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Jes Extender Review 2018 -Does it really work? (Updated July 2019)

What is the Jes Extender?

Men always want to have a large penis. We can even see this in old cave paintings that depict men’s with big dicks. Even during these days, males in few African tribes hang weight loads to genitalia to stretch their penis. The need to have a big penis exists for a long time and it is a quite natural desire. The first thing is that man is a male and he has the calling for growing. A big penis always attracts women’s rather than the small penis. But today males are offered too many varieties of techniques for enhancing penis size in a safer and easier way. A man’s penis size is always seen as a symbol of vitality, fertility, and sexual energy.

jes extender

This is the main reason why men’s are not satisfied with their penis size and search for penis enhancing remedies. A many of these remedies are really overabundant. The most famous and popular one is known as traction technique. It is a broadly recognized method to grow penis size. This technique is utilized in the making of various dick extender products that claim to grow your penis size naturally. Here we will talk about this technique in detail.

How does the Jes Extender works?

Based on an official study majority of men’s are not satisfied with their penis size. This problem can be the cause of issues in sexual life, problems with a partner, low self-esteem etc. Even though many women have claimed that a size is just a number to them, on the other hand, many women’s have also admitted that penis size does matter for them. According to a study held in Holland with 400 women’s showed that for around 85% of these women penis size hold a great importance, while the 50% of women’s are quite happy with a thick penis.

Jes extender is said to be a modern penis enhancement device which was launched in the market in the year 1994. The device was clinically proven and tested to get top quality results in increasing penis size. The device gives a pain-free treatment which will help to make the penis size larger in a comfortable and easy way. A large number of users from across the world have said that they are satisfied with the jes extender product. It is said to be a number one choice for all those males who want to increase their penis size safely and comfortably.

The biggest benefit of jes extender is that it is able to enlarge the size and breadth of the penis without any use of knives and surgery. This jes dick extender tool utilizes the technique of traction that has been utilized for long years. Based on a study it is said that it can grow your penis size by 24% from its previous size. The tool is delivered across the whole world in a very discreet packaging. Jes extender is European certified and this is only given to the items that are able to meet particular standards among the European Union.

Does it increase girth?

Jes extender was made by a famous and reputable company that is almost twenty years old now. The manufacturing company has utilized the theory of cell division that is called as cytokinesis and that is a safe, natural and effective method. It is suggested by the physicians and doctors from all over the world. The tool can also be used by individuals who have skin which gets easily irritated because of the substances used in making the jes dick extender. It comes with special adjustment keys, extension rods, straps, comfort pads and so it is easily wearable by all size of penises. The device is popular because it does not cause any kind of pain, discomfort or side effects.

Jes extender works by utilizing traction method to make the penis tissue grow under gentle pressure. It is a natural technique using eight extender rods for keeping the track of penile growth. Jes extender comes with dick extender rods, comfort pads, straps and with a beautiful wooden box which is practical and stylish. This method of penis enlargement is a nonsurgical method to grow your penis size. It is also safe and clinically proven method that gives permanent solutions. The product gives a good stretch force to your penis by the device that regularly makes the blood cells to multiply and divide. As the blood cells increase the penile tissue also grows and the penis looks enlarged.

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The user can easily find the difference by utilizing the tool and by seeing the before and after photos on the main site of jes extender. The change is obvious. So hence we can say that the tool really works and improves the flaccid and erects the size of the penis. It works well for both curvature and size issues. The device can help to enhance the appearance of your penis and make it large in size if used regularly. The wooden box consists of two comfort pads, enlargement tool, 2 inches extension rod, comfort strap, 1-inch extension rod, 0.25 inches extension rod, cohesive gauge, a DVD guide, and a pair of adjustment keys.

Does it have any kind of negative effect?

Jes extender has a powerful tool which is risk-free to use because of its durable substances which are of excellent quality. Jes extender comes with a five-year warranty. Based on a study the device gives an effective and safe way to increase the penis size and increases its functionality. Also, the tool does not have any adverse reaction on side effects but there are some precautions that you should consider before the usage of this tool.

It is suggested that you should not use this product if you have wounds, cuts, infected parts or herpes around your penis. Also it is suggested that you should not use the device while doing physically heavy work. Avoid wearing it before bed if you usually tend to roll a lot in sleep. The tool is made only for men’s above eighteen years of age. Do not get worried if the penis gets erect while using the jes extender. Just take out the device and put it again on the penis when it is flaccid again. Last but not the least you should follow each and every instruction while using jes extender.

jes extender picture

A huge number of users say that their penis size is continuously growing after they used the tool for near about twenty-six weeks. It gives you a better chance to handle the desired thickness and length of the penis that you want. It totally depends on you for how much time you wear this device and also the traction that you can apply. This means that you are able to avoid using the device when you feel you are happy with the girth and size of your penis. If you wish to increase girth, the Jes extender is the perfect product for you.

What is so good regarding the design and styles of the product? How to increase girth?

It took a lot of time for the researchers to come to a simple but very important stretching device. A lot of parameters were taken into use when this device was developed. Many tests and trails were also taken. The major parameters that were taken into considerations are:

Suitability for all kinds and sizes of penisPerformance of the stretching procedureHealth status of the penis after using the tool safety and hygiene of the penis

The ultimate blueprint of jes extender:

Covering and protecting the penis area from the bottom to the glans. Implementing continuous and proper pressure together with a gentle stretch of your complete penis uniformly. Proper precautions are taken to prevent unnatural stretching of tissues and skin. It is tested to make sure about the safety against muscles break and tissue cracks. All this was ensured by the top procedures and standards utilized for the steady extension. Another one thing that has been taken utmost care is the enlargement of present tissues and also their strengthening. Total toxic free and hygienic environment in which your penis will get proper oxygen supply. A study has proved that a proper oxygenated environment can enhance the growth. Totally safe while using it. The user will not get any irritation marks or pain on your penis. Rather it gives cushioning with the help of a comfort strap and that even helps it from slipping off.


Why should one select this device?

Jes extender gives an excellent solution at a very affordable price because of best quality materials that do not cause any type of allergic reaction or side effects. And so you can get a penile extension in a safe and natural way. You can see enlargement results after eight weeks of continuous use.

Advantages of jes extender:

The use of this penis enlargement can be an unseen addition to any way of life. You just have to fit the penis into your device and put it on for a particular amount of time. The jes extender will be completely hidden in your pants or trousers. You do not have to take any pills or supplements because this tool uses a clinically proven technique which will give you the desired results. You will be getting 12 months guarantee. This is not just an ordinary guarantee they say that they will double your money. So generally they are enabling us to try for the entire one year and if you are not pleased then too you have nothing to lose. You would not get this offer if you buy it from any other website. So always go to the official website.

How to utilize the jes extender?

The device is very easy to use. You just have to fix your penis into the device and let it stay for almost eight hours. You should use this device regularly for effective results. It is not suggested to wear this device at night as it can be inconvenient specifically if you turn a lot in sleep.

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Where to buy?

You can get the jes pro extender from their official website. If you are getting this device elsewhere please be careful about the quality as it may be a copy or duplicate. The product is not available at Walmart, Amazon or GNC.

The final verdict on Jes Extender

Jes extender is said to be a quality product which is specially made to enhance the size of your penis. An average enhancement of 24% in length and 19% in girth is noted. For faster and better advantages it is said that you should use it as directed. The important thing about the tool is it works very safely without any side effects and discomfort. The traction technique not only makes your penis larger it also improves blood activity that is important for hard and proper erections. This tool is also a great way to combat curvature in your penis. Previously jes pro extender was made in Denmark by doctors, physicians, and specialists. The tool utilizes a technique of natural cell division. A lot of users are using it worldwide. The device is very easy to use and wear it on the penis. It is easy because of their extension rod that controls tension.

There are a lot of counterparts available in the market that may not be made on any kind of scientific theories at all. All such products are a great scam. Therefore we suggest you purchase it only from its official website. It comes with adjustments keys, comfort pads and also a DVD guide in six different languages. The device can be used by males with different sizes of penis and gives a five-year warranty. In the initial days, it can be a bit uncomfortable and boring but it is natural. Once you overcome the initial days of weird feeling the results that you will be getting will please you. The product is recommended to use for all those men’s who respect themselves and wants to get their self-esteem back.

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