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Icon Meals Review 2018 -Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)

What is Icon Meals?

It is a website which offers various types of nutritive meals & snacks. Icon Meals main aim is to support the people who are trying to lose weight or desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The offered meals and snacks are ready-made and are said to be made with natural & nutritious ingredients. The consumers can choose to get the meals and snacks delivered right at the front

icon meals
icon meals

of their doorstep or can pick up their package in Dallas, Texas.


How does it work?

Icon meals are pretty simple & one can easily start adapting them in their lifestyles. There are various options available for the buyers, from signature to custom-made meals. After choosing their meals, the consumer can also choose for when or which days they require their meals to be delivered or picked up. These meals are ready to eat; you can just reheat them as per your requirement.

You can also combine different meals and choose from the options of getting them delivered only once or even twice a week. For more details on ordering & specifications, you can check their official website www.iconmeals.com

You can register on the site with your email and get started without paying any fee or subscription to join.

Products by Icon Meals

Furthermore, the site also offers weekly menus along with the signature and custom meals and are specialized for adding variety in the buyer’s diet.

  • Weekly Menu

This menu offers a signature meal which gets changed on a weekly basis.

  • Customized Meals

You can customize your meals by choosing the amount of protein, carbs, veggies, etc. The options are not restricted to that only, you can also choose from various types of food in different categories like chicken, beef, turkey, etc in protein section.

If you don’t want to buy meals then you can also opt out for protein bread, healthy snacks, desserts, etc. Popcorn, cookies, cheesecakes, etc and various other snacks are also offered along with cooked lean meats, fish, poultry, etc which can be bought in pounds.

Not to miss, A’la Carte which includes all types of carbohydrates and vegetables through custom meals are also available for purchase.

Along with meals, proteins, snacks, and carbohydrates, they also offer P28 foods which include pantry staples which are high in protein, fiber, etc Raps, spreads, bagel and seasonally gingerbread are also offered by ICON Meals.

There’s more, customized breakfast, lunch and dinner are available too!


Every custom breakfast has options for proteins & carbohydrates. The options for proteins are Scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, grilled chicken, ground beef, turkey, bacon, etc. Whilst the options for carbohydrates are: oatmeal, protein pancakes, diced hash browns, etc. There are options for making the meal carb free also.

A single custom breakfast costs around $5 and additional eggs can be added by adding $0.75 per egg (up to 12 eggs).

Lunch & Dinner

Every custom lunch/ dinner has options for protein, carb, & vegetable. The options for protein are chicken, turkey, salmon, steak, bison, etc along with sizes 3 to 12 ounces. Whilst the carbohydrates choices are plain rice, saffron rice, lime rice, plain sweet potato, mashed sweet potato, whole wheat pasta, etc

The starting price for custom lunch/dinner is $7 whilst additional charges of $0.50 for adding asparagus or quinoa. Along with the size of the protein which ranges from 3 ounces to 12 ounces, for adding one ounce, the price increases with a dollar.

Things to Remember:

  • If you order meals before 2 p.m. from Sunday – Thursday, then you can pick it up the very next day. But if your order is placed after 2 p.m. on Thursday then your meal will get ready only by the coming Monday.
  • Usually, the orders come packed with dry ice, if the address is outside their delivery area and are shipped through & by FedEx. Whilst you can order custom meals on any day and get them delivered by the next day, but you can’t order signature meals of the weekly menu on any day except for the week they are available throughout.
  • Well, the orders which are shipped have an expiration date of 5 days from the time they are dispatched. If you want to order meals for the whole week then you can split the order into two and then store in your refrigerator.

Nutrition Profile

As stated above, the aim of ICON Meals is to support people who want to lose weight or want to maintain a healthy lifestyle at an affordable price. ICON Meals use natural & locally sourced ingredients which have zero preservatives. Typically the meals are high in protein, moderate in carbohydrates, and have low fats, along with being low in salts and sugars. This makes ICON Meals’ meals healthier than other boxed meals available out there. Hence, it can be said that these meals are as healthy as you cook your own meals.

These meals have an emphasis on the right balance of macros such as the number of proteins, carbohydrates & fats in every meal. All the nutrition data is mentioned on the pack of every meal which makes them fit in the diet of every person who calculates the macros.

Role in Weight Loss

Well, the ICON Meals support weight loss but not project their meals as weight loss diet. But if a person consumes these meals on a regular basis then he might lose weight or manage weight in a better way. Like every other thing, you can’t expect sudden results from these meals too. Their website also provides information on tracking macros, IIFYM and also to customize meals according to various diet plans for weight loss.


The ICON Meals are affordable, and the boxed lunch or dinner starts from $7. The custom meals are available at similar prices but what adds more to the cost is increasing protein, changing carbs or veggies.

Bite Meal Vs ICON Meals

If you order your meal on ICON Meals rather than Bite Meals then, you can expect faster delivery of your order. Both the companies use FedEx for delivery orders, depending on where you live and what you choose from standard overnight to priority services it can range from $20 to $50. Well, this shipping cost might be a deal breaker as the meals cost around $7 but adding shipping charges would raise the price to $12. Well, you still might consider these services if you prefer keeping a track of calories and macros you consume. And along with that, you can enjoy tasty and healthy varied types of meals without any hassle.

Should You Buy ICON Meals?

ICON Meals offer consumers easy access to healthy & nutritious meals. The website is also easy to operate and order from. You can get your meals shipped or you can pick them up. The meals are also ready to eat after heating. Along with all these, they also offer P28 Foods, Snacks such as cookies, wraps, bread, popcorn, etc which are packed with proteins and less fat. All these meals and food are created & prepared by professional chefs who have years of training and experience in culinary. The food also has less amount of salts & sugar and no added preservatives.

Whether you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, lose or gain weight, then ICON Meals is the one for you!


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