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Inspire Ft2 Review 2018- Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)

Inspire Ft2 Overview

Inspire Fitness is a state-of-the-art site that provides buyers with training equipment for commercial or home gyms. Launched back in 2004, the company prides itself on being a market leader in gym products that are of high-quality and effective. Inspire Fitness was later introduced in Europe and the UK in 2008 where leading online fitness stores and showrooms sell the company’s products countrywide.

History of Inspire Fitness

Inspire Fitness is owned by four individuals. They are ;

  • Fred Hoag
  • Chuck Habing
  • Ted Habing
  • Jeff Laborde

Ted Habing is a major owner of the company is well experienced in the fitness industry. Having gotten his first start in the industry back in 1985 at a company known as Paramount as a designer, he worked there for about 3 years before deciding to start out his own business.

Ted Habing is well experienced and therefore adds great value to the company.

His experiences range from having been a manager at a fitness store in Atlanta, GA back in 1990, sales manager at Pacific Fitness in 1996, until he started Inspire Fitness in 2004.

Inspire Fitness has grown to be one of the most prominent premier lines of fitness equipment that is well-respected and known in the industry.

Products Sold by Inspire Fitness

These are some of the products that can be found at Inspire Fitness ;

  • Cardiovascular
  • Functional trainers
  • Benches and racks
  • Multi-gyms
  • Power rack, smith attachment


Inspire fitness multi-gym features some of the most innovative and efficient gym products. These include ;

  • Inspire fitness leg press attachment
  • Inspire fitness M2 multi gym
  • Inspire fitness M3 multi gym
  • Inspire fitness M5 multi gym
  • Inspire fitness BL1 multi gym

Inspire Fitness Leg Press Attachment

This LP3 leg press equipment provides users with the ability to do single leg presses. It has been designed to offer you leg presses that are performed efficiently and properly. It has a heavy duty frame that is oval and round tubular stell of sizes 2’’x 4’’ and 3.5’’ respectively.

Inspire Fitness M2 Multi Gym

This is an efficient fitness equipment that offers free motion movements and pressing exercises that are fixed. It has been designed to offer minimum footprint and at the same time provide maximum function. The M2 represents an all-around fitness equipment that is quite beneficial.

Inspire Fitness M3 Multi Gym

This is the major equipment in multi gyms. Recently launched in 2017, it has landed itself in the award-winning category as the best system. With features such as the dual isolateral press arms and a pulley system that is also dual, it provides users with an efficient way for fitness training.

Inspire Fitness M5 Multi Gym

This fitness equipment can be used in both home and commercial gyms. Known as the ultimate 2-stack gym, it provides users with everything they require for fitness training. It provides fixed pressing exercises that are good for one’s body and free motion movement.

Inspire Fitness BL1  Multi Gym

Branded the most innovative and efficient home gym in the current era, it provides users with the best features for fitness training. This equipment does not require weight plates and guide rods to utilize the body of the user. Therefore, the equipment is relatively quiet and very smooth.

Functional Trainers

Inspire fitness provides some of the best functional trainers. They include;

  • FT1 functional trainer
  • FT1 functional trainer package
  • FT2 functional trainer
  • FT2 functional trainer package

FT1 Functional Trainer

This is one of the most efficient functional trainers as it can be used in gyms, for emergency services, hotels, personal training studios,  and schools, due to its dual cable machine and compact size. It provides users with the free motion while performing resistance exercises.

FT1 Functional Trainer Package

This functional training package equipment offers an upgraded weight stack and an adjustable bench. It is quite a compact training equipment, with an adjustable dual pulley and can also be used in schools, during emergencies, in gyms, hotels and many other places.

FT2 Functional Trainer

This equipment provides a complete solution for any kind of fitness activity. Its dual adjustability and an 8 pull point capability make it convenient for us in schools, for emergency services, small studio gyms, hotels, as well as personal training studios.

FT2 Functional Trainer Package

This is the complete solution for training facilities with inclusive of the Inspire fitness leg developer, Inspire Ft2, the FT2 Leg conversion kit, the Inspire SCS adjustable bench and the weight stack upgrade kit. These provide users with the best and most efficient fitness training equipment for maximum exercise.


Inspire fitness provides only one cardiovascular equipment, which includes;

CB1 Air Bike

This equipment provides bike enthusiasts with a great way to exercise in the gym. It offers a full body workout through the use of the peddles, movement of the arms and the upper body muscles. This is a great way in which people get to exercise to keep a fit body.

Smith Attachment and Power Rack

Inspire fitness provides some of the best power rack and smith attachment equipment suitable for fitness training of all kind.

They include;

  • Fitness smith cage
  • Power rack system
  • Smith machine attachment

Fitness Smith Cage

This provides users with an all-rounded fitness training capability due to its design and incorporated features. It is suitable for a home family gym and is the latest to be added to the collection of Inspire fitness.

Smith Machine Attachment Bar

This Inspire fitness equipment can be used together with the Power Rack. It features a steel bar bearing system, Olympic barbell as well as guide poles that solid chrome. This makes each end of the bar very durable and safe for the intended user.

Power Rack System

This is a squat rack designed for weight training safety improvement. Users can use the equipment to train either while lying on the bench or standing. The safety bars are quite convenient as they can be adjusted for the safety of the user.

Racks and Benches

Inspire Fitness also provides some of the best benches and racks for an efficient fitness training experience. These racks and benches include ;

  • FID bench
  • 3 Tier horizontal dumbbell rack
  • SCS bench
  • FLB2 Folding bench
  • Vertical dumbbell rack
  • Olympic weight tree and bar holder


Olympic Weight Tree & Bar Holder

This equipment is quite efficient as it has been made to hold a standard bumper or Olympic plates. It can also hold two full-sized Olympic bars and includes a maximum storage weight of up to 700 pounds. It also features weight horns that are solid chrome for the improvement of the unloading and loading of the specified dimensional plates.

FLB2 Folding Bench

When space is to be considered, one should think of thFLB2 weights and fitness bench. This folding bench has been designed with high-quality materials to provide users with the best product. It is uniquely adjustable and quite efficient for workouts.

SCS Bench

This is a commercial bench that is efficiently adjustable and provides all-rounded features of a great kind of bench. It allows for workouts such as decline and incline, flat and up to 6 adjustment positions for an efficient fitness training.

FID Bench

The FID stands for Flat, Incline and Decline. It is a commercial bench that allows for multiple positions during exercises. It has a weight capacity of 1000 pounds and great support from its heavy duty contoured Naugahyde.

3 Tier Horizontal Dumbbell Rack

This Inspire Fitness equipment is suitable for both home and commercial gyms. It is easy to maintain, durable and can be positioned anywhere even at the center of the gym. It has a heavy duty frame and efficient dimensions to fit in any environment.

Pricing at Amazon

All of these Inspire Fitness equipment can be found for sale at Amazon at convenient and affordable prices. However, prices range from one product to another, therefore, it would be best if you get to check them out and compare the different prices on the Amazon site.

How to Use These Products

These products are quite convenient, compact and very efficient which makes them easy for use in the different area. Most of this equipment has been seen to be suitable for use in areas such as hotels, emergency services, schools, and many other places. This shows how important they are for use in our daily life activities.

Bottom Line

Inspire Fitness strives to provide the best fitness training equipment and has been recognized as a lead in the industry. Being around more than 10 years, the company understands the needs of fitness training equipment and therefore provides solutions to training commercial facilities and home gyms. Workouts, fitness, and exercises are some of the most important factors to consider in order to live a healthy life. Therefore, having the right fitness equipment is paramount for efficient workouts.


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