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Leanfire XT Review 2018- Does it work-? (Updated July 2019)

What is Leanfire XT ?

Leanfire XT is a dietary supplement that claims to “incinerate fat” by getting your body and brain in tune with one another for optimal weight loss. Leanfire XT’s promises to achieve this and much more through its carefully designed formula of “advanced hemovigilance.” One point that is true from Leanfire XT’s claims is that the detachment between one’s body and mind during weight loss (which happens a lot) can make it very hard for one to achieve the intended weight targets. How often do you find yourself willing to go for the recommended workout sessions but your body just feels weak and incapable of doing so? The vice versa also tends to happen a lot where one is fit with all the energy but mentally unfit or unwilling to undertake the necessary exercises for ultimate weight loss results. This is a prevalent problem that Leanfire XT claims to have found a way of solving.

After enhancing your mental and physical performance, this product from Force factor then gets down into the business of burning down fat. According to the bottle, LeanFire XT works perfectly with both men and women to burn down fats and increase their bodies’ strength and endurance. With heightened energy levels the supplement thus claims it will give you the energy necessary not just for gym sessions but also to do any other physical activities in your daily routine. From the information provided by the manufacturer, this supplement does sound like the real deal. It almost seems like they have everything figured out, but when we went through its ingredients and other aspects, a few red flags went up.

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leanfire xt

Leanfire XT Ingredients

The idea behind linking your brain and body for optimal weight loss is honestly brilliant. With such a linkage and proper fat burning ingredients, this supplement would have been unbeatable. Unfortunately, while the manufacturers were struggling to get all of this right they missed out on a few crucial points.

Firstly, this product contains over a dozen ingredients. This is probably as a result of Force Factor’s attempts to compress all possible benefits within a single capsule. Why should anyone worry about a long list of ingredients? The longer the list, the higher the chances of side effects and the last thing you want is to be on a weight loss program while having to endure constant nausea and headaches.

Secondly, this supplement has failed to provide us with information regarding dosages used. LeanFire XT claims to be formulated with top-secret blends. This sounds cool and may have been appropriate for an action movie, but when you are consuming something which possibly alters chemical balances in your body, it is vital that you get comprehensive information about what it contains. With all the claimed benefits and the big list of compounds used it would have been crucial for us to know the exact dosages used to estimate the potential benefits and side effects that users may experience.

Finally, looking at the names of compounds used we couldn’t help but notice the little scientific background that most of them have. Some of these ingredients have not even undergone quality clinical trials to ascertain any of their claimed weight loss benefits, yet Force factor has used them anyway. A few others are not only ineffective but are also termed possibly toxic by various studies. In fact, a few of the compounds present in this supplement are banned in some countries due to their associated adverse effects.

To show you what we are talking about, here is the division of the Leanfire XT formula as categorized by the manufacturer:

  • Fat Incineration Blend

This is the first blend category of Leanfire XT, and as the name suggests, it is equipped with ingredients used for breaking down fat. Force Factor claims to have incorporated the most potent elements out there to ensure that even the most stubborn fat in your body is easily and quickly burnt for fast, excellent results.

One of the compounds in this blend is Nitric Oxide. This compound helps in opening up of blood vessels in the body. The enhanced opening of blood vessels means that more blood can smoothly flow to various target sites which has an effect of, e.g., feeding your muscles with more nutrients and oxygen. As a result, the users get to enjoy healthier and stronger muscles that will prove useful during your rigorous workouts.

Additionally, the blend is filled with compounds for improving thermogenesis. This is the process of increasing your internal body temperature which is believed to be essential in the burning down of fats. Thermogenesis will increase one’s metabolic rate which should help in faster breaking down of adipose and increasing energy levels in the body. For this purpose, the supplement has used cayenne pepper extracts, green tea extracts, and L Carnitine. In these three compounds, green tea is the only potential fat burning ingredient that offers results with minimal side effects. L carnitine was on more than one occasion shown to have no direct influence on how much weight one could lose. The compound could, however, increase your energy levels. Cayenne pepper extracts, on the other hand, can raise one’s body temperature but they are known to be very harmful especially if consumed in large quantities.

  • The Metabolic Mind Complex

Leanfire Xt claims to stand-out from the rest of the pack with its capability to enhance one’s mental willpower and physical endurance. How does it achieve this? The metabolic mind complex, according to Force factor, has the compounds anyone seeking for improved mental concentration would need. One of the ingredients used here is Caffeine. Caffeine is a known stimulant that triggers the central nervous system improving focus for more extended hours. The manufacturer claims that it also doubles up as a useful source of improved metabolism.

Caffeine is indeed useful when we are talking concentration, but its major drawback is its side effects. Caffeine can result in insomnia, and at high levels, it can cause headaches, jitters and irregular heartbeats among other issues. Since the compound is hidden behind the proprietary blend, we have no way of knowing whether the present dosages can cause these side effects. Remember that sensitivity to chemicals ranges from one individual to another so while someone else may not be experiencing any adverse effects due to this compound, other people may find it intolerable.

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Leanfire XT claims to have solved the problems associated with caffeine by adding L-Theanine in the formula. This is a compound linked to various benefits such as decreasing anxiety and Insomnia. There is limited research on this compound, and hence we can’t tell how well it works. Moreover, there are concerns that its presence may prevent the functioning of caffeine which will make both compounds useless in the supplement.

  • The Pure Energy Matrix

This blend contains compounds that do not boost fat burning but instead promote the functions of the two mixtures discussed above. Some of the compounds present here include yohimbine and Advantra z which are said to be capable of maintaining high thermogenesis during fat incineration. Force Factor claims that these compounds will keep your body temperatures high even after exercises and this should help you to burn fat long after one serving of the supplement. Yohimbe is yet another stimulant here which may cause serious side effects. The two compounds are also not sufficiently studied, and hence we have no way of knowing how they will perform and what adverse reactions they can cause.

Claimed Benefits of Leanfire XT

  • Incinerates fat
  • Promotes metabolism
  • Improves endurance
  • Increases energy levels
  • Reduces BMI
  • Promotes focus and clarity

Potential side effects of using Leanfire XT

With compounds such as caffeine Yohimbe and cayenne pepper chances of getting side effects using this supplement are very high. People who are sensitive to caffeine and other stimulants are discouraged from using this supplement.

Some of the possible side effects users may experience include:

  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Jitters

Combining caffeine and Bitter Orange, which are both present in Leanfire XT, is also associated with possible heart attacks, stroke, high blood pressure, and fainting.

Taking Leanfire XT

If you are planning on giving Leanfire XT a shot, then the recommended dosage is one tablet daily. People with high-tolerant bodies can take two pills. This supplement should be taken on an empty stomach in the morning. Users are warned against overdosing due to the complexity of the formula and the presence of stimulants which can cause severe effects.

Where can I buy Leanfire XT?

You can buy Leanfire XT from the manufacturers or other retail stores like Pure Formulas, GNC, Hi-health, etc. A bottle containing 60 tablets is sold at $69.99 which lasts for two months or one depending on your daily servings.

Verdict on Leanfire XT

Force Factor’s approach in Leanfire XT was quite creative and would have been brilliant, but they seemed to have lost the focus and aimed more at improving cognitive and other functions instead of addressing weight loss. Only two or three ingredients are clinically proven to assist with weight loss with the rest of the used compounds performing other tasks. We also can’t afford to turn a blind eye to the possible side effects of using this supplement. With such concerns, it is always advisable to try out some other supplements where desirable outcomes are guaranteed without high chances of severe side effects.

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