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LGD 3033 Review : How Powerful is this SARMS really?

Introduction with LGD 3303

The SARMs or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators are synthetic drugs that provide results similar to that of anabolic steroids. Some of these drugs are gaining popularity since their introduction in the market but some new SARMs are waiting for their turn to gain popularity. LGD 3033 is a newly introduced SARM that can help in reducing your weight along with growing and strengthening your muscles and muscle mass. The LGD-3303 review provided in this write-up will help you to know the history as well as the pros and cons of this synthetic drug.

LGD-3303 is a SARM that, according to its users, helps in gaining muscles and overall physical strength. This drug enters easily into your circulation system when taken orally due to its perfect bioavailability feature. This selective androgen receptor modulator gets attached to the receptor of androgen with high selectivity and affinity to cause a considerable increase in the size and strength of the muscles.

History of LGD 3033

Whenever you want to use some health supplement for the first time you must know the purpose for which it was made. Though all the SARMs are the drugs of new type but while making them their manufacturers have some idea in their mind to make a drug to fulfill their dreams. In order to know the effectiveness of the drug produced by them after a long procedure, they test it so that they can be confident while introducing it in the market.

LGD-3303 was made by Ligand Pharmaceuticals for the first time. They used gene transcription technology to discover and develop new drugs, specially SARMs, as part of their business. They developed SARMs with an idea to make a supplement that can be taken orally to affect human muscle mass and bones positively.

Actually, in 2007, Ligand Pharmaceuticals Inc. initiated preclinical studies on SARM at the annual meeting of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research. The data of the rat model got from that research showed the possibilities of increase in BMD and muscle mass. Moreover, LGD 3303, according to previous years’ researches, has no negative effect on androgenic organs.

On the other hand, LGD 3303 is a new drug like several other SARMs and is yet to be released officially to be consumed by humans.

Pros and cons of LGD 3303


Increase in bone density and muscle mass: According to this feature, this SARM is very crucial for bodybuilders as it helps in building muscle mass, improving muscle activeness as well as the density of bones. Unlike other SARMs, LGD 3303 helps in making the bones strong along with building muscles like them.

Effective action of androgenic organs: This SARM helps in making the action of androgenic organs effective without any adverse effect on those organs. As compared to other SARMs this is the best advantage of this drug as others have a number of fatal side effects.

Make metabolism fast: LGD 3303 helps in reducing your weight by improving your metabolism which is hard to achieve by other SARMs. Along with doing strength exercises, you should consume this drug to get rid of most of your overweight.

Can use with other SARMs: People normally use various supplements side-by-side to get the best results fast. In this situation, this SARM can be consumed with other similar drugs.

Safe for women: Though LGD 3303 is designed for male users it is also safe for women as it does not increase the risk of virilization. Still, they should consult their doctor before starting to use this drug. It neither affects the production of natural testosterone nor the size of your prostate gland. It has the least negative effects as it improves the androgen’s anabolic effect on muscle tissues and bones.


As compared to the benefits of LGD 3303, its disadvantages are very few but you cannot ignore them. The use of any SARM can cause various dangerous side effects. Similar is the condition with LGD 3303. No detailed information about the side effects of LGD 3303 is available till date as it is still under trial. Still, some of the known side effects of this drug may include:

Symptoms of suppression of testosterone: This is a very suppressive drug. The symptoms of suppression of testosterone will appear while taking this drug if you are prone to them. These symptoms may include an increase in fatigue, swelling in breast tissues, decrease in body hair, hot flashes, changes in mood and reduction in sex drive, etc. You should go for a full PCT after completing the cycle of LGD 3303 if you experience any of these symptoms.

Increase in the level of estrogen: During the cycle, you can experience estrogen-related symptoms like gynecomastia, etc. It can be prevented by taking Arimistane, an aromatase inhibitor, during the cycle of LGD 3303.

How to use LGD 3303?

The dosage of LGD 3303 has to be taken more frequently to maintain the concentration of this SARM in your blood for the entire day as its half-life is short i.e. nearly 6 hours. So to get the best results you must take 3-4 doses of this drug every day.

The quantity of LGD 3303 in one dose depends upon your purpose to take it. But nothing can be said in this regard as it is still under research. However, you can find a suitable dose for you by using a trial and error method. According to the users of this drug, a dose of 10mg or more can be suitable to get results as per your expectations whereas 20 mg dose can allow you to enjoy your sweet spot.

However, the recommended dose of LGD 3303 for the entire day can be 15-20 mg per day for a period of 6-8 weeks. But if you want to get better results then you can increase your dose to 20-30 mg per day for a period of 8-10 weeks.


You can consider using this SARM for strengthening your muscle mass and bones if you do not want to take natural slow supplements or androgenic steroids for this purpose. Though it is a new SARM still it can give amazing results, according to the users of this drug.

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