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Kangen Water Review 2018- Why is it healthy? (Updated July 2019)

What is Kangen Water?

Kangen water is high-quality water which has an anti-aging, anti-oxidants and detoxification ability. The meaning of Kangen water refers to ‘back to origin’ and was discovered by Japanese scientists. Since decades, natural water is what our body needs. We can’t survive without it. Unfortunately, nowadays pure water is unavailable. Hence after a great deal of studies researchers have come up with ionized alkaline water.

It is told that water is the essential compound we need. It’s a surprise to many people around the world that the alkalinity and acidity level of the water decide whether it’s suitable to drink. And it’s even more shocking to know that most of the water we consume is acidic when we should, in fact, be drinking alkaline water.
Just like you know now about water consciousness where water crystal is studied according to different music types, the same way different pH water have different effects on our body. After decades of scientific research, it’s proven that 79% of water found in the human body play a major role than any medication given as long as the water pH is correct.

kangen water
kangen water

History of Kangen Water

Let’s start with a little history about kangen water. As told before a lot of people around the world have no idea how to achieve the best health. A person can do everything in the correct manner but still, they cannot keep healthy all the time. We ourselves try and eat healthily, have all sorts of supplements and even workout to increase the quality of life but yet we feel that something is missing.

Numerous types of diseases are still a lot of challenges for us in today’s world. Some people suffer from joint pain or muscle pain, while most of us struggling to maintain proper weight. If it is diabetes for one person then we find the next suffering from obesity. Everybody who looks fit is not perfectly healthy.
For all these issues, there is one remedy. Something that we all have, water. Good healthy alkaline (7-8 pH ) water.

Experts discovered the following:

  • Alkaline water helps in removing acidic waste from the body.
  • It neutralizes the body
  • Removes harmful components from body
  • Reduces free radical oxidation – this occurs when the body has chemical pollutants in the blood. Free radicals induce cancers and other illnesses in the body.
  • The experts say that the discovery of alkaline water for drinking is one of the best medical advancements.

The only issue was that no one knew is the actual secret behind Alkaline water.

Check here how to make Kangen Water


  • Using an earthen pot to store water: the mud apparently sucks the impurities and give out cool alkaline water. But nowadays the impurities are much more than complex substances. Hence earthen pot can purify the water to only some extent.
  • Home remedy: This method uses distilled water, baking soda, and lemon. Of course, you need pH strips to check the pH level of the water so that you could prepare it accordingly. Lemon is acidic but when digested show alkaline properties. Hence it is used in this process. But again there are very complex substances in the water we consume. Hence we cannot decide this method as very effective. Alkaline drops are another product which can make good alkaline water filter once it is distilled and purified from germs.

Benefits of Ionized Alkaline Water Filter

  • Excellent energy supply

All the intake of nutrients to the body is not reaching the target successfully since the water content in the body is acidic. What happens here is that the acidity in the water blocks most of the oxygen and necessary nutrients to block delivery to the cells.
Oxygen deficient cells are prone to become cancer cells. When the water is alkaline the water itself is greatly absorbent in the body. Hence all the required nutrients and minerals are successfully reached to the cells providing us with extra energy.

  • Alkaline water filter

    Higher pH of the water

As told the alkaline water filter results in alkaline body and cells. Today almost all the people drink tap or bottled water which increases acidity in the human body. Animals and plants are no exception here. Eventually, all the food we eat is acidic too.
Higher pH in ionized water can cure a lot of diseases as well as prevent them from occurring ever. Almost all diseases in humans cannot survive in an alkaline surrounding. Hence having high pH water is very essential.

  • Improved Immune system

Free radicals are another issue we face. They are never excreted from the body due to their binding properties. They might get attached to a cell or may be in the blood. The free radicals survive in an acidic condition waiting for a perfect chance so that they can cause any damage to cellular metabolism which later on can cause chronic diseases.
When you drink alkaline water, a lot of antioxidants are introduced into our body. They start giving away a lot of electrons that immediately bind to the free radicals stopping them to get oxidized and causing any damage. Finally, they are flushed out of our system.

  • Extraordinary hydration power

During the ionization of the tap or bottled water, the water molecules which are bound together due to acidity is broken down into simple small water molecules. It is reduced in size six times than the initial structure.
Now, this is a great advantage and the water starts entering the cells easily. Drinking a small amount of alkaline water can make you super hydrated for a long period of time.
The human body is designed in a certain way and the naturally found water is alkaline. It’s obvious there is a reason for it. We are supposed to have the alkaline water. This theory has been told by several researchers as well.

  • pH and Water

Water pH – is it basically a measurement used to know whether the water is acidic or alkaline in nature. If so, we could also measure the level of acidity or level of alkalinity.
Based on the same you can buy a pH paper which can detect the acidity or alkalinity by the color of the paper in the end. The value ranges from 1-14, where 7 is the neutral value. At this point, the water is neither acidic nor alkaline. Below 7 is acidic and above 7 it’s alkaline in nature.
The pure drinking water should be ranging in between 7 – 8.5. Most tap and bottled water are below 7 – 1 which is harmful. You could always use a pH paper to know exactly what pH water you drinking on daily basis.

Check here how to make Kangen Water

  • Why 7-8 pH – its importance

7-8 pH water is neither highly alkaline nor acidic at all. Hence it is perfect for drinking. Also, our body alkalinity matches this So it is very important that we take the correct alkaline water filter. Below are some of the results while consuming such good water.

  • Better immune system
  • Hydration and glowing
  • Slow down
  • Maintain body pH
  • Prevent chronic
  • Boost weight
  • Clean our stomach – worms do not survive in alkaline condition
kangen water picture
kangen water

A survey on global water consumption show some different shocking results altogether

  •  Tap water is the major source of almost all the water transmitted diseases
  • Above 5 million deaths due to diarrhea
  • Several tap water sources are contaminated with excretion residue
  • By another 10 years, most of the global population will face kangen water sources issues
  • There underdeveloped and developing countries even now do not have a proper water source for sanitation and drinking.
  • It’s not that this problem will be eradicated buy this one discovery of alkaline water filter. But it gives us something to think about. How do live today, tomorrow and so on?

Air Water Life & Kangen Water

Air Water Life is known to be the best Kangen water system available on the market today. It’s is told that the idea of ionized kangen water was first found by a few researchers from Japan. Since then there are a lot of studies happening in this area. The inventor of the water purifier Dr. Oshiro Hironari is the president of this company as well.
His vision and work have created something unique among the Kangen water purifiers. It is known to be the best, long lasting and costliest.

It’s is antioxidants rich, revitalize cells and remove toxins as all Kangen water do.  They created their Kangen water machine in such a way that it provides 5 different kinds of water which can be used for different purposes. Hence it is multi-functional and long-lasting, exactly what people are looking for.

What usually happens in an Alkaline Water Filter?

  • Firstly, the machine purifies the microbes and then removes compounds like chlorine.
  • Then through an electrolysis process, it would divide the binding of hydrogen and oxygen.
  • Hydrogen becomes diatomic resulting in antioxidants rich water.
  • What are antioxidants – any compound that does not allow oxidizing process initiated by oxidants? Free radicals are an example of oxidants. This water blocks the process of causing any chronic diseases in conclusion.


Five Types of Water

1. pH 11 to 11.5 ( strongly alkaline )

It is strongly alkaline, hence not suitable for drinking.
Has strong dissolving and temperature conducting properties
Uses: washing vegetables and fruits – removes pesticides and insecticides; clean kitchens and utensils, removal

2. pH 8.5 to 9.5 ( drinking Kangen Water )

Uses a) Drinking – Water having pH 8.5 to 9.5 is best for drinking. You will experience a pleasant odor and taste for this water unlike any other water and stay hydrated
b) Cooking- preparation of food with this water makes way new experience. The taste will be the best with this pH water c) Coffee and tea- these both beverages taste and feel best when the aroma is the best. Kangen water brings out the best aroma of coffee and tea.
d) Soups and stews – Kangen water draws the best taste of soups and stews without adding much spices or ingredients.
e) Watering the plants – help plants reaming fresh, induce seed germination and seed development.
Cooking with this water will give the tastiest food. Also, this pH water is the best to drink.

3. pH 7 ( neutral water)
Uses: baby formula and having medication

4. pH 4.0- 6.0 ( slightly acidic)

Uses face wash, hair care, pet care, cleaning and preserving frozen food. This water is excellent toner.
This water has a special property too. We can use this water simply as a conditioner after shampoo.

5. pH 2.7 ( strong acidic water)

Uses: sanitization, disinfection, and hygiene

Check here how to make Kangen Water

Medical Benefits of Kangen Water

Fluids are lost from the body continuously by different ways skin evaporation, breathing, excretion, etc…
This lost water should be replaced in the body with good healthy kangen water. What happens to the body when you take alkaline water? These might be long-term effects as well

  • Energy level increases in Brain by 80% and muscles by 80 %
  • Blood function level increase by 80%.
  • Cell functions improve by 90%
  • Keeps the kidneys healthy
  • Improved circulation
  • Improved Digestion
  • Maintain bowel functions
  • Detoxification
  • Muscle relief – no stiffness of muscles
  • Help control calories
  • Improve skin- hydrated and glowing skin is obtained. Anti-aging properties of alkaline water make you look younger
  • Feel younger with extra energy

Kangen Water Conclusion

Ionized water is scientifically proven to be healthy for your body. If you want to invest in the future of your body, we recommend buying an alkaline water filter. A Kangen water machine is not the cheapest, but it’s an investment you won’t regret.

A Kangen water system show golden standard and the high cost of these machines due to:

1. It provides you with 5 different types of Kangen water which can be used in 5 different purposes
2. Each machine is manufactured separately and tested by technicians.
3. The electrodes used in the machines are platinum and titanium, 2 expensive metals for long lifespan and warranty.

Beware what you drink, stay healthy!

Check here how to make Kangen Water

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