want to spend the new energy found towards whatever task that comes his way.

Hyphy mud can be consumed by gym goers, players on a football field, basketball court, tennis court, octagon, etc.

Kali’s Mission

Kali Muscle has recently set up a scheme that is called from Ex-Con to Icon. The aim of the scheme is telling the youth that they don’t have to live up to violence, drugs, and crime and they can instead make themselves strong and stand for themselves.


From Ex-con to Icon

Kali was brought up in an environment which suffered from crime and poverty. He had personal experience of the criminal life and now Kali wants the young generation to know that there is much more than living a life that is full of crime and drugs. Kali is a changed person now and he has become a productive member of the society and he did all this by working out, bodybuilding, and living a crime and drug-free lifestyle. Kali is a firm believer that the current generation doesn’t have to put up with a criminal or drug-full life and there is a way out for them.

Not just this, Kali also works as a motivational speaker. He gives messages that are uplifting for the rehabilitation of people. He is close to completion of his book that tries to give hope to people, to come out of whatever situation they are in and make themselves stronger.

The Early Years of Kali

When Kali Muscle was born in California in 1975, his neighborhood was troubled by crime and poverty. He was raised by his mother and step-father and he also had two more siblings. However, he was always unloved and neglected by his family. When he was a teenager, he developed a passion for the gym and he also got his first job in 24-hour fitness. Since his neighborhood had a lot of violence, he got his first gun when he was still in school. Gym was the only place where Kali used to find comfort. Kali was very good at sports and he used to do brilliantly in a lot of them, be it wrestling, tracking or football. Kali also received a football scholarship. Life seemed to be going fine until this stage.

kali muscle

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Tragedy Strikes

However, while Kali was in Senior Year his older brother got killed while he was playing with a gun. The situation went from bad to worse when Kali had to face great financial difficulties. The situation had gone so bad that he started robbery to make his ends meet.  He was later arrested for the same reason and was imprisoned for 11 years which were life-changing for him. Kali tells his motivational real-life story to the youth to give hope to the community and to remind them to never give up.

Life inside

Once Kali was convicted, he again started bodybuilding for comfort. Kali started to workout relentlessly. He used to get a little escape from his circumstances when he started focusing on bodybuilding. Kali started following a special diet. He was a very focused bodybuilder and he had built an outstandingly remarkable physique. However, life was never easy for Kali. He was once more in trouble in 1997 when the state prison of San Quentin removed the weights from the prison.

With no other option to show their anger, the prisoners started using oranges as projectiles. However, the fruit-based approach to show protest proved to be useless and their weights were taken away forever. The ‘Prison Work-Out’Kali was not an ordinary man, he was a determined bodybuilder and he decided that such small things are not going to take him away from his passion for bodybuilding. So Kali started using other techniques like using trash bags, water bottles and other men’s body as weights. The prison officers were very troubled by Kali’s determination. They were frustrated to the point that they once put him in solitary confinement for not giving up on his passion.

Life on the outside: turning things around

Kali left the prison in 2010 and he moved to Los Angeles to fulfill his dream of becoming a professional bodybuilder and an actor.

Soon after Kali moved to Los Angeles, he got a role offered by Director Matthew McConaughey. It was a role in a music video for Jamey Johnson, who is an icon from Nashville.

Review on Hyphy Mud

Hyphy Mud is a big hit and is getting a lot of great reviews from the gym goers and workout lovers from all over the world. It scores high in all fields as mentioned below:

  • Taste/ Flavor –  3.7/5
  • Price – 4.2/5
  • Result/Satisfaction – 4.8/5
  • Delivery Speed – 4.5/5


ATTENTION : We don’t recommend Hyphy Mud!Check the #1 Pre-Workout Supplement

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