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Is Jeremy Buendia on Steroids? We found out! (Updated July 2019)

Who is Jeremy Buendia?

Jeremy Buendia is popular as Mr. Olympia Men’s Physique champion and has won the title 3 times. He has been coached by Hany Rambod, who is also the trainer of Phil Heath. Buendia has proved his mettle in the men’s physique category just like Phil has in the bodybuilding category, surpassing strong competition such as Sadik Hadzovic and Jeff Seid to win his titles.

He does not only have some of the best arms in the business but also has insane vascularity and boasts of a waist which is virtually nonexistent when seen from a side view.

Jeremy Buendia works extremely hard, and when it comes to competition, you can safely bet that he is sure to be the most shredded guy on stage. It is said, that Buendia practically came out of the womb curling dumbbells, and has been majorly inspired from his father who used to be a non-competitive bodybuilder back in the 70’s, hence proving to be quite an inspiring influence on Jeremy’s passion for weights. He began competing at a tender age of 17 while winning his first bodybuilding competition back in the year 2012 with the NPC Excalibur championships.

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Let’s take a look at Jeremy Buendia’s stats:

jeremy buendia

  • Height: 5 ft 8
  • Competition Weight: 165 lbs
  • Off-Season Weight: 195 lbs

These stats seem to be pretty modest, especially if you consider his competition weight because Jeremy Buendia looks extremely big and quite full on stage. So, is it that the Men’s Physique star simply has phenomenal genetics, or is he just eating clean and training much harder? Come On, let’s investigate!


Time to look at the 17 Year Old Jeremy Buendia

In most of his pictures, he appears to have made 90% of all of his muscle gains as a teen itself, but it looks like he did have roughly about 5% or so extra body fat. (It can come as a surprise to some about how much bigger one can look when you end up losing a good amount of fat and retain quite a bit of muscle.)

It is a sign of a typical natural bodybuilder if he makes all of his gains when he first starts lifting weights. It is the guys who have been lifting forever, and suddenly end up blowing out of proportion, are the ones who make you doubt about the authenticity of their ways. If he started taking steroids right from the beginning, he would have become quite huge by now, which is a mark of all those who consume a lot of steroids.

Jeremy Buendia and Steroids

Jeremy Buendia does not seem to show any signs of steroids, which is apart from the fact he is a lot more bloated as compared to Jay Cutler on celltech.  The doubt arises because his shoulders are not in proportion or in-comparison to his arms. Hence it is difficult to understand how they don’t pop out and in turn failing to produce the 3D robotic effect that Jaco De Bruyn so proudly does.

The shoulders and even traps are the two muscles which you need to look out for when a guy’s on steroids, especially when they have to use AAS (androgenic anabolic steroids) which is trenbolone. While both of these muscles have quite an increased amount of androgen receptors, it also makes them a lot more susceptible to growth coming from such compounds.

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When you look at his head or his face, it has not changed in size or even in structure, and he continues to have extremely great skin. While this may sound silly, but having nice-looking skin is quite hard to achieve when they take steroids. This happens due to the sebaceous glands which produce a lot more oil than usual and ends up blocking up pores. The exception to this is HGH, and it can end up making you look a lot younger especially at the expense of ‘looking completely pregnant’ when you administer it with insulin.

Buendia does boast of extremely good vascularity, which can sometimes be associated with the use of steroids. But if you are one of the fans that follow him on social media, you would know that his veins start only to look freaky when he’s close to competing. This is only because during this time his body fat percentage is extremely low and it is quite natural for anyone to become a lot more vascular during this time. Questions should only be asked when a guy who’s at 15% body fat, but ends up looking like a human roadmap.

You should know that Jeremy’s also competed in bodybuilding federations such as the NPC and the INBF. These competitions perform drug tests, which he’s never failed. It points to the evidence that Jeremy Buendia is natty. However, this particular piece of evidence is weak as these tests can be easily beaten because of how they’re scheduled. The tests are scheduled on a certain date long in advance; so the contestants can easily plan and set up these dates to stop running certain traceable steroids, which enables them to be cleared completely from the body.

Our Verdict- Jeremy Buendia is a Natural!

Jeremy Buendia does not show any obvious side effects, and his ‘gains timeline’ (the rate at which he’s gained muscle) is extremely believable. All you would need is only to look at the picture of the 17-year-old Jeremy Buendia to understand that he’s extremely gifted in the genetics department. When it comes to cutting steroids, it is always difficult to detect what someone has been taking, because they don’t always show obvious side effects that bulking steroids do. However, given his gains and his overall timeline, it is safe to assume that he is natty.

The biggest giveaway for somebody who is cutting steroids would always be of extreme dryness (when associated with anavar and winstrol use). Jeremy Buendia is quite adept at manipulating his water levels which is under the guidance of Hany Rambod, but he’s not insanely dry to the point where he looks like he’s been photoshopped. All in all, the evidence points to natural gains and should be enough to shut up any critics who claim otherwise. Hard work should be appreciated not questioned.

It is extremely disheartening to see somebody put in so much hard-work and still face so much backlash for not being natural when they evidently put their mind and soul into it. But good things prevail, and we hope that Jeremy Buendia career does too. His hard work has been exemplary and led us to believe in his natty background. So Jeremy Buendia may be a beast, but we believe he is a natural one!

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