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Is Matt Ogus On Steroids? Find out here (Updated July 2019)

Who is Matt Ogus?

Matt Ogus is an American bodybuilder who has become extremely popular, and his fame has spiked quite high considerably since the year 2011. It was in this year that he started uploading a lot of his workout videos onto YouTube. It is his extremely dry and ripped physique which has helped him in accumulating over half a million followers on his Instagram handle since the year 2011.

A lot of people jokingly say that if Matt Ogus donned spiky long blonde hair, then he would be a real-life Goku.  His fan following is with him for all the right reasons. He obviously has an amazing physique, and since he’s gotten shredded, Matt Ogus is now a GymShark sponsored athlete – who has teamed up with Steve Cook to become even more successful.matt ogus

Before analyzing whether Matt’s juicing or not or even carefully scrutinizing the fact whether he is a complete natural or not, we need to start by taking a look at his stats:

  • Height – 5 ft 5 inches
  • Weight – 185 lbs
  • Age – 26

At a very young age, Matt Ogus has achieved quite a lot, and a lot of people feel that he has been on steroids completely. Let’s go further into analyzing this and understand whether he is natty or is he on steroids?

Does Matt Ogus claim to be Natural?

Even if Matt Ogus is not a natural, he has not gone out of his way to make people believe that he is. When it comes to his social media profiles, he has not gone ahead and said that he is natural or he is completely drug-free.  Most people have commended and insisted that he might just not be, because if somebody had a very large followership and they had achieved it all naturally, then they definitely would endorse the advantages of achieving the feat naturally instead of ignoring and dodging the questions completely.

Since Matt Ogus has never really come out and addressed the topic directly, it creates a lot of doubts in people’s mind regarding his medium of achieving the kind of body naturally. Also, Matt Ogus is extremely down to earth and regularly responds to his fans; it comes as a surprise that this is one topic he has stayed away from regarding clarifying or mentioning anything about it. It is because of this that people assume that he might just be on steroids.

Another reason why we feel that he might have been speaking in code is that of the fact that he has tried to address this topic in very twisted ways. For instance, on 1st April 2016- he had a post put up on his Instagram handle which said that “I do take steroids” but it was later revealed by him that he was just making this statement in zest and it was a part of April Fool’s prank.

It is on us, however, to find out whether he is taking steroids or not:

Evidence that proves that Matt Ogus is taking Steroids

  • He is Extremely Dry

Our experts have researched upon and analyzed a lot of shredded guys before who flaunt their amazing physique year round. But, when it comes to Matt Ogus, he is shredded to an incomparable level.  Now, this does not mean that this is drawn out from the comparison with other people in his category regarding weight, but his water retention skills have left him completely dry. So basically, very little water collects underneath the surface of Matt’s skin which makes him appear even more ripped and his physique looks much leaner.

Getting to this particular level of dryness can be perfectly achievable for a natural builder whenever he is preparing for a particular show or an event. But you cannot look dryer than the cactus plants growing in the desert and ask for no questions to be raised about your ways of building your physique.

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  • His Gains Timeline is also evidence

When we carefully analyze Matt’s Instagram handle, we can see what his body looked like when he was a newbie (after completing a few workouts) as compared to what he came to look as many years later.  It is a known fact that all the natural bodybuilders who are ripped experience virtually all of their muscle gains at the beginning of their carer, which is in the ‘newbie phase’ which means that they gain a lot of muscle when they start to lift weights.

Everybody who starts to gain a similar amount of muscle does so at the beginning of their career when they just start bodybuilding. However, there are a gifted few who do so without very little effort. For instance, if you see Chris Hemsworth, he has a lot of muscle that is gained without the help of any steroids. A lot of muscle growth can be attributed to men who have high testosterone levels as well as have a much better affinity for exercising.

Now, let’s also understand the amount of muscle you can build from newbie gains is approximately about 20 lbs; so if there is too much of a difference from this, then it is not just newbie natty gain, but shows a good utilization of steroids as well.

  • Presence of Steroid Jaw

Steroids will not only completely alter your muscular structure but also end up twisting your facial structure completely. For example, the widening of the jaw is one of the indicators and a  physical side effect which can take place with over usage of steroids. If you’re a follower of Matt Ogus, you’ll see that his jawline is one of his most prominent features.  This gives his face a cube-like shape (which most juicers are well-known for). Although, this isn’t conclusive evidence that Matt Ogus might be taking steroids because people can also have this type of shape to their face even without consuming any anabolics.

However, there are a couple of other pieces of evidence which suggest that Matt Ogus might have been on steroids initially but has switched his ways now.

He has named his brand, “Half Natty.”

Now, we know that Matt Ogus has launched his clothing line which is known as Half Natty. This could imply that he’s taken steroids in the past, but now is natural. He has also named his dog after his favorite steroid, trenbolone and he is called Tren Ogus (3). For somebody who has always followed a natural path, acknowledging steroids to such an extent is quite fishy and calls for accusations. It could be subtle admission as well. After all, Matt is not big with confessions.

Summary on Matt Ogus

All of this proves that even though Matt Ogus might have adopted the natural way now, he was not always completely natural and has had tried steroids for sure to attain that enviable jawline as well as the perfect dry physique! This is not to encourage the trend but Matt Ogus does seem like someone who would be desirable in terms of physique and personality. His actions and words so far have been positive and encourage people to achieve their dreams. He could easily become a more prominent spokesperson for bodybuilding and steroid consumption in the future. Until then, we are happy to be following him and ‘Half Natty’ for our audiences.

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