Laxogenin Review 2018- Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)

Laxogenin Overview

Once we start working out and get into the fitness world; we come to know a lot about what to eat, how to do a particular exercise, etc. when we start seeing results, we take it seriously and we follow all the steps religiously. While we are talking about all the steps, the most confusing one is to choose the dietary supplements. As we know the fitness industry is growing vastly thus having a variety of products to meet our dietary needs. Having many choices leads to confusion so as to which one to choose and which on to not.

What is Laxogenin?

Laxogenin is a plant compound that exhibits anabolic properties. Laxogenin was isolated in 1992 from the rhizomes of smilax sieboldii, it’s a plant species found throughout the world but is native to Asia. Laxogenin is considered to be a type of steroidal sapogenin and this part is also called as brassinosteroids. Brassinosteroids are a part of a group of over 40 different types of steroids which are synthesized from plants. But Laxogenin is available to us synthetically and it’s also known as 5a-Hydroxy. Laxogenin creates its own anabolic by increases the protein synthesis, nitrogen retention in our body. By creating an anabolic environment in the body it gives the effects of increased muscle strength and mass. It helps in enhancing endurance, recovery and helping gain lean muscle mass. Laxogenin helps in controlling the glucose levels and helps in increasing the metabolism.

In addition to this, Laxogenin has known the only product in the market which gives you the anabolic gains in mass and strength without the steroidal suppression or the side effects caused by the steroids. Laxogenin is not a prohormone and it does not affect your Hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis i.e. HPTA and it can be used even by women. Laxogenin enhances muscle mass and recovery by increasing protein synthesis and reducing protein breakdown it is highly beneficial for anyone who wants to improve their physique. As it’s said that Laxogenin is not a testosterone booster and won’t affect your hormone levels so there is no need to restrict yourself to uses Laxogenin for a short time, your body eventually adapts by reducing its own test levels in response.

As I told you there are several muscle building supplements on the market that has the product in their ingredient list. Here are a few of the Laxogenin containing dietary supplement on the market.

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  • Fusion Supplements Progenadrex

Progenadrex is a non-hormonal muscle builder formulated to stimulate muscle growth naturally by leveraging the benefits of food. It optimizes the absorption of glycogen, amino acids, water and other energy compounds into muscle, it boosts the body’s natural testosterone levels, accelerating lean body mass gains and improves recovery.

  • Hydrapharm Adamantine

Adamantine is another natural testosterone booster which contains a lot of ingredients such as Laxogenin, epicatechin, creatine nitrate and vitamin D3. These ingredients work together and trigger anabolism which improves strength, size, recovery, performance, and endurance.

  • IronMag labz 4-Andro 60 capsules:

Anyone who wants to make strength look dramatic and gain power and this is a non-methylated prohormone in the market.

  • IronMag labz 1-Andro Rx 60 caps:

This is again a non- methylated prohormone that helps you quickly put on size and strength without converting to estrogen or DHT.

  • Redcon 1 halo:

This is the best Laxogenin supplement on the market, allowing you to add size and strength without nasty side effects.

  • Blackstone Labz anogenin:

Anogenin contains a full 25mg pure Laxogenin per serving to drive a dramatic increase in protein synthesis, promoting lean muscle mass gains, significantly increasing strength and minimizing muscle soreness post workout. It does not affect the testosterone levels and thus it can be used by both male and females as it has no reported side effects.

Benefits and side effects of Laxogenin:

  • Laxogenin is an effective alternative to prohormones, if you consider the types of muscle building supplement, you disregard those that impact hormone levels such as prohormones, SARMS, testosterone booster and estrogen blockers, the list of ingredients that can help users improve performance and recover faster become relatively limits. Laxogenin is one such ingredient.
  • With Laxogenin supplements tending to kick in very quickly, they are ideal for anyone looking to build muscle and strength quickly.
  • Results can be very fast with Laxogenin, unlike some injectable steroids, which take to give any considerable results.
  • Just like anabolic androgenic steroids, Laxogenin also inhibits cortisol without other side effects. Hence, it can prevent fat gain.
  • Laxogenin does not cause liver strain like oral anabolic steroids or prohormones do
  • Laxogenin does not cause increases in DHT, which can fry your head hair follicles. Thus, your hairline will stay intact.
  • Laxogenin increases protein synthesis by over 200% giving you the advantages of steroid use, without the harsh side effects found with steroids.
  • It has no effect on the HTPA (hypothalamus-pituitary-testicular axis) or estrogen levels, so it is not necessary to run a post cycle therapy (PCT) or use an aromatase inhibitor.

There are no side effects reported for the product as it’s a very safe compound.


Ideally, Laxogenin should be taken with food in order to maximize absorption. There should be 3-6 doses a day; 75mg-150mg for a total daily consumption.

Even though the product is a very safe dietary supplement, it is highly recommended to consult your physician before consuming any supplements. It is also advisable to follow the instruction on the label.

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Laxogenin consumer review

Craig says,” I was a bit doubtful that adamantine could live up to the review but if anything it’s actually better than I imagined. I’m not normally someone who leaves reviews but after such an experience I felt I had to. Gains in just three weeks so far of use: adding 10kg bench going from 120kg for 6 to 130kg for 6. That’s pretty amazing given I had been stuck for months and nothing else changed. Squat- increases by 10 kg and added two reps to my best efforts.

Pull-ups-added weight and reps going from 40kg for 4 sets of 4 to 4.5kg for 6,6,5 and 5 reps.

Other things worth mentioning: great recovery, increases in sex drive, seems to have less joint aches, feel better in terms of mood. Overall if you’re on the fence with this one ask yourself if when you get a protein shake, intra workout, test booster etc. if you can get the kind of results I’ve gotten. If the answer is no, get this and even at the prices the fact it’s a 30 day supply and you don’t need to take anything with it. IME means adamantine will be a lot cheaper than most supplement stacks and unlike then it actually works.”

Killahertz has to say,” this product is a bit of an in-thing at the moment, but it’s actually been around for many years. Done right it is a pretty potent natural anabolic and Progenadrex is Laxogenin done right. Progenadrex is well beyond simple Laxogenin thanks to Rob (the formulator), who has the knowledge of natural anabolic for leverage the most from them. Both in terms of actual formation but also the quality of raw ingredients those go into them. In use, Progenadrex kicks in within a day or two, with a general sense of mental wellbeing and a marked increase in pump factor and vascularity. As the cycle settles, energy availability and mental drive seriously improve. But the stand out improvement for me was recovery, which was off-the-charts good. 4-6lb gain, and retained post cycle. Energy availability and drive are holding too, which suggests a possible regenerative effect natural product, and one I’ll be running again very soon.”

As we all know that there are a lot of products on the market. Because of the variety of the supplements we are pretty much confused in order to make a right choice. We have tried to gather all the relevant information which is needed to know about Laxogenin.


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