Lipozene Review 2018 -Does it really work? (Updated July 2019)

What is Lipozene?

Dietary supplements are a fantastic option for people who are having a hard time losing weight. With these supplements, weight loss not only happens fast but they also assist in making sure that you lose weight steadily and healthily for a fitter body. Majority of the diet pills in the market at the moment usually require users to add exercises and a balanced diet in their weight loss programs to witness the positive results they are seeking. In Lipozene however, the story is entirely different. This supplement claims to be capable of helping you reduce weight without having to change what you are consuming. Is that even practically possible? How sustainable is this? These are some of the concerns that we are having with this supplement. The manufacturers, however, seem to be convinced that the supplement’s formula is perfectly designed to achieve this. So, what exactly is this supplement and what is in the formula to deliver such benefits?


Lipozene is a dietary supplement formulated with a single active ingredient, a water-soluble fiber known as Glucomannan. The ingredient originates from Konjac Plant and has insane water absorbing abilities which give it the claimed health properties such as controlling blood sugar levels, cholesterol in the body and weight loss benefits. Additionally, there have been claims that this herb helps in increasing energy and stamina to its users. If the supplement is as effective as it claims its users should therefore not only witness a weight loss impact, but they should also see an improvement in their overall health.

How does Lipozene work?

So, how does Lipozene help you lose weight without you having to change your diet or exercising? According to its manufacturers, the active soluble fiber reduces weight through several approaches.

  1. Keeping you full. One of the reasons for slow weight loss among most people is because as they continue exercising and dieting, they usually end up falling into the temptation of eating more unhealthy meals. With this supplement, such temptations will never exist. This is because the fiber will keep you full throughout thus reducing the frequency and amount of food you eat. The fiber works by absorbing water to form a thick gel which then expands your stomach resulting in a feeling of fullness. You will hence eat a small amount of food, but you won’t be feeling hungry for hours. This is a brilliant plan, but it raises several concerns. One of the main ones is that most people consider it as starving your body. Yes, you won’t be eating the unhealthy junk food but neither will you be eating healthy recommended food. As a result, your body may run low on essential nutrients, and this may end up affecting your entire wellbeing.
  2. The pills are also low in calories. This will help you to notice a more significant impact as you continue to lose the existing calories in your body.
  3. The supplement is also believed to be capable of preventing the absorption of other nutrients in the body. How does this help with weight loss? When there are fewer amounts of fat and other compounds being absorbed into your body, it also means that less of it is being stored. Adipose and other problems will hence be solved. Instead of absorbing them they will be excreted from the body reducing the amount of fat in your abdomen and other vital areas. According to its makers, all of this is guaranteed regardless of how much fat or proteins you are already consuming. Perhaps, this is why they claim the supplement can assist with weight loss without a necessary change in diet.
  4. The supplement is also thought to facilitate weight loss by enhancing gut health. With a healthier gut, one can break down food more efficiently and excrete all the unwanted bits without affecting your health. It further hints at a possibility of enhancing your metabolism in the process. A healthy gut and performing metabolism help to eliminate any weight gain caused genetic metabolism problems.

Lipozene Ingredients

Lipozene contains only one active ingredient.

  • Glucomannan

Glucomannan is also referred to as Amorphophallus Konjac. A few extracts of this ingredients can turn a jug full of water into one thick and emulsified gel. This similar trick is replicated when you ingest the compound. It will absorb most of the water in your stomach and with the fullness aftermath you are highly unlikely to feel hungry. Glucomannan, when consumed with water, takes control of your digestion process. Food will be broken down but at a much slower rate. It will then take hours before the entire process is over. During this time it will have helped you to skip a few meals and eliminate the unhealthy snacking that takes place between meals.

This herb commonly found in Asia has been used for different purposes. While others are consuming it to treat blood cholesterol and glucose levels, others are using it to thicken and improve soups. When it comes to weight loss, it is also worryingly under-researched. A study by Rush University Medical Center established that Glucomannan “did not boost weight loss in overweight and moderately obese individuals…” This is not the only study that arrived at that conclusion. Another one by the University of Connecticut also determined that the herb “did not affect total weight loss. With such results, you can’t help but start questioning whether the one active ingredient making up this supplement could be useless after all. The problems get even worse when you find out that the FDA has not approved the herb for weight loss purposes.

You will get even more red flags when you look at the possible side effects linked to this ingredient. Consumption of Glucomannan can result in blockage of intestines, throat, and difficulty in swallowing. Since it slows down digestion and absorption of nutrients presence of Glucomannan in this supplement may affect the absorption of other medications you may be on.

Other inactive ingredients used include Gelatin which assists in giving an adhesive effect useful for making medicinal capsules, the Stearic acid that emulsifies other ingredients within a drug and also helps in lubricating the tablets, Titanium Dioxide, Magnesium Silicate and Microcrystalline Cellulose.

Benefits of Using Lipozene

The supplements claim to deliver:

  • Improved digestion
  • Weight loss
  • Lower fat absorption
  • Decrease in appetite
  • Constipation Relief
  • Reduced risk of heart diseases

Potential side effects of using Lipozene

While Glucomannan may possess some constipation relief effects, consumption of any fiber always poses the threat of getting constipated. Some Lipozene users have experienced this unsettling effect. Other side effects include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Choking
  • Abdominal Discomfort
  • Dizziness
  • Unhealthy weight loss

User Testimonials

This supplement isn’t that popular online either with less than 2.5-star ratings on Amazon. Most of the reviews seem to point to one direction that the supplement just didn’t work. Here is a sample of a few:

“No discernable difference. Stuck to recommendations too.” By RK

“I followed the instruction on the bottom and had no results. Will never purchase again. I was highly disappointed with this product.” By L.Stacey

A certain user did, somehow, have something positive to say; “I was initially skeptical after reading the reviews here three months ago, but thought it’s not a huge investment, it’s worth a shot. I’m glad I took the chance. Three months later, I’ve lost the 20 lbs I needed to lose.” By Carminenyc.

How do I Take Lipozene?

If you are going to give Lipozene a shot, it is recommended that you take two capsules accompanied with 8oz of water 30 minutes before your meals. You are warned against taking more than six pills within a day. Taking sufficient water is also vital as it helps to reduce the chances of adverse effects.

Where can I buy Lipozene?

Lipozene is available directly from the manufacturer’s website. One bottle containing 30 pills goes for $29.95 on the initial trial purchase. Subsequent buys can cost you more. Other retail stores are a bit cheaper with a similar bottle costing just $19.99. However, when you consider that one bottle has 30 pills and the daily serving is six pills you will realize that this supplement is quite costly. $29.95 for a 5-day worth of supply is a lot.


Using fiber alone to counter weight loss was a gamble which has not paid off. This cannot deliver the needed results and even if it could we don’t think they would be sustainable. Furthermore, even though it causes a feeling of fullness, some people can still take little portions of foods containing vast amounts of calories which will result in weight gain. A supplement that promises results while asking you to continue with your routine diet without exercising sounds like a miracle pill but unfortunately, in weight loss miracles don’t happen. There are other highly recommended weight loss supplements out there that you can get at lower prices than Lipozene’s.

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