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Instant Knockout Review 2018 -Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)

What is Instant Knockout?

Weight loss has turned into a tomfoolery business lately. Between the tremendous demand for weight loss supplements in the market and the abundance of supplements available, it is difficult to differentiate fact from fiction. Weight loss is a massive industry; with a turnover of $150 billion worldwide, every other person wants to make a living out of it. The over-hyped industry is now also fast losing credibility in spite of the demand and the consumers are left wondering which supplement to use at all. Let us try to debunk a few misconceptions and myths and see if one of these supplements genuinely works.

Instant Knockout is a supplement that has created a lot of buzz due to its high profile users and celebrity attachment. Instant Knockout is essentially a fat burner that helps shed excess fat without losing muscle and therefore is preferred by athletes and MMA professionals. There are some high profile links such as MMA fighters Diego Sanchez and John Dodson, who have openly admitted to using Instant Knockout for quick weight loss and fat burning. This brings Instant Knock out into the limelight.

Are you craving for that six-pack or summer body but you have troubles achieving your goal?

Just like hundreds of other fat burners which we reviewed we ask ourselves the question ” does it really work?”. We tested Instant Knockout and this is what we found out.

Do fat burners work?

Are you craving for that six-pack or summer body but you have troubles achieving your goal? Every decent athlete wants to look good, there’s a reason why you are hitting that gym frequently right? Lifting all that iron should pay off sooner or later. Unfortunately, some people react differently to weight training. I know guys who get big after 4 weeks but I also know guys who are hitting the gym 5 times per week and have troubles gaining mass or getting ripped.

Well, luckily for you the supplement industry has evolved rapidly over the past years and they came up with some groundbreaking supplements which can help you to achieve your goal fast. One of them is fat burners.

Fat burners are complex products which use a combination of several ingredients to burn fat. The 3 biggest processes are :

  • Thermogenesis – Thermogenesis is an innovative feature added in fat burners over the past years, with tremendous results. These ingredients increase your metabolic rate, making you burn more calories.
  • Raised Energy Levels –When you’re on a strict diet, losing weight can be a bitch. By increasing the energy levels in your body, your body will burn more calories than you usually do.
  • Appetite suppression – a new addition to the high-quality fat burners – these ingredients will make you feel less hungry so you will eat less. Eating fewer carbs and calories will make you lose weight. Simple

Instant Knockout Review Summary

To make this instant knockout review trustworthy we had several team members testing Instant Knockout during a period of 3 months.

After 3 months, we concluded the following benefits :

  • Great fat burner – this product really helps in burning excessive fat
  • Lot’s of  energy – We noticed that this product increases energy levels, especially during workouts
  • Less appetite – You will feel less hungry since Instant Knockout suppresses that feeling
  • Increased muscle mass – We noticed bigger bumps in the gym and we actually gained some lbs of muscle.


  • You need to take your pills on a daily basis – Don’t miss a dose, the effect will be less
  • Sleeping problem – If you take Instant Knockout late in the evening, you might have troubles sleeping
  • Doesn’t burn fat overnight – The best results only come after 2 months of taking Instant Knockout, don’t expect miracles in a couple of days time

Summarized, Instant Knockout is one of the best fat burners we used so far. It’s not a magical pill, but it sure does the trick.  This is one of the reasons why Instant Knockout is so popular with MMA fighters. These guys and girls can’t afford to have one gram of excessive fat because it will slow them down. Diego Sanchez lost up to 25 lbs in less than 5 weeks using Instant Knockout.

Instant Knockout results

So how does Instant Knockout work anyway?

Instant Knockout gets the insane and quick results with a dual approach. First, it heats your body in order to help you burn more calories; this by itself is a great weight loss technique. But Instant knockout also deters your appetite by making you feel full for a longer period of time and cutting down on calorie consumption. This approach clearly burns fat at a high rate at least in the short run. This feat is achieved by the blend of unique ingredients within this mix which makes it a highly demanded supplement within weight loss and fat loss circles.

Benefits and Side effects

Let us look at the claims that Instant Knockout makes. Instant knockout is supposed to burn away the excess unsightly fat by increasing the body heat as well as lowering your appetite. But it also comes with various assumptions.

  1. Instant knockout is a supplement and will only work alongside exercise and a proper diet. By itself, it will only cause heat issues.
  2. The supplement needs to be taken on a routine to enjoy maximum benefits.
  3. Instant knockout is not a magic pill, it has to be administered well and if taken with other supplements, the caffeine and stimulant levels need to be carefully looked into.

So along with these tremendous benefits, are there any side effects that accompany Instant Knockout? Absolutely. Due to its high caffeine contain there are various side effects to look out for, such as insomnia, irritability, headaches, and drowsiness. The side effects are not limited to the ones mentioned here and any adverse effects need to be reported to a medical professional immediately.

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The ingredients in Instant Knockout are what make for the results, let us take a look at them:

  • GREEN TEA EXTRACT: Green tea is a well-known supplement for Weight loss as it boosts your metabolism and gives you a head start into weight loss. Green tea extract is used in almost all weight loss supplements due to its metabolic properties. It is full of bioactive polyphenols called catechins and they give you a strong hit of caffeine to help you power through your workouts.
  • CAYENNE PEPPER SEEDS: This spice is packed with nutrients to make your weight loss journey a breeze. These seeds contain capsaicin which boosts insulin sensitivity helping improve the way your store carbs. This results in rapid weight loss and the carbs convert into energy rather than fat.
  • GLUCOMANNAN: Glucomannan is a known appetite-suppressing fiber. The way it works is, it triples in size once ingested and leads to a feeling of fullness in order to curb appetite and hunger pangs.
  • CAFFEINE ANHYDROUS: Caffeine is a known metabolic booster and focuses enhancer. The caffeine content in Instant Knockout is the reason why the claims of the Instant Knockout efficiency are so high.
  • VITAMIN B6: It is not known to many people but 1 in 4 adults suffer from a Vitamin B6 deficiency without ever knowing and blaming the effects of the deficiency on a bad lifestyle. It helps supports a healthy lifestyle by improving the way that you synthesize energy, and it also absorbs amino acids which are vital for fat burning.
  • VITAMIN B12: Vitamin B12 also helps you cover food into usable energy. It aids metabolism and sharpens your immune system. Vitamin B12 also corrects any appetite issues that one may have.
  • GTF CHROMIUM: this ingredient helps to control insulin, which is the hormone that controls how you store carbohydrates in your body. It also contains a protein called uromodulin which improves how you metabolize sugar as well as fat.
  • ZINC: Zinc is often used in lean muscle building proteins and compounds as it boosts testosterone. Testosterone is the hormone that leads to a higher activity level in people and also better performance in workouts or any physical activity. Lower Zinc levels are known to have increased body fat levels.
  • PIPERINE: Piperine is another pepper extracted ingredient which comes from Black Pepper. It improves your digestion quality and increases heat in your body which helps in burning more calories.
  • GREEN COFFEE BEAN: The Green Coffee bean is the new star in the ingredients list as it is now being incorporated in every weight loss supplement. It slows down the rate of fat absorption from the body and helps you lose body mass.


instant knockout infographic
instant knockout infographic


Pricing and shipping

  • 1 box  $59  (30 days supply)
  • 2 boxes: $118.00 (60 days supply)
  • 3 Boxes  $185  (90 days supply)

This product comes with a 90-day money back guarantee and free international shipping.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is Instant Knockout safe to use in competition?

A: All the ingredients are  100% natural. This product is used by professional MMA fighters and they never failed a drug test before.

Q: How many servings do you need to take daily?

A: Instant Knockout requires 4 doses a day of 1 capsule. It’s important you don’t miss a capsule since you need to keep the Thermogenesis process working at all times.

Q: Can I just take this and lose weight?

A:  Fat burners will increase your metabolism but you need to keep exercising and following your diet.

Q: Can I stack this with my other supplements?

A: Yes, Instant Knockout can be stacked with testosterone boosters and other bodybuilding supplements.

Q: Does it work fast?

A: Instant Knockout really starts working after 1 month. Don’t expect miracles after 1 week. The ingredients need time to work.

Conclusion on Instant Knockout Review

The supplement industry is filled with expensive fat burning products which claim to be amazing but actually are a waste of money. We reviewed hundreds of such products in the past.

We can honestly say that Instant Knockout is worth the investment. Given the price and the benefits, the supplement works very promisingly. If you are an athlete or your workout levels are high, Instant Knockout may work for you very well. This product helps you to burn fat, increase your metabolism, suppresses appetite and makes you leaner.







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