mastic gum

Mastic Gum Review 2018 – Pro’s & Con’s (updated July 2019)

Introduction to Mastic Gum

Diet, lifestyle, medication, and stress almost everything seems to have an effect on our stomach. These days the food we eat is not the sole deciding factor of our stomach and intestinal health. Gastrointestinal problems commonly known as GI problems are caused due to a variety of reasons. While eating extreme junk food, poor dietary habits are majorly responsible for developing such stomach conditions; there are other factors responsible too. Believe it or not, most of our health disorders are caused by poor digestion and unhealthy intestinal conditions. A healthy stomach and a stress free mind is the secret of a healthy body. It is not always possible to maintain a healthy diet regime considering our hectic lifestyles. How can you avoid developing GI issues? Mastic Gum by Jarrow Formulas aids healthy stomach acid production, and supports health of duodenal cells and gastric.

mastic gum

What is mastic gum?

Mastic gum is a natural supplement that aids intestinal and proper stomach health. It has been formulated using the natural resins derived from Pistacia Lentiscus, also known as the mastic tree or mastiha. This derivation has been used for centuries even by some of the most famous ancient kings for treating all gastric related problems. This dietary supplement is created with an effective blend of the resins derived from the mastic tree and other essential oils. Mastic gum is probably the safest and best possible medicine for treating distressed stomach, for taking care of gastric tissues and duodenal cells, and for encouraging healthy stomach acid production.

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The specialty of the mastic tree

The mastic tree is a small tree more like a shrub that grows only in certain parts of the Mediterranean region. The shrub is only available in certain parts of Portugal and Turkey, and also grows in small quantity in Southern tropical Africa. Why is this considered as a magical tree? The effectiveness and magical effect that this plant produces is clearly evident from the fact that it was used by ancient Roman and Greeks for treating different kinds of GI problems. It was so abundantly used that Greek physicians like Galenos, Theophrastus, Dioscorides, and Hippocrates recommended the use of it. They have also created records of specific instances when this plant was used for addressing GI disorders, and its several beneficial properties.

The tree not only aids gastrointestinal problems, but its barks are also used for curing gum related issues and for a cleansing breath. Mastic gum is the compound derived from the trunk of this magical tree, and it is this resinous compound that helps in curing a variety of stomach related issues. Triterpene mastic acid and volatile oil constitute 90% of Mastic Gum. Mastic is not only a common name amongst big names of supplement manufacturers, but is also used in the culinary industry and is incorporated in certain beverage and food productions.

What causes GI problems?

The effect of your gastrointestinal problems can easily range from vomiting and nausea to severe diarrhea and constipation.  The cause of developing such complicated stomach issues can either be due to improper diet and poor lifestyle or it may also happen due to past medical conditions. Inflammatory bowel diseases, digestive system cancer, ulcers in intestines or stomach, previous bowel surgeries etc are responsible for causing GI issues. Sometimes GI is caused due to irritation caused by the bowel system due to certain bacterial infections or irritation caused by some food products. The problems may also be linked to medication, allergy, food intolerance, poor lifestyle or extreme stress. Constipation is the most common of all GI issues and is caused either by less consumption of dairy products and fiber. Extreme smoking, alcohol consumption, drugs, and various other issues can wreak havoc in the smooth functioning of stomach and intestines.

Why do you need mastic gum?

Mastic gum as a natural substance was used from the past 2,500 years for treating stomach, intestine, and liver-related problems. It was in the mid-1980’s when scientists conducted a number of researchers to prove the efficacy of this plant resinous compound. It was effectively proven to work wonders on duodenal and gastric cells and aids proper stomach functioning. Mastic gum by Jarrow formulas creates a pure dietary supplement that balances gastric secretions and benefits the gastric tissues.

Daily dosage

Mastic gum is not essentially a medicine; it is a supplement and can be taken even before addressing any GI related problems. Adults above the age of 25 to 30 can take this supplement for promoting general wellness. Taking two capsules every day with juice or water before breakfast or lunch is recommended. If you’re already facing severe GI issues, it is recommended to consult your physician before deciding the amount of dosage required.

Ingredients used

Mastic gum by Jarrow formulas is all natural and pure dietary supplements that aid stomach wellness and helps tackle GI related issues. The primary ingredient used in formulating this problem is a resinous substance derived from the mastic tree, called mastic gum. This resinous compound is derived from the trunk of the tree and constitutes 90% of Mastic Gum. The volatile oil is primarily used for aromatic purposes. Other natural ingredients used in formulating Mastic Gum include manganese, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, and sodium. Silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate from vegetable extracts, and cellulose are the other substances used in small ratios. It is a 100% natural product and is also 100% vegan, and is safe for consumption by everyone.

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Mastic Gum Pros

  • Mastic gum aids digestion, can treat upset stomach and ease gastritis and is also used to decrease inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • This marvelous product created with the resinous compounds has shown effects of reducing elevated levels of liver enzymes. It can be consumed for treating general liver problems and for general liver care.
  • The daily dosage of mastic gum can also stabilize cholesterol levels.
  • Moderate inflammatory bowel disease commonly known as Crohn’s disease can also be treated with a regular dosage of this supplement.
  • Good web presence, you can find hundreds of articles about the useful benefits of mastic gum.

Mastic Gum Cons

Mastic Gum is created with all natural ingredients and therefore has no major side effects.

  • Those under 18 years of age are advised to take the supplement only after consulting their physician.
  • Women who are pregnant or lactating are strictly recommended to not take the supplement. In emergency conditions always consult the doctor prior to taking the normal supplement dosage.
  • Although, the product is manufactured in a safe environment people who have a tendency of developing allergies are also advised to consult a doctor.
  • Those who have a complicated medical history should not start dosage of the supplement without getting their file checked by a general physician.

If you have a history of suffering from different gastrointestinal issues, start your dosage of Mastic Gum by Jarrow Formulas today. For best results combine your supplement dose with high fiber-based diet. Good fiber intake combined with mastic gum can easily cure complicated constipation problems, and can also heal damaged gastric tissues. Never go to sleep on an empty stomach, and take your daily dose of two mastic gum pills every day. You’ll witness the changes in general health conditions and cured stomach problems within two to three months.

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