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The Best Leg Press Machine to Buy in 2018 (Updated July 2019)

What is a Leg Press Machine?

This leg press machine is used for strength training and is usually found in fitness centers. It allows you to lift heavier weights by placing stress on the targeted muscles of the lower body as the upper body rests against the backrest of the machine.

It’s a popular gym equipment that can be used to help build key muscles in your legs such as hamstrings, quadriceps, and gluteus. The equipment allows you to drive the resistance upward using your lower body and also it involves lifting a weighted platform at a 45degree angle upwards and away from yourself.

Features of Leg Press Machine

The equipment is made with a solid 11 gauge that is constructed to ensure that its stable lasts longer. The equipment contains a three position lock that ensures your safety during workouts by offering an easier exit and entry.

Has back and neck pads that provide the user with maximum comfort and also it is foldable and can be stored in the corner of a room or under a bed hence saving space.

The equipment has a pulley and cable system that helps you to target a different group of muscles and also increase versatility and reduce the time used in working out. It also contains four resistance bands that help you increase the resistance weight to 50 pounds

Has an adjustable incline bench that you can adjust to any angle as per the need of the user or preference and also increase the resistance of the incline when it becomes steeper. It also contains a dually adjustable steel locking pin that can be adjusted according to the user’s preference and the pins can also be used to climb the machine according to your height and length of the user’s legs

The machine contains a gauge diamond plate foot platform which is non-slippery and is extra solid to ensure that the legs of the users are secured and one is able to pull the weights without any inconvenience

The equipment has a quad track rolling system that helps you distribute the weight evenly throughout both legs and also ensures that you maintain your balance while doing positions such as squats because it operates seamlessly

Advantages of Leg Press Machine

The equipment enables you to stimulate multiple muscle groups such as the adductor Magnus, hamstrings, gastrocnemius, soleus, Gluteus Maximus, and quadriceps. The equipment is an excellent choice compared to other leg machines that target only one muscle.

The leg press machine enables you to strengthen and tone the gluteus or glutes located in the buttocks area by ensuring that the glutes act as stabilizers. The hamstrings are shaped and also strengthened during leg press exercises. During the exercise, the hamstrings are used to control and hold and when one needs to lower the weight down you can be able to prevent injuries and muscle pull in the long run because it tends to give the leg more power and move a little quicker

The leg press machine comes with a safety break to prevent the platform from holding the weights and crashing down on you in case it slips or falls making it more comparatively safe and easy to use. The weighted blocks come with the machine to help you stay focused in lifting the weights rather than focusing on whether you are balancing them correctly

The equipment is easy and simple to learn with a little bit of instruction and is a safe machine that a beginner can use and comprehend. It provides a good space to push the disks and also helps muscles to be strong and firm

The quadriceps is the muscle in front of your thighs and between your hips and knees. The leg press machine helps to strengthen the quadriceps by ensuring that these muscles act as stabilizers because of the force used to lift the machine comes from the quads

It helps one improve the general life because it helps you be able to hold up your own body weight, sit down and stand up.  Helps you as an individual be able to jump higher and run faster by strengthening the power in your legs and enabling you to have more endurance to perform physical activities for a longer period

After strengthening your legs and building stronger calves it helps you be able to run, walk, cycle and have a greater balance and also prevent injuries and muscle pull and that is what this equipment helps you achieve and also improve the ability of your muscles to adapt to positional change

They tend to put pressure, stress, and weight to the bones and this helps the bones to grow and develop in the same way muscles do and the result is that the bones become bigger and stronger by producing more bone mass to compensate for the large amounts of weight hence the result is bigger denser and thicker bones

Disadvantages of Leg Press machine

They lack function ability in the sense that the equipment. Example during squats your feet propel you through space but with this leg press machine, you stay still and feet don’t move a lot. While using this equipment the weight is guided by rods or levers and it very easy to push harder with one leg than the other and can cause one leg to grow bigger than the other

While using this equipment one might pile on a lot of weight on the lever and end up hurting your back when you accidentally lower the weight too far or bend your knees too deeply and they tend to be not economical because they allow only one person at a time to exercise

How to Use the leg press machine

Put your head on the padded support and settle your back on the machine, keep your feet on the footplate and the heels should be flat and your hips should be width apart. Your legs should be at a 90-degree angle while the heels should be still flat on the plate and in line. Hold the handle firmly which are located at the side of the equipment. The gluteus should remain firmly on the seat and push the platform away with your feet by extending your hips and knees and pushing back into the seat.

The safety handle should be turned to enable the machine to be free to move and in a controlled manner push the weight with your feet and ensure not to fully lock it but have a good range of motion then bring your knees back towards your chest and allow the foot plate to return to the starting position . Ensure your feet are flat and pressed firmly onto the surface of the plate.

Repeat the exercise again until you have completed your desired workout and when finished brings your knees back and ensure that the safe grip is engaged so that the plate remains locked in place then remove yourself from the machine.

Types of Leg Press Machine 

  • Seated leg press machine– The user sits in an upright position and pushes the weighted plates forward with their feet. The weighted plates are attached to the stacked weights by a long steel cable. They are normally used to tone the calves, hamstrings and quadriceps muscles. This type of equipment engages and flex against the weight and helps to build muscle fiber and strengthen as you pull your knees to your body while bearing the weight of the leg press machine.ey are inexpensive when purchased attached to other equipment but when purchased as a single unit they tend to be pricey
  • Vertical leg press machine– The weighted plates are attached directly on the sled or rails and the user sits below the rails pushing it upward with their feet. It contains a safety bracket used to prevent users from being trapped or slammed. It lets you lie flat on your back as you push your weight with your legs straight up and they tend up to take a lot of space in the gym and do not hold up as much weight compared to the 45 degrees leg press machine
  • 45-degree leg press machine– It allows the body to move in a motion similar to a squat position and the user supports the glutes and upper body. This equipment targets the glutes, quadriceps and the user uses an apparatus to hold the weight. It is the most comfortable equipment compared to the other two and does not strain the back or joints. They tend to be pricey and occupy a lot of space


The prices will vary from one type of leg press machine to the other due to their different types, the material used to make it and gadgets incorporated in them and it usually ranges between 250- 500 dollars. Therefore, it is recommended that you check out the Amazon website for more information concerning the price.

Conclusion on leg press machine

Before you decide to purchase the leg press machine make sure you decide on some factors. Space that the equipment will occupy, the price range of the machine you want to buy, the purpose of the equipment. This will help you choose the right leg press equipment that will work for your needs. There is a very wide variety of leg press equipment in the market. You should take your time in selecting the best by going through their features and what they offer.















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