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Is John Cena on Steroids? We found out! (Updated July 2019)

Is John Cena on Steroids?

As we see John Cena, a natural question that arises in our mind is whether he is taking steroids or it is a natural tone. It is important to know whether it is natural or a result of the steroids as a lot of people look up to him. We are interested to know if it is possible for him to attain the similar results in a natural manner by taking any type of drugs completely. Whatever answer you may get to the question regarding John Cena steroids, you should not stop your training. Your body is very different from his and thus the natural processes of your body are completely different. Working hard is sure to help you in reaching the full potential of the body.

john cena and steroids
john cena and steroids

About John Cena

John Cena is a popular name in the list of wrestlers across the globe. Hailing in West Newbury in Massachusetts, he is 40 years of age currently. At present, he is tied to the Ric Flair for title reigns in WWE history along with an amazing and impressive 16 reigns below the belt. With an impressive career, John Cena has come up with almost 25 titles in WWE. He has a height of 6 ft and 2 inches along with a weight of 250 plus pounds of solid muscle. No body fat is present in his physique. He has been successful in maintaining the similar shape from the beginning of the main roster debut and before that which led a lot of people to believe that he may be in taking steroids.

WWE career of John Cena

In this year, this wrestler has taken a step back from the competition of WWE with an eye to pursuing different interests and helping other superstars in getting over. He, however, takes part in the competition on a part-time basis. However, many people believe that only a couple of ring years are left prior to retirement or transiting into the back scene role.

Until the last year, John Cena is a successful name and face in the competition of WWE. Though WWE is desperate to fill the shoes, nobody has been yet found who will step up really. This is inclusive of the Roman Reigns, in spite of the fact that he has been desperately forced down by the fans for the last three years in a consecutive manner. After debuting in the year of 2002, the wrestler has adopted the rap gimmick that has helped in winning the heart of fans instantly.

In spite of playing the heel in the wrestling terms or the bad guy, he is cheered in a consistent manner. The WWE has provided a push to him, thereby helped him in getting up the rankings. With the passage of time, Cena became the good guy or the Babyface. He has won multiple titles, which is inclusive of the World Heavyweight title during the main event of Wrestlemania and US championship. Without guys such as The Stone Cold and The Rock, WWE was looking for a new face for the company. John Cena fits the role in a perfect manner.

Though fans were amazed to see the wrestler in defeating each and everybody that came in his path, they are hoping for the turning of another bad guy for freshening up the character. However, that never happened. The fans really love John Cena and he has become a well-renowned figure. He is loved by women and little kids. He is also the favorite of hardcore wrestling fans across the globe.

Several wrestlers came and went. However, John Cena was consistent with his physique and performance.

Size and strength of John Cena

There is no denying in the fact that John Cena is known to be a physical specimen. As mentioned earlier, he has a weight of 250 pounds in addition to the height of 6 ft and 2 inches. He has a wide array of muscles around in the frame. He stays in shape in a consistent manner. He is also maintaining a vascular and ripped physique which is complete with the washboard ABS. A wide number of supplement companies sponsored John Cena in the past few years. He made an appearance on different magazine covers like Men’s Health, Muscle and Fitness, Flex. Apart from few brief periods post to undergoing surgery for different surgeries, his physique has been impressive in a consistent manner. John Cena happens to be a genetic freak and an epitome of fitness in the gym.

Even at the age of 40 years, he conducts training like a beast. He is stronger in comparison to some of the most popular powerlifters on the planet. In the WWE ring, he is capable of throwing men of 200-300 pounds without any hassles. To be precise, he is considered to be one of the well renowned WWE superstars for lifting the 7ft 450 pound Big Show on his shoulders.

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During the competition, for some time, he took the Big Show of 400 pounds on the shoulder in addition to 240 pound Edge at the same time. John Cena is known to be a big fan of the bodybuilding. He trains in a similar way to bodybuilders. He is inclusive of the plethora of compound lifts as an integral part of the routine. In this way, he is capable of maintaining the size and strength.

The response of John Cena

A similar impressive physique at this age has led to different speculations that John Cena intakes legal steroids during the impressive running as the professional athlete. During different interviews with multiple media outlets and internet blogs, the wrestled is maintaining innocence on the specific matter. He denied the use of steroids completely and insisted that his complete look is natural and is not chemically enhanced or induced. According to him, he has done extensive training in the gym and has committed to instructions and advice of the trainers for several years. Though he started at a younger age, he told he has gained weight in a natural manner. According to him, that exercises added to what has been gifted naturally. Setting his claims of innocence aside, here is a look at the athlete and check whether he has indulged in the use of steroids or not.

His strength

Though there are several pieces of evidence that suggest the use of John Cena and steroids, there is no doubt in the fact that John Cena is a genetic freak. He is incredibly strong in nature. He contributes to being one of the strongest WWE superstars of all time. The wrestler happens to be very elite.

The recovery rate of John Cena from the injuries

John Cena has gained high popularity in sustaining multiple injuries in the gym and ring during the career in WWE for the past few years. Most of the injuries require surgery that will be keeping the athletes out for a time duration of one year at least. For the most notable injuries, the wrestler was able to return to the action within months. His strength and physique remain unchanged virtually prior to getting injured. There are chances that steroids can confer a boost to the recovery.

Hands and jaw

The hands of John Cena are similar to shovels. His jaw is blocky like Kali muscle and Calum Von Moger. They are considered to be the tell-tale signs of the uses of steroid.

The Wellness Policy

The wellness policy of WWE happens to be legit. In the 90s, you will find a wide number of mid-card talents who compete on the roster having physiques which can make pro bodybuilders envy. It was after the Wellness policy came into effect, the superstars became smaller and softer. In lieu of men having 265 pounds being the norm, in lieu, you will find superstars, who do not have a weight of 210 pound-set and yet take part in the competition. John Cena does not change nor does he shrink down, He continues looking amazing. The WWE take the policy in a serious manner. In case a wrestler fails the drug tests, they are fired or suspended for repeat violations. John Cena was never suspended. Thus, it can be said that he does not take any steroid.

John Cena steroids usage?

The primary thing that physician does as you walk into their clinic for the test or consultation is asking for the different symptoms which are displaying. Here are some of the common symptoms of steroid use and check if John Cena is displaying any one of them.

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  • Flushed skin

If a person is taking steroids, there is a rise in blood pressure and temperature, owing to which you the appearance of the skin becomes redder than usual. This is considered to be one of the crucial virtues of a steroid user. However, speaking about John Cena, it is a bit controversial. He is often seen with flushed skin but most of the time, the wrestler is very pale. Hence, for us, this is not a valid evidence as the flushed skin can be a result of a bunch of factors. The paleness can occur owing to other external factors.

  • Bigger skull

If a person has a bigger skull and blocky appearance than before, it is considered to be an evidence of the uses of human growth hormones that are known to be steroids, as they possess a similar effect. The wrestler, John Cena has a bigger skull and the appearance has become blockier than before. There are no chances of growth of skill in adult life. This lets people enter into a conclusion that the wrestler is taking steroids.

  • Constant and fast growth

If you have conducted an extensive research and training on bodybuilding and their effect on the body of a person, you should be aware of the fact that the growth period is limited usually to the first 6 years of bodybuilding. From the specific time, it remains all the same or goes down only. John Cena has undergone a decade of training and he has not stopped growing. On the other hand, the growth of the wrestler is enhancing in a rapid manner. This is impossible after several years of training without intaking any steroids.

  • Steroid Gut

Several studies reveal the fact that in-taking steroids for a longer period of time are going to take a toll on you. One of the side effects of intaking steroids is having a bloated stomach. If you have a look at some of the latest pictures of John Cena, you can view the pieces of evidence. Take a closer look at the pictures will help you in realizing that he has some additional weight which can be a result of taking steroids.

Pieces of evidence that support he is natural

Though there are several shreds of evidence that support John Cena is taking steroids, there is some evidence that supports his claim of a natural body.

  • Lesser popping veins

Speaking about steroid user, you can see different popping veins are visible over the upper part of the body. However, John Cena does not have that. Though it is possible to mask the effects of the steroids, high chances are that he is completely natural.

  • He is not very huge

Though John Cena is considered to be considerable in size, he does not have a huge body like some of the most popular steroid users. He has a medium look and there are higher chances that he has a natural metabolism and physique. Thus, it can be concluded that a proper diet and hard work has been beneficial in achieving this impressive body.

  • He has passed different steroid tests in a successful manner

With an eye to taking participation in WWE, it is a prerequisite to passing the steroid tests frequently. However, it is possible to cheat the tests and the controls are not that tight. Hence, it cannot be considered as a strong argument, yet it deserves a consideration.

  • He is proportionate

A sign of the use of steroid is the extreme size of the upper part of the body. However, John Cena has a proportionate body like us. Though he is very muscular, his arms do not have any resemblance to balloons, which stands as the evidence against the uses of steroids.

Is John Cena on steroids?  Final verdict

Well, a wide number of pieces of evidence reveal that John Cena could have used the steroids in the past. However, there are several factors indicating that the wrestler has a natural physique. We won’t be surprised if the wrestler intakes steroids, in reality, no one can say about John Cena steroids for sure. If he does use steroids, it will probably be Legal Steroids to achieve his incredible muscle gains.

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